Alternatives to Plan B for Emergency Contraception

Should "morning after" pills be free?

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    yes, make it free, and very accessable to all, from grade 9-to adults with no questions asked.

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    Birth control is women's healthcare! Why would anyone be against women's health?

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    I support the right of women to have the same agency over their own bodies and their own healthcare that men have. As long as men can receive ED pills and prostate care freely and easily in every state, then women should be able to receive reproductive care freely and easily in every state.

    If someone wants to tell me why women should not be able to access the morning-after pill in every location in this "free country", then I will ask them what access to healthcare men will lose in that same location.

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    The more alternatives women have to terminate conception is a plus.  If the GD religious right and the f-ing Republicans won't allow women the right to an abortion, then at least provide them with some other option that will prevent pregnancy.  Of course, the most effective way would be to perform vasectomies on all males age 18-99 and I'd start with Trump, his MAGA buddies and pretty much all Republican lawmakers who wish to impose their own radical right views on others.

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    I think that women should have the right and the means to terminate a potential pregnancy before a fetus can even begin to form. It is no-one else's business. PERIOD!

    This, by no means, should not be seen as an alternative to or replacement for a women's right to choose an abortion with some late term restrictions for anything other than medical reasons - as was the case for the past fifty years due to the Supreme Court's prior Roe decision (Before the conservative activist Justices were all infected by the Fedralist Society's pathogen of rampart Christian Nationalism).

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    Several universities (Stanford, Dartmouth, Unuversity of California, Boston University, George Washington University, etc)  have installed vending machine with Plan B pills. Some have had them for years. Others have recently added them after the recent Supreme Court decision.

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    Now that I know about the price-gouging pharmaceutical companies are doing--

    I say "Yes. Absolutely, make these "Morning After Pills" FREE!

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    Alternatives to Plan B for Emergency Contraception
    Do you think morning-after pills should be made free nationwide