BILL: End CDC Vax Requirement for Air Travelers to the U.S. - H.R.185

Do you support terminating the air travel vax requirements?

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    Americans have experienced 105 million Covid cases to date, with 1.15 million American Covid deaths and currently with 1.5 million active Covid cases. The mistake made repeatedly by governances around the world has been to relax Covid disease control protocols way too early and their populace have suffered from not holding the line long enough to control community spread.

    I think that the elimination of vaccination protocols for air travelers can quickly become yet another one of those costly mistakes. A mistake made that saves airlines money and makes people feel good or the moment for not having the hassle of dealing with vaccination protocols.

    Frankly, if FOX News (which ‘religiously’ practiced disease protocols internally for their operations) had not dissed the vaccination protocols and the Republican Cartel did not see an opportunity to use this issue for political advantage to complain about Democrats - we would not have suffered one of the highest per capita death rates of any industrialized peer nation - an extreme embarrassment for our country and a senseless, needless loss of life.

    The statistics show that the true believers of FOX and the Republican Cartel’s propaganda machine suffered a much larger per capita Covid death rate than Democrat leaning people did. 

    The wholesale abandonment of vaccination protocols for multinational and interstate travelers seems to be too much, too soon. 

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    It's never been unusual to get vaccinations prior to travel (in the vaccine era). Unless you have a valid health reason to not get one don't see why that should change. Then again, I'm fairly "keep your sickness away from me" in general these days. 

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    Of course do away with requiring air travelers to be vaccinated. 

    We have had for the last 2 years 4 million illegal aliens crossing our boarder either being caught and released or get aways. They are coming from 78 countries. Not one has had to prove that they are vaccinated and non were required to get vaccinated before leaving. 

    They were not quarantined either in one Texas city on four buses full of them 102 were tested by a group and tested positive. 


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    As long as COVID continues to mutate it's important to keep as many people vaccinated as possible. People arriving by air whether citizens or not should be vaccinated to reduce chances of contracting COVID, and if the do insuring a milder case so we aren't flooding our emergency rooms again.

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    The vaccine has proven to be a life saver and although the deniers are loud and obnoxious many who actually believe in science will forgo air travel if deemed unsafe causing lower profits for airlines.

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    I just came off a cruise to Belize Honduras and Coszmel. It was not a requirement for us to get on the ship

    or off the ship at the 3 ports to have the COVID-19 vaccines. 

    Note to CDC we are through with COVID19. Yes it is still around in a milder form so is the flu and the common cold. Hell even measles and whooping cough. 


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    Urge you to vote NO.


    Rep. Betty McCollum (D-MN) said, 
    "This legislation puts American health care at risk, flies in the face of settled science surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine, and hinders America’s ability to adapt and respond to emerging variants."

    "The decision to revise or revoke our country’s public health guidance concerning COVID-19 vaccine requirements should rest in the hands of our public health experts – not Congress."

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    Vaccines are safe and effective protection.  

    People should stop being ignorant and take full advantage of the protection vaccines provide!

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    No!  While the virus is winding down 1,000 people in the US are still dying of COVID a wk.  To me that's a thousand too many.  Vaccine requirements should continue in place and in fact, all passengers on public transports (planes, trains, busses, ships) should be required to be vaccinated.

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    I need to go to work in the USA.  Vaccines don't stop transmission!

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    I am a healthy unvaxxed Canadian who is vaccinated with traditional vaccines through my own choice. Nobody should be forced to take an experimental medical procedure by a govt. I have strong antibodies towards covid, probably as strong if not stronger than the covid vax. Yet i am prohibited from entering the US to see my friends and family due to this xenophobic unscientific travel ban. Most countries have lifted all mandates. Why the US hasn't yet is beyond irrational reason and thought. Pass hr185 so millions can see their loved ones!

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    Long COVID-19 is all too real for me and plenty thousands in our country. Many who are now on government assistance because they can't work anymore because of debilitating covid brain 

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    Convid is a joke. Pure harm and irreversible has come from the vaccine. Please end this nonesense and nightmare. Please!!

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    Time to move on, the pandemic is behind us, just like the flu

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     Where are all of the billions from the "infrastructure bill?" This I-beam in Chicago is connected to a track that Carries 34,000 passengers on 70 trains across this bridge daily.

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    This helps to keep our country safer and helps to protect from more COVID mutations.

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    My fiance can't come to live with me because she has Graves Disease and cannot get the vaccination. No doctors in her country are willing to write an exception letter for her.

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    This is a decision that should be based on the best science. As far as I know there is only one actual scientist in Congress.

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    Vaccines work!

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    Why would we even consider this? I sure would like to be exposed to potential diseases that have been almost or totally eradicated in the US, wouldn't you?

    We have enough citizens that think they should not have to vaccinate themselves or their children against diseases that have a vaccine without adding world travelers to the mix.

    As it is to attend school you have to show proof of immunizations but these requirements have not been updated. Requirements to enter the US should have been updated as well not removed.

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    Why would we want to do something that stupid 

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    I support mandatory vaccination for all communicable diseases.  Allowing unvaccinated individuals into our country places our citizens at risk and increases the risk of unpaid hospital bills.

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    I live in Ireland where vaccine mandates were removed over a year ago. Every country in Europe and most countries on earth have removed these vaccine mandates for travellers.

    The US is one of the only countries in the world still enforcing this mandate and separating families from seeing eachother for over 3 years now.

    2 years ago it made some sense but it needs to be removed now as it is just outright discrimination at this point.

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    Yes, I support the termination of vaccine requirements for flying because of the number of studies showing the harmful effects of these jabs. 

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    Having to show vaccination proof for covid 19 makes traveling and tourism tourism difficult. We are in a bad place in our economy right now tourism could help it. These mandates are out of date and there is no, Proof or evidence that it Prevents the spread of covid 19. The only ones who benefit from this mandate are Pfizer and Moderna. The Majority of the world have already contracted covid 19 and have natural immunity. Forcing people to be vaccinated With something They don't need goes against our values as a country, And actually it's not in our interest.It would be different if it prevented the contraction of covid 19 . As we all can see ,it doesn't. Also we were and continue to be lied to about the Efficacy. A Representative from Madonna said in European Parliament they never even tested it to see if it prevented Contraction.We are in a different phase of the pandemic. The current varient is not as fatal. Those who wanted to get vaccinated have been vaccinated. It's time to correct corse and be honest so you can regain trust with the public .

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    End the covid gene editing death jab or get primaried in 2024 when MAGA removes you.