Rep. George Santos Steps Down From House Committees Amidst Controversy

Do you think Rep. George Santos should resign? Let him know.

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    Of course he should resign.  I don't want liars and clowns in charge of the day to day as a law maker of my country.  I find it beyond unacceptable.  I kept thinking that it was some sort of joke and they would call it off soon but NO!

    From now on you need to list qualifications for leaders, lawmakers, seats of government etc.

    Giving a test on the U.S. Constitution should also be applied to anyone seeking a government job.  You will be required to raise your right hand and say, "I swear to up hold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America", when you are seated.  Be a good idea if you knew what it said!

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    The DOJ has launched a criminal investigation of Santos, the questionable accounting practices he used and the inexplicable sources of the $700,000 that he supposedly gave to his campaign.

    The DOJ directed the FEC to stop investigating this as it could interfere with the DOJ probe, HIs campaign treasurer resigned and said that he never prepared the required disclosure forms that were supposedly signed by him, which he also denies ever doing.

    The fact that the RNC supported him despite knowing at least some of his questionable past should also be investigated. It shows how litttle they care about the candidate that they promote so long as they are good at deceiving the the electorate, because 'winning' an election is more important than earning it or effectively governing. 

    I half expect Santos to disappear one day and wind up in some other country with another new alias.

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    Mr. Santos does not belong in office. Any legislator that supports him once he is found guilty shouldn't be in office as well. He misrepresented and lied to the people that voted him into office. 

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    I also am still irate that McCarthy and the GOP plan to keep long-standing members of Congress like Schiff, Swallwell, and Omar (votes today?) off their previous committees over some perceived threats or violations, while men like Santos were allowed to receive assignments and be seated on committees. 

    MTG and Gosar were banned from committees in the last Congress for threatening their colleagues and meeting with known extremist groups. If McCarthy had shown us any evidence of similar violations by these 3 Democrats, then fine. But made-up grievances are Donald's stock-in-trade, and just expose the petty hypocrisy of the GOP. 

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    "George Santos," or whoever he really is, needs to go now. He has no connection with anything resembling truth and does not deserve to be legislating on behalf of anyone. Repubs haven't purged him because he's a sure rubber stamp vote for McCarthy/Jordan/MTG/etc.  But 78% of all voters surveyed - and 71% of Republicans!!! - want him gone. He should resign or be kicked out and a new election called. Simple, perhaps not easy, but absolutely necessary.

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    Just goes to show you if you are a good liar the GOP will keep you. Santos belongs in jail for deceiving the public and fraudulent campaign issues.

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    Santos is a fraud and an embarrassment to his district, who voted for him based on the false persona he used to run. While I don't live in his district, I am appalled how easy it was for him to construct a whole identity that defrauded his constituents into voting for him and putting him in Congress. 

    It may not be Congress' place to expel him, although once again I think tighter ethics rules are needed for Congressional members, but he should be kept from power and decision making until all investigations into his identity, his past, his possible criminal actions, and his finances have been completed and he has been shown not to be a risk to national security. 

    I hope going forward both parties will do a better job of vetting candidates before allowing them on the ballot. 

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    Did he really step down, or was he asked to, or is he lying again?  Actually, I'm not sure why McCarthy would ask him to step down since Santos is the poster child of the Republican Party that prides itself on lying and supporting The Big Lie and still do.