U.S. And Germany Agree to Send Battle Tanks to Ukraine

Do you think the U.S. should be doing more or less to aid Ukraine? Tell your Reps.

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    Send long range missles.

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    It's time for Peace. Millions of civilians are dying. If Biden and his liberals would have listened to Putin about making the Ukraine a NATO country, this war never would have happened. Putin didn't want mass destruction weapons pointed at Russia just like we wouldn't want mass destruction weapons in Mexico. Pointed at us. Plus, it's costing us billions which we don't have.

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    I beleive it is the duty of the United States to help and defend countries that are democracies. Sending weapons is the least we can do. The more help we can provide the better. Russia invaded thier country, they need to leave. Putin is an enemy of the US. Simple as that.

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    We need to support Ukraine as much as we can against Puton's unjustified war.  If we don't then our country does not truely stand for democracy.

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    Sending Abrams tanks  to Ukraine is a positve step to helping stave off the Russian invasion.  When Putin annexed Crimea, our response was to impose sanctions which hurt Russia but clearly did not deter the expansionist goals of this megalomaniac. We need to assist Ukraine impose as much damage to the Russian Army while we continue to damage their economy through sanctions.  We don't want a war with Russia but neither can we appease their actions like Neville Chamberlain and other did when Hitler began annexing neighboring countries did which led to a much broader conflict.  

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    This is a good next move, on top of Poland's and Germany's sending nearly 100 of their own tanks to help reinforce Ukraine's ground forces.

    I don't want us to get pulled into a war in Europe, but we cannot allow Russia to continue their aggression in Ukraine, so if this is the next move to stop it, then this is what we need to do. 

    Hopefully this will make enough difference to deter Russia and stop their attacks.

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    I don't have a problem with aiding the fight of aggression with military machinery and supplies.  I may have a problem if our war mongering government decides to send personell to fight.  We have lost enough people in the Middle East and have an over abundance of disabled veterans which our government will not properly care for.  No need to make our own matters worse.  I have no faith in our House of Represtatives to do anything more than to allow the Corporate Military Complex to over charge for military equipment and supplies and not pay taxes on their profits. This is my opinion and I'm sticking to it until I'm proven wrong.

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    GOOD. Not enough! A hundred or so Ukrainian state of the art tanks are not still not a good match for the thousands of older Russian tanks built which they may have or face, but it is a welcome start.

    The US is manufacturing the newer Abraham's M1 A2 battle tank for Ukraine which has an improved all digital control system and is supposed to be easier to learn and to manage. We are also supplying a lot of the logistic support tools and equipment to, in particular, maintain the gas turbine engine which powers these tanks. It will take some time for training and fabricating the tanks.

    The Germans are supplying very lethal diesel powered tanks which will be much easier to maintain.

    I still think we will need to supply some longer range rocket artillery to attack supply lines in Crimea and just across the Russsian border. 

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    Ukraine is not NATO, so we should not be helping in any capacity, to inlcude, financial, manpower, weapons, troops, training etc. If it was a NATO Country, it might be a different story.

    I see something bigger on the horizon, which is China and Taiwan.

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    We have to support Ukraine along with other countries. I am aware it is expensive. But, we are sending equipment, weapons, to assist the Ukrainians. We are not sending in troops on the ground or in the air. It is sad we all can't do more, but if we put one toe on the ground it could turn into a major war. Supplies and equipment are less expensive than lives. There is no other way we can help without a major conflict.

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    While I'm glad to hear that Germany and the US (as well as other countries like Finland, Norway, Poland, Spain, etc) are sending tanks it's only a fraction of what the Ukrainians need and in the case of the US it's not tanks in inventory but new tanks yet to be built so will take months.

    Apparently Russia is worried though as they bombed Ukrainian again today after hearing yesterdays news.

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    Zelinsky is a crook. Where is the billions and billions Biden already sent to him? The democrats are warmongers. We are supplying a crook so he can protect his border while millions of people are going to die and Biden may start a nuclear ☢️ holocaust. What happened to a Peace accord? This administration has to be the worst in American history. We left in disgrace from Afghanistan and now we are creating WWIII. Give Peace A Chance!