Another Earthquake Hits Turkey and Syria, Increasing Need for Aid

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    This location is built on a major fault line I don't know if you could ever build anything that can with stand that kind of movement, but corruption contractors and government officials don't help.

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    Hate to say this of a NATO partner, and I may be a bit cruel, but between KARMA and Mother Nature (ie. earthquakes), Erdogan's authoritarian/totalitarian moves against 'democracy' and his stance against particularly Sweden, but also Finland's desire to join NATO, may be coming back to bite him him in the ass ...


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    Turkey already new they had a problem of corruption over five years ago, Russia Middle East, China,  Asia and more has the same problem. This it what happens when you get rid laws, rule, regulations and accountability all the way to the top, no one is accountable, all you have is corruption!

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    The aid situation in Turkey and Syria is an excellent example of how foreign aid is handled under an authoritarian regime. All of the aid coming into the area is funneled through Turkey and Erdogan's government decides where the money goes, which means Syrian areas have gotten little or nothing in the way of assistance. Erdogan has also funneled almost all previous funding for building construction into his own pocket with the result being buildings that were not able to withstand the forces of the earthquake. Major bottlenecks in Turkey continue to interfere with the distribution of aid to those most in need of it.  Erdogan has also changed the government structure and the Constitution so he does not have to worry about getting voted out, nor having any of the courts rule against him - he has been able to implement the playbook designed by Trump, Leonard Leo, and Bill Bahr quite exquisitely. 

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    We're hearing more and more how the Erdogan government swore it would take better care of Turkiye after an earthquake in 1999, only to find out when it actually happened they had no agencies available for search and rescue and aid, and the "earthquake relief fund" is empty.

    I hope there's accountability for Erdogan once this clean up effort has settled. The loss of life and property is unacceptable in country that knows it's on a fault line.

    Syria is another story, tragically. Their dictator doesn't care about human life, especially in this region that's full of rebels. We must do what we can to help them.

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    I wouldn't wish a severe earthquake on anyone, because it's the gift that keeps on giving. The renewed trauma of the aftershocks, that happen on the regular, are awful.

    I do have to admit the very first thing that crossed my mind was the Armenian genocide. Then my thoughts turned to the everyday people that are not responsible for the awful deeds of evil leaders. Though I do take umbrage that Türkiye has not taken responsibility for the genocide to this day. If you haven't done a deep dive on the Armenia that once was, its amazing history. 

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    Building on what DaveS said:
    1. Rebuilding must account for being near fault lines.

    2. Relocation must be away from fault lines.

    Also, it's no coincidence that the Turkish government was mostly absent from rescue operations.
    Hopefully, Turkey will purge itself of its current corrupt government?

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    A lot of building in the Middle East were built by corrupt contractors, taking shortcuts on building supplies. It was a couple years ago it was in the news.

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    It's important to choose charities with existing operations in the area like the UN (UNHRC, UNICEF, etc) as it's a difficult to navigate region complicated by the politics of Syria (Assad) & Russia (Putin) not wanting to allow charities to operate in the region where Syria refugees are being helped. Many governments are are sending search and rescue teams.

    "The United Nations Security Council unanimously renewed a vital cross-border aid operation Monday for another six months, extending a lifeline to millions of Syrians residing in areas outside government control during winter. But there were calls for the council to do more."

    "While Russia went along with Monday’s extension, Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia said the decision had been difficult. He signaled that the next renewal would not be automatic."

    “Expectations for the new six-month extension in July will only be borne out if the view and approach of members of the Security Council to the provision of humanitarian assistance in Syria will fundamentally change,” he said, accusing the West of using aid for political leverage on the Assad regime. He also called for the lifting of western sanctions on Syria."

    "Syria and Russia prefer humanitarians to deliver aid internally from Damascus across conflict front lines instead of across external borders."

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    I am afraid I have little sympathy-ok none-for Turkey, as they are still trying to committ genocide against the Armenians.   Perhaps it is Karma coming back to bite them.



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    This is awful news, and I pray that rescue crews can save as many people as possible. This area is already troubled by the Syrian civil war and the many refugees who have fled to Turkiye to escape it, and now this just adds to the distress.

    I hope the leaders of Turkiye and Syria can work to lead recovery efforts and rebuild these areas.