IT: DeSantis bans African American history course from Florida schools, and... 🕰️ Are you worried about "Doomsday"?

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    In my opinion Democrats need to EXPOSE EVERY FRAUD the GOP perpetuates with sources to fact-check everything you expose. Make TRUTH more readily available to the public. Whatever they cut or reduce for the American people should BE EXPOSED. DO NOT ADOPT THEIR LYING TENDENCIES as a means to win. It will just disgust the public with "the entire governing body" MAKE THEM DIE OF THEIR OWN POISON. Expose the complicity of Fox,& other right wing media, by doing parallels of what they tell their supporters vs. "the reality." 
    Start community discussion in the most adverse area to "de-program the extremists." Use your tactics to win votes to also ganer public support for your agenda. 

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    I make difference

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    Bigotry and Racism should not be allowed in politics in 2023.  DeSantis is a bigot, a racist and must be stopped.  If anything of a natural disaster happens in Fla.  Not ONE DAMNED RED PENNY better go to help from Pennsylvania!

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    Desantis is full of deceit and treachery. I hope he will be stated as such every time his name is mentioned by democrats as well as all the psychotics from the radical right who fail to see or understand that Ron DeSantis has never done anything for the people in his years as a politician. I despise anyone who thinks this man is not an extremely dangerous psychotic grifter with nothing but hatred, slavery, anarchy and chaos for the poor and middle class. Your Satanism is our war and you will be stopped!

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    Governor DeSantis clearly has presidential ambitions.  If his brand continues to be centered around campaigning against wokeness, as he sees it, he is going to have a very difficult time generating any national appeal.

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    Only cowards are afraid of history, the truth needs to be remembered 

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    I think it's so sad when a politician abandons his or her moral compass simply to chase votes. That's DeSantis in a nutshell.