IT: Memphis reacts to murder of Tyre Nichols, and... 馃┖ Should the FDA classify aging as a disease?

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    Is the FDA that BORED?! I am sure there are more important matters to address or else they are simply over staffed

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    FDA is not able to classify aging as a disease as the ICD classification system is managed by WHO and they released ICD-11(Feb 2022) without replacing senility with old age.

    What FDA can do is allow research into treatments for age related diseases which if approved could then be billed using ICD-11-CM (Clinical Modification under the ICD-11 extension code 鈥渁ging-related鈥 diseases that was updated from 鈥渃aused by pathological process,鈥 to "caused by biological process".

    聽FDA only controls approved country specific treatments for WHO defined disease conditions used globally in order to support development of new treatment therapies like using Metformin to slow aging, prescribing and billing.

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    I remember what I've learned and seen about the horrors of the Holocaust. I've visited the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, and visited a concentration camp in Germany and an internment area in Poland. I know the Holocaust happened.

    And I know that millions of Jews were slaughtered. But also thousands of Poles, Roma, LGBTQ people, and people with disabilities, all because they did not present the ideal perfect human envisioned by Hitler.聽

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