Reevaluate Socialism on International Worker’s Day?

Do you want your reps to support or "denounce" socialism?

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    Why is there no bill to denounce the horrors of Fascism?  

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    Obviously the this RNC - Repressive, Nazi, Confederate (F)law maker wants to keep we the people suppressed.

    Do not like "socialism", then get rid of public schools, police forces, fire departments, public roads, public utilities, libraries, hell even congress is a socialistic entity   

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    All the people fleeing Socialism through the Southern Border then support Socialism are nothing but terrorist out to take down the last great free country in the world, they need to deported.

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    Commies love Socialism.

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    May Day was born when U.S. workers in Chicago dropped tools and fought for the 8-hour day in 1886. It is the cherished gift of the multi-racial U.S. working class and people to workers everywhere.

    Known around the globe as International Workers Day, May 1st honors all workers and people fighting for democracy and progress, higher wages, better benefits, safe working conditions, equal pay for equal work, collective bargaining rights, and a voice at work.

    We need more Socialism in the U.S.

    if you support the working class, you should support a democartized workplace, and a socialist government.


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    Capitalism has failed. it starves the poor, it creates homeless children, destroys our environment, and wages endless wars. Socialism is a true democracy, by the people, for the people. 

    Under capitalism only the wealthy have a politacal voice. corporations buy influance and control government.

    Capitalism is cruel, and depends on an exploited class to always be on the bottom. it is only driven by profit.

    We can do better, America is great, and we can do better, and be smarter and kinder.

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    I support all those "socialism" programs.

    AT the ballot box I will "DENOUNCE" the GOP !

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    To many stupid and ignorant people in this country for me! Thanks to government education "Indoctrination" the majority of the last 3 generations have learned nothing of truthful and accurate history.

    If you want socialism then move to Europe or better yet Russia and or China.

    To all you morons leaving posts in favor of socialism and talking about how much kinder it is then capitalism, you need to go learn on your own how to get a better education. 

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    There are no "horrors" of socialism.  

    Socialism is the kinder, gentler, more just and equitable face of capitalism.  

    No one should starve in the world's wealthiest country.  

    No one should be homeless when some have multiple mansions.  

    No one should die from treatable illnesses.  

    No one should be in prison without being convicted of a crime...

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    People often confuse socialism with communism. A combination of capitalism and socialism has always characterized the Western World. Socialism is a political ideology that provides social programs, public roads, schools, and a military force. Capitalism motivates us to strive and advance, but without socialism, the workers, the disadvantaged, and the impoverished are neglected and frequently become destitute and starving. We exist in a nation of extreme inequity. The affluent possess more money than they could ever use, food is wasted to sustain prices, the destitute go without, and buildings stand empty while hordes of homeless exist. I have no interest in dismantling capitalism, instead; I wish for a robust sense of socialism, for it is our humanity. Wealth without compassion is empty. 

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    I support democratic socialism.  Socialism is not the same Communism.  I believe we should have universal, nationalized health care, affordable housing, daycare, worker safety/health protections, etc.  The arguments that the Republicans made in support of their bill seem pretty flimsy, given how prevalent violence is in the US today, how high our maternity death rate is (the highest of all developed nations), the restrictions imposed by states on our rights to vote, to make reproductive decisions without state interference, to teach history to our children that is factual, to allow parents to decide what books they deem appropriate for their kids to read, rather than the state., the right to love who you wish to love without state restrictions, etc., etc., etc.  So, when it's a choice between the fascist Republicans bastardized form of what they call democracy or socialism, then give me socialism.

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    Socialism is one of the most misunderstood weapons used by governmental control freaks.  I am a firm believer in CONTROLLED CAPITALISM.  Heavy on the "control".    In my "mind's eye" no bank, corporation, or any business should ever be classified as "too big to fail" and therefore be allowed to receive any tax funds for their "bailout"  This is just another situation where "don't do the crime if you can't do the time".  Failure of any organization, large or small, is the sole responsibility of those in charge of the decision making process.  By all rights, they and they alone are responsible for failure of the business they are associated with.  No more "bailouts", no more "subsidies". and above all, no more unreasonable "tax breaks".  Think of all the tax dollars saved that could go to universal healhcare with decently paid health workers, additional help for our veterans, improved public education, improved financial aid for the elderly.  The only people who will "whine" about this would be those who have over-blown egos that may be hurt.  Each and every one of us is responsible for our own messes and that responsibility means making the corrections needed to succeed.  The same should apply to the financial sector, businesses, politicians, judges, and all who flaunt their power over the rest of us for their own personal satisfaction.  Those who abuse their power must pay the price for their actions.  That also means ALL of us.  Socialized capitalism is required at this point and IF done right we will all be on equal footing.  Think about it.

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    I mean, here's the thing. Very few people are actually advocating a socialist government model. Even someone like Bernie Sanders is in favor of capitalism, as a general rule.

    But there are a lot of socialstic programs and institutions that we kind of need - and that shouldn't ever be privatized (again). Like the fire department. Public schools. Sanitation. The postal service. Road repairs. Social Security. Medicare. Community college. National parks. Housing subsidies. FEMA. You get the idea.

    Want to see what happens when these institutions aren't government run? Look back to the time when early fire departments got paid for being the first ones to a fire. Often, more than one department would arrive around the same time and it would deteriorate into a street brawl between the two companies as the building continued to burn. In case it's not clear, that's a bad result.

    So, no, we're good sticking with our representative democracy and capitalist society. But let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater here. Some socialism is necessary, as the better way to run things. It's our ability to combine the two that creates a fully functioning society.

    To dumb it down further for the comprehensionless: All socialism = bad. No socialism = bad. Some socialism = good.

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    Socialism like social security, Medicare, FEMA, investing in infrastructure, fire department, police departments, 911, military, food stamps, SNAP programs, K-12, immigration programs FBI, CIA, technology, local and state government, sewer and water treatment plants, support of oil and gas, power grid investments, internet funding, farm subsidies, corporate subsidies, welfare, supply chain and more than 75 support programs for the American people.

    These are what the republicans want to cut and defund!

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    Welcome to America

    Set your clocks back to the 16th century.

    Like the GOP has not given us enough reason to dismantle them. Faction the republican party. Change your affiliation today:

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    Oooh socialism! The buzz word hurled by the truly uneducated/knowingly deviant to try to scare Americans. 

    Quick education lesson: like every type of government, there is good and bad. The countries that have "bad" socialism are those in which the government controls the means, like Venezuela.  Countries in which the people own the means of production, like Sweden & Denmark, have "good" socialism. These countries are the happiest & have the best quality of life: highly educated, having free higher education, entitled to healthcare, almost a month of vacation time per year, etc. 


    Oh, and our government has LOTS of socialism embedded within it! You like having sewers & running water? How about a public school system? Fire & police service? Roads & bridges? You do? You socialist!


    See, it's not so bad.  Shall we talk about the horrors of Capitalism?  I think we should, but I have to get to work to make $ for the man. 

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    Socialism is Communism, Thats why they are invading America and the slow ones are good with it.

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    Harry Truman said it best:


    Socialism is a scareword they have hurled at every advance the people have made in the last 20 years. Socialism is what they called public power. Socialism is what they called social security. Socialism is what they called farm price supports. Socialism is what they called bank deposit insurance. Socialism is what they called the growth of free and independent labor organizations. Socialism is their name for almost anything that helps all the people.
    HARRY S. TRUMAN, speech, Oct. 10, 1952

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    This bill is aimed at the most uninformed and prejudiced on the Right.

    It also is meant to "own the Libs."
    The problem with "owning the Libs" is that by and large so-called Liberals, a term used derogatorily to incorrectly label a wide group of people who are, by and large, better educated, more well informed, and are less self-centered than the "base" of the Right. 
    Instead of socialism and communism, denounce totalitarians starting with wannabe totalitarians here in the USA then go on to the usual suspects around the world.

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    They would if they were not part of the communist/socialist takeover of free America.