LIVE: Watch & Comment: Biden’s State of the Union Address 2023

How would you rate Biden's State of the Union Address?

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    Best Biden speech yet!

    Masterfully negotiating the debt limit after being heckled by MTG (while McCarthy shaking his head tries to shush her), by getting Republicans on camera to say they won cut Medicare or Social Security

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    Though the state of the union is pretty much a rah-rah show, it does set the tone and vision the president has for our country, so of course I will watch. I even watched the s**t show when Potus disgraced our country by giving rush Limbaugh of all people the freedom award. As a citizen I feel being informed is my duty.

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    better then I expected. I was'nt expecting much, however, but U pay close attention to his wording. When speaking about homeless vets, he said '' no one should be homeless'' not no vets should be homeless. its more telling then you may think. its an accnowlegment that housing shold not be based on service, but is a basic right.

    and republicans played right into his hands, booing when he pointed out there efforts to cut social secuity and medicare. they called him a liar- so now it will be very hard for them to do so in the future.

    I  am not a democrate, I vote Green party since I was 18, but honestly admit, Biden is doing an okay job. not the socialist republicans paint him as, and I wish he was, but not too bad.

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    I am indifferent.  I know what the Styate of The Union is and I do not have confidence that anything will be fixed for the common people.  We have a right wing, insanely Conservative SCOTUS who votes on their religious beleifs , rather than the LAW-as well as ruling which ever way their wealthy donors want them to(If any other Judge were to have been found in the same situation they would be removed and disbarred!)  we have the rabid, frothing at the mouth, right wing GOP controlling the House, and we have the Corporate Democrats.....all in all, this all spells out doom for the common American People and makes the wealthy donors happy.  Why do I need to watch and why should I?

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    This will be fun. This President is the biggest joke in history. He's been compromised by China. He should be impeached! Now, is he going to talk about how great America and its economy is doing? Or how great  and how high our inflation is? Maybe he'll say how he has the southern border under control? More illegals have crossed into America than ever. Oh, he'll talk about the crime and homelessness that is affecting every major city in America. The drug overdoses and drugs pouring in from our southern border that are being made in China. Will he talk about that? Will he talk about the Chinese spy balloon that was in our airspace for a week? Biden is a corrupt criminal who is being lead but corrupt liberals and some corrupt republicans. 

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    The SOTU address used to be aspirational and inspirational. Now it is all a scripted show full of things they say they will do but never act on. I haven't sat through a SOTU since Obama and don't intend to torture myself tonight watching the dems rise to applause every sentence while the Repubs sit and scowl. 

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    I was unable to watch the State of the Union addresss yesterday, but watched a recording of it this morning.

    BRAVO, Joe - a genuine heartfelt address to the people, whose pain you understand, whose hopes and fears are clearly on your mind, and an upbeat commentary regarding the many accomplishments of your administration.

    You handled the hecklers with the skill and poise of a veteran performer and have provided a clear blueprint for dealing with the radical right for all Democrats in the future. Obstructionist bullies generally back down when you call them out for what they are.

    It is clear that your approach to governing relies heavily upon building coalitions dedicated to serve some clear common purpose. You are personally responsible for keeping Ukraine from being consumed by Russia, by building the allied coalition and providing tactics to keep Russia from getting much of the resources needed to keep their aging military equipment functional - and I cannot see any world leader that could have formed the alliance that has been critical for Ukraine's suirvival.

    It is clear that your ability coax people of different backgrounds, ideologies and needs to support a common cause will continue to be needed in our country.

    That was one helluva State of the Union address and while I believe you have made some mistakes, I am convinced that you are motivated to do what is best for our country and all of the people that make it up.

    You have built a great administration team that is clearly interested in honestly serving our country and not just serving their self sef interests. I think the country will benefit greatly if you choose to run for re-election in 2024. I am anxious see what you and your team can accomplish with further experience and four more years.

    You have earned my vote, Thank you, Mr. President.

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    If anyone ever had any doubt that Republicans aren't fit the hold office Taylor Greene proved it to the world tonight. For a woman who is absolutely living a lie to yell "lier" during the president's speech is totally unacceptable but it's the way the Republican Party is anti-American anti-democratic and ill mannered. I'm personally sick of the game. It looks MAJOR REDNECK at best and Pathetic in reality. She would do absolutely anything to get five seconds of "attention" The woman most definitely has a mental deficit. But that's totally acceptable to Republican Party, I think that America is really beginning to find it unacceptable.

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    CAUSES ASKS; "How do you feel about the State of the Union?"  ME; Ho, hum, and I'll probably not watch it; IMHO at my age, and because I follow the world fairly closely, it's become just another political show the fact-checkers will analyze.  Biden will tout what he has accomplished (a lot!) and Sarah Sanders will then tear it all down.  Same ol' same ol'.  I already have a pretty good idea as to what the "state of the union" is. 

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    Our President is a walking joke. Probably the worst president we ever had.

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    Not a unity speech...

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    I am filled with hope and the positivitity that President Biden shared with us.  He is the perfect President for us to have at this time on the heels of the crooked, liar trump, who did nothing but steal more money from the government.  I can't wait to see his perp walk and trip to prison!

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    He us directly and truthfully.

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    Very apt presentation.   Mr. President Biden, that was a GREAT speech you gave.   I noticed a few fudging on statistics, but essentially lot of issues are spot on even with fudging.   All politicians "fudge", but yours was very appropriate "fudging" whereas Republicans tend to do on the extreme side to the point of gaslighting or outright lies.  

    I particularly was gleeful with the repartees you slapped to the Republicans and put them in their place - especially on Social Security and Medicare as well as a few others.

    BUT the core of your presentations offered solutions - a few bi-partisan routes.   Whereas Sanders offered insults and precious few "solutions". That was your strongest point: viable solutions.  

    Congratulations!  You did well, Mr. President Biden. 

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    Best SOTU ever! 

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    It was so nice to have an excellent President deliver the SOTU! The Republicans showed immaturity and lack of decency.

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    Not encouraged that Joe Biden has a grasp on how much inflation is sucking out of his citizens comfort. $4.99 for 6 eggs, Gasoline $2.00 a gallon higher than when he took over. Just about everything is 30%-50%. A new job that loses 6% of buying power every year is not going to poll well or give voters confidence in Dems.

    Certainly not encouraged unless you are oblivious to real world economy. He is being sheltered from truth real people are experiencing, come out of the basement Joe.

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    The if congress passes lbkntj I'll veto it was best part. The rest was just lies but hey,what do you expect from an illegitamate prez

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    Help Biden get things done. Talk to republicans and get them to rethink their policies!

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    What in the world is wrong in Georgia? MTG is the biggest embarrassment to the Republican party, she makes the rest of the republicans look uneducated and impolite. What about calling her out as a party and make her stop so that you will not look stupid?

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    Allow me to quote USA today: President Joe Biden, at the ripe age of 80, came out with ample vim and vigor in Tuesday night’s State of the Union address and proceeded to mop the House floor with the howling, discombobulated remains of the Republican Party." 

    "Biden said, “Our democracy remains unbowed and unbroken.” Republicans kept quiet.

    Bided talked about a boom in infrastructure projects. Republicans kept quiet. Biden quipped, “I’ll see you at the groundbreaking. 

    Biden said the unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in decades. Some offered tepid applause while others kept quiet. 

    If you don’t cheer for democracy, improved infrastructure and a low unemployment rate, people are going to wonder whose team you’re on."

    "The Republican lawmakers’ unwillingness to applaud popular accomplishments that help people, coupled with repeated acts of childish heckling that Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, seated behind Biden, tried and failed to shush, showed how weak and devoid of ideas their party has become."

    Couldn't have said it better myself.


    We will all be better off when we are rid of the current crop of Republicans and have in their place some real leaders with real ideas, who are ready and willing to work for the American people.

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    Thought President Biden's speach was great!  Trolled the Rs and showed, by standing applause, that Social Security and Medicare are important programs that are not to be terminated.  His refrain of "we need to finish the job" showed the direction congress needs to be headed.

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    funny how Sarah Huckabee Sanders said it best in her rebuttal:


     “The dividing line in America is no longer between right or left,” she said. “The choice is between normal or crazy.”



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    Brilliant how he got the GOP to swear to not make cuts to Medicare and Social Security! That's how an EXPERIENCED politician gets things done! (Right, JD?) BTW, really "classy" behavior from certain members of the GOP House of Representatives; shameful!

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    i am so proud that president biden took on the hecklers and won! it was a great state of the union address.

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    Mary Bell
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    Excellent performance by President Biden at State of Union speech.

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    Outstanding. Joe knocked it out of the park on his own, and the overgrown kindergarteners in the Repug section only wound up helping him. SOTU proved that his experience counts. He's my man in '24 unless he chooses to step aside and allow or anoint a successor, who will then be my man or woman. (The higher power of my understanding would break my hand if it ever again reached for a GOP voting lever, especially after Sarah Huckster-Sanders disgraced herself and her rump party with regurgitated trumpist talking points.)