GOP Introduces Resolution to 'Denounce the Horrors of Socialism'

Want your reps "denouncing the horrors of socialism?"

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    last Wednesday

    This bill is aimed at the most uninformed and prejudiced on the Right.

    It also is meant to "own the Libs."
    The problem with "owning the Libs" is that by and large so-called Liberals, a term used derogatorily to incorrectly label a wide group of people who are, by and large, better educated, more well informed, and are less self-centered than the "base" of the Right. 
    Instead of socialism and communism, denounce totalitarians starting with wannabe totalitarians here in the USA then go on to the usual suspects around the world.

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    last Monday

    They would if they were not part of the communist/socialist takeover of free America.

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    Here’s what’s taken over CPAC and the GOP. It’s their agenda to undermine democracy and replace it with a “Christian” state using fascist tactics. Their ideology was summed up by Hungarian dictator, Victor Orbán, who was the keynote speaker at CPAC in 2022. “Liberal democracy is in favor of multiculturalism, while Christian democracy gives priority to Christian culture; this is an illiberal concept. Liberal democracy is pro-immigration, while Christian democracy is anti-immigration; this is again a genuinely illiberal concept. And liberal democracy sides with adaptable family models, while Christian democracy rests on the foundations of the Christian family model; once more, this is an illiberal concept.” -Viktor Orbán, July 2018


    Stop fascism. Vote blue!

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    This is a faults flag issue. We as a country have over 75+ socialist programs. Infrastructure is one, farmers subsidies, corporate welfare, banking bailouts, and even war as an example. 

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    You will note that none of the GOP decided a vote regarding Fascism, though-did they?


    Of course not!

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    Creating democracy in Russia

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    Do not vote for this ill-advised bill. 

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    This legislation is just another attempt to continue to equate democracy (a political system) with capitalism (an economic system). ***They are not the same.***

    True capitalism means no government protections for anyone. No assistance for people affected by tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, or wildfires. Your boss can decide to 1/2 your salary and expect you to work 60 hours a week and you just have to live with it.

    Do we really want to get rid of:

    * Medicare & Medicaid
    * Social Security
    * The minimum wage
    * Paying for overtime
    * Child labor laws
    * Public education
    * Student financial aid
    * Government subsidies for agriculture? 

    These are all socialist programs. Most 1st world countries (England, France, Canada, Germany, Japan) have socialist programs.

    If you read the proposed legislation, it's equating socialism with the atrocities perpetrated in countries most people call communist (USSR, China from Mao forward, Castro, Kim Jung Un). It's just another attempt to perpetuate the hysteria over the word "socialism" started under the Red Scare and McCarthyism.  

    Please stop the madness and pandering to a very vocal MINORITY. Most of the US supports these programs. I know I do. 

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    I agree, end big money and corporate socialism. I am glad that the Republican Cartel is finally admiting that they need to be voted into oblivion.. 

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    next the republicans will denounce empathy, and compassion.

    but will never denounce fascism, or authotitaianism.

    most Americans still don't really know what Socialism is.

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    Really?  You will note that no such call was made to denounce Neo-Nazis, Racism, Bigotry or Fascism  though, did they?  Of course not!  That is what The GOP stands for!

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    Well, now I know... I'm actually a Democratic Socialist! Wow. A label for the policies and rights I believe should be legal and supported.

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    The GOP has taken hostage the English language and "perverted" every sense of it to their negative agenda, lies and propaganda.  Time to be HONEST!

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    Gop has twisted the meaning of socialism to suit their need so they can continue to manipulate their less informed / educated / vested interest followers

    creating a level playing field is socialism nothing more

    they conveniently repeatedly attempt to conflate socialism with a false equivalence to communism 

    They have no solutions, action plans geared to every day common issues so have to pursue an mo of lie cheat steal obfuscate deny denounce disagree deviate dislodge etc 


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    Sponsor the principles of democratic socialism and condemn all forms of slavery, involuntary servitude, racism and monolithic religious values.

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    Denounce fascism!

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    Absolutely denounce socialism!! If socialism comes to healthcare our taxes go up exponentially and quality of healthcare goes down. We are already seeing how much costs have gone up and how insurance is covering less plus our premiums have also gone up. We should only look to our neighbors to the north and what has become of the Canadian socialized healthcare system; but then socialized healthcare was always meant to cull the population versus help it. In Canada, if anyone has a hearing loss, is disabled, is depressed or mentally ill, or has cancer or other long term health problem then you qualify for assisted suicide. For awhile, Canada's socialized healthcare system has been so backed up that an individual may wait 6 months or longer to see a specialist and wait as long as two years to have testing done. All the while your illness might be progressing. When individuals finally have testing done and learn serious results, the government can decline treatment because it is too costly to them. That is what happens with socialism--you pay in high taxes but get very little in return and your option is assisted suicide. Oh, by the way, if you're drowning in debt you're qualified for assisted suicide also--no wait.


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    GOP Mirage?

    Since when is campaign PR either legislation or court evidence? GOP lawyers didn't take the Big Lie into court for fear of disbarment, but are willing to take their ideas on political theory into Congress?

    Waste of legislative time!

    Legislation is for Law & Policy not political theory and it seems the GOP no longer knows the difference.

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    Let the pr stunts and pandering begin!

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    More GOP mistruths. If you are in our military, you are part of a Socialist  party. If you are a member of a Union, you are party of a Socialist party. It is not all bad. Some of these Democrats of a Socialist background are only looking out for the greater good. We are not talking Communism or a Dictatorship. We are talking about insurance companies for profit instead of the insured. We are talking about our government agencies working for the American people. Instead of Big Businesses running over the American people for Profit. We would have better transportation systems, healthcare that really works, no homelessness, retirement benefits that would not be taxed. Higher working wages, education systems that work, colleges that would be at a fair price. The list goes on. GOP is for big businesses, not the working American.