Hospitalized Children Enjoy SC Aquarium with VR Robots

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  • 42.1k

    I think this is a wonderful program to help kids get through a hospital stay. I think it is a wonderful program generally for kids. It gives them insights that would be hard to get any other way.

    It is educational in both the academic sense and kind of a practice experience sense as well. A good eduction requires both to truly understand the world as it is.

    I am surprised that the MAGA-morons have not tried to shut it down to keep kids from learning about the world as it is. Where they may actually understand that mankind has an impact on the planet and they might feel sorry for what we are doing to natural habitats.

    OH, this is not Florida - where " "'wokeness' goes to die". 

  • 98.2k

    Love all the virtual programming. Continued my travels during COVID lock down virtually. Even after lockdown ended there are some destinations I will never physically travel to but have enjoyed virtual tours.