BILL: As Anti-Semitism Grows, Should We Criminalize White Supremacist Hate Crimes? - Leading Against White Supremacy Act - H.R.61

Demand your reps take action on white supremacy

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    You cannot really answer this question without understanding the definition and meaning of ‘white supremacy’ and how ‘White Supremacist’ organizations are formed to act upon those beliefs. 

    White Supremacy is, by definition, the assertion that anyone that is non-white is inherently inferior and should be subordinate to whites, and that our laws and governance need to be based entirely upon the needs and desires of the the white skinned ‘master race’.

    ‘White Supremacist’ groups have formed to weaponize their beliefs with the same kind of ‘religious’ fury that Iran adapts with their ‘Shia Supremacists’ - to violently force their will upon others with their mantra of superiority and willingness to foment and act with extreme violence.

    The recent attacks on power substations has been advocated by White Supremacist groups as a way to initiate a cascading national power failure and cause a governmental collapse that they alone can overcome to restore ‘white’ established order - because they believe that they alone are superior, and that our governance will fail due to the inability of it’s ‘infection’ by non-white (and jewish) influence.

    Hate crimes fomented by or enacted by White Supremacist groups are inherently much more dangerous than other hate crimes conducted by individuals, because they are part of a broader and very dangerous political ideology. These crimes are not only a threat to specific individuals, they are a threat to our country’s governance and the basic tenants of our legal system that purports to treat all people equally. 

    White Supremacist groups sponsor hate-based violence that is normalized and justified by their belief that their selected ‘others’ are simply not worthy. These crimes need special attention because they are representative of a dangerous political ideology. 

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    I can't say it any better than Billy did. Any form of Hate vocalized should be a crime. No matter if it is against religion, color, ethnicity, gender, political beliefs, abortion, pro life, pro choice, etc. it is okay to have your opinion, but it should never harm or hinder anyone. 

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    "Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech..." This bill does just that and is therefore unconstitutional. 

    The government cannot criminalize thoughts or ideas in a free society. We have many laws prohibiting discrimination in many forms.

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    HR 61: Leading Against White Supremacy Act of 2023 (118th Congress) is a continuation of HR 7955 Leading Against White Supremacy Act of 2022 (from the 117th Congress) criminalizing certain forms of hate speech, so that white supremacist online could be prosecuted for hate crimes even if they don't act on their threats, which previously had 8 cosponsors but never came up for a vote so resubmitted to the 118th Congress.

    Critics like Boebert claim the it infringes on free speech, and removes the ability to “criticize”

    In my opinion, based on the DOJ definition of hate crimes, this bill should also include other biases Ike all races, religions, national origins, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.

    “hate crimes laws…cover.. crimes committed on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or disability. The Department of Justice began prosecuting federal hate crimes cases after the enactment of the Civil Rights Act of 1968. “

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    I support the Spirit of the Bill. However, it calls too much attention to itself,

    Years ago, when studying Eastern Religions, I learned a concept that may be applicable. In its simplest form: "Thought Leads to Speech, Speech Leads to Action, Actions have Effects."

    JimK discussed the problem with White Supremacy at some length, PattiZ revealed the problem with only calling out the White Supremacists.

    We need comprehensive laws covering hate speech of any kind. 

    The laws should clearly define hate speech as objectively as possible.

    The laws should give guidance regarding appropriate punishment. 

    That definition must include White Supremacist speech because it advocates that the Caucasian race is superior to all others and to then to act accordingly with hatred, discrimination, and even violence.

    In the late 60s there was at least one group actually advocating Black Supremacy. That kind of speech, too, must be made illegal and punishable as a crime.

    BTW—To this day I have a problem with any religion that claims to be God's Chosen. Such a view can have serious repercussions.


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    We have the Bill of Rights guaranteeing every American the Freedom of Speech. Banning only White supremacy hate speech while MSNBC, ESPN, and the view are preaching hate speech towards whites almost daily. I can't even remember that last time I saw a real group of White supremacy's. It's the narrative the Democrats preach every day. Unfortunately the government in control wants to preach hate and keep us divided. Who knows, maybe China is behind it and our liberal politicians are being bought off.

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    last Thursday

    I rarely agree with Jonathan turley, but most of these provisions already exist in the law, and as much as I abhor hate speech I am concerned about the unintended consequences of such a bill. 

    the changes to the definition of "conspiracy" are interesting, though, and merit further review. 

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    last Tuesday

    If we start criminalizing speech, where does it stop?   Right now everything the left does not like is considered hate speech. If you misgender someone, is that jailable? If so, I could send 100s of people to jail a year. And what about religion; is that hate speech? The lgtb/);/ community thinks so. Should we start hailing pastors next? 

    if you believe we should strive for equality and not equity that should be a crime as some consider it hate speech. If you believe that it is possible that all people races have a racist element and that policies that impact an individual only by the color of their skin are racist, should that be hate speech? 
    if you believe it is not ok to kill babies, should you go to jail? Recently there was a set of words Stanford thought should be banned. Should anyone using those be jailed? These are all considered by some as hate speech. Who decides what is hate speech and what is free speech? 

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    last Monday

    To my elected representatives in Congress -


    After the past week's performance by the ex-president in Waco, TX, I would hope that you and all members of Congress are alarmed by his viciously violent, anti-democratic, pro-Russia speech. This is the voice of a panicky loser, desperately trying to stay out of jail. Praise by him and other members of the GOP for the jailed insurrectionists is nothing short of traitorous. These jailed insurrectionists are not heroes, they are traitors to democracy.

    So, I am asking you to put aside party loyalty and put our nation first, in word and deed. I am asking you to roundly condemn the ex-president's call for violence - violence in which many people will needlessly die. His misguided followers believe they are being patriotic, but I know that you know better. It is up to you to educate his followers with a loud voice to publicly condemn violence and hate speech. Anything less than a public condemnation only serves to show that you condone and support such vile speech and calls for action against fellow citizens.


    I look forward to your response,

    John D.

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    last Monday

    Please support this bill. 

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    The topic brings me to a question that I have not fully resolved. That question is specifically what does being ‘Jewish’ actually mean? Is being ‘Jewish’ a designation only for people that practice Judaism? Or, is being ‘Jewish’ a designation for persons heritage? Is being ‘Jewish’ a matter of religious beliefs or is it a matter of genetic inheritance? It is my guess that the White Supremacists cannot answer this question either and use ‘Jewish’ as an undefined categorization to justify hating anyone that they feel are a threat to their White Supremacist ideology.

    I would appreciate knowing how others interpret the term.

    I believe that there are also some issues with the ADL’s messaging. They would be better served if they discussed White Supremacist hate crimes within the broader context of hate crimes toward many groups of people, instead of just actions taken against Jewish people.

    Whenever I have heard an ADL spokesman discuss issues of hate crimes and hate speech, they only seem to address Jewish hate crimes and hate speech, which is their main focus and purpose. But acknowledging the hate speech and hate crimes directed toward other groups as well would put their message within a broader context where it belongs. We have seen hate speech and crimes against Asians, against people of color, against Muslims, against immigrants and I am sure others.

    Hate speech and hate crimes are endemic issues associated with the ideology of White Supremacy and effects many different groups and classes of people - engaging and acknowledging the broader context of people directly threatened by White Supremacy or White Nationalism would result in a much stronger overall message for the ADL.

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    last Monday

    Only problem with this is that blacks commit most crimes.Look it up

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    last Monday

    The Republican pondering new bill to allow trumps to commit what ever crime he wants, that way he is above the law. Course the Republican already feel they are above the law and not accountable to anyone already.

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    last Monday

    Anti-Defamation League is not to be trusted.

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    Many of the anti-semitic incidents (at least in the NY area) come from minorities. This is an excuse to ignore anti-semitism and focus on other political agendas.

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    There are so many groups to hate in our country make sure you label each one specifically; 1.Lets just start with the races of man Black, Yellow, Red, and White.  American Indians call them the 4 Sacred Colors because they are the colors of all the people of the world and if it was paint and you stirred them all together you would get the color of the Earth which is brown.  I know that it is not what you are looking for but just think about it for a minute.  Get some tempra paints and get the grandkids around put down some paper and draw a big circle on each of their papers then squirt a color on each, add each new color, I think I started with the Red, then White, then Yellow, then Black, as they stir each new color in it changes and in the end it is the nicest shade of Brown you've ever seen.  Just like our Mother Earth.

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    White supremicists are terrorists. Old white men in government need to stop excusing their behavior and start treating them like the criminals that they are. Ask yourself: If a black man did the same violent acts and made the same violents threats  that white supremicists do, what would be the response? 

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    Justice for those who have been victims of all HATE.

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    And how is it that a man who is threatening our country and citizens with violence IS ALLOWED TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT!  What happened to the 14th Amendment disqualification clause?  If this does not qualify, what the hell does?  And why is the rhetoric of Jordan, McCarthy, Green, Gaetz, Boebert,  et al., not considered relevant thereto.  The majority of us have grown extremely exhausted hearing their bull.  It must be stopped.  Get on it NOW!

    Hello, to all my friends here.  Still alive.  Still working on moving and selling out.  Still wondering when it will finally be done. 🤪. Still haven't had time to figure this damn app out!  Just know I'm still here cheering you all on?  When I finally move back to lower 48, I am still hoping we may meet.🤗😊🙏❤️

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    Can you yell, "FIRE" in a movie theater when there isn't any? No you can't. 
    Hate speech is evil. Same playbook the nazi's used during the 1930's. 

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    No room for hate... 

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    Stop this junk. 

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    Block the promotion of Hate Speech and Defamation of Vulnerable and Abused Minorities online.  

    People have First Amendment Rights.  

    But they don't have a Constitutional Right to promulgate that hate online or have it broadcast on TV and Radio.  

    Such speech encourages violence against marginalized people.

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    Skin color does NOT make anyone superior to another skin color.  Religion works the same way.  Hate is hate no matter how you look at it and does more harm than good.  The bible tells us to "love thy neighbor as you love yourself", while the "Craft" tells you "Harm to NONE".  At the same time there is KARMA to bring your words, actions back to you twice over.  There is a natural order to things within this Universe whether you like it or not.  Time to wise up and save ourselves from a lot of grief.

    This "white supremacy" is "history repeating itself".  Nazism raising it's ugly head once again with Trump, Radical Republicans, and extreem greed, leading the way.  We are ALL humanbeings created by the energy force within the entire Universe regardless.  Get a grip.

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    There should be no tolerance of hate crimes.  It does not matter if they are committed by white supremacists or some other group!  This type of behavior has no place in our society!!

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    There have been far too many anti-semetic incidents lately! Jewish people have done nothing to cause this! Yes, Trump loves saying that ANTIFA has caused problems & violence, which is totally untrue! ANTIFA is against Fascism only, & are peaceful! This should not be happening!