California Mourns After Two Mass Shootings

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    Thats what happens when you flood America with drugs and criminals

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    It's time for federal bans on certain types of weapons and weapon modifications. It's also time to close all loopholes and have a federal registry for every weapon and its owner(s). 

    These won't solve our gun problem totally, but as long as some states have loose restrictions and others cannot stop interstate travel, weapons will flow freely throughout this country and be available to those with bad intentions.

    We've tried "freedom", and it isn't working. People are being massacred every day in this country. Why aren't these Americans free to live their lives without threat of being slaughtered with high-capacity weapons? What about their freedom?

    It has to stop.

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    Gun violence is a pandemic unique to our country due to an out of control spread of guns designed to single handedly and rapidly fend off an invading army. There is no good reason for these lethal 'pathogens' of high rate of fire, large magazine or high muzzle velocity weapons to be available to anyone who just flips out. There needs to be limits as the lethality of these weapons continues to increase.


    I drive a car. To do so, I had to show that I could handle the car responsibly and pass a test both a written test and a driving test to prove that I would be competent enough to get a driver’s license. Not only that, I had to buy insurance to protect others should I fail to control the vehicle and cause harm to others. I have to go the the BMV every few years to prove that my eyesight is good enough to see road signs and traffic ahead of me. 

    For a while, I also owned a motorcycle. As this vehicle is less protected than an enclosed car I needed to prove that I could responsibly handle it by driving through an obstacle course with stop signs, yield signs and a simulated traffic light. There was also another written test on motorcycle regulations and safe operation. I had to get a rider added to my license and also to my motor vehicle insurance policy in order to take my motorcycle on the road. 

    While driving, my performance is randomly checked by traffic police and if my vehicle’s license has lapsed, if I rolled through a stop or ignored some traffic control - it was noted on my driving record as points. Whenever I might get too many points, my driving privileges could be severely curtailed or even revoked.


    I also bought a semi-automatic handgun for home defense. It took about 20 minutes to clear the background process.  That’s it!


    Just why aren’t at least some similar licensing and insurance requirements imposed on gun owners?


    As far as the handgun, for my own safety I did take some time to go through safe operating procedures and bought several sessions at a local target shooting range to assure that I could indeed handle it properly - but that was not required nor was it even recommended.

    The gun is currently double-locked with chains running through the magazine receiver in the handle up through cartridge ejector port and is stored in a non-disclosed location.

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    39 mass shootings, 1200 people,  in 3 weeks for 2023 is almost 2 shootings/dayday (1.85 shootings/day) & 57/people/day. Keep voting for NRA funded politicians and these numbers will only increase.

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    The 2nd shooting used a legally purchased handgun and is being called a workplace violence issue. Note: there were children present who lived on the property. This area was already suffering with storm damage. 

    Not reported as a mass shooting, later that same day (yesterday) 8  people were shot at a gas station in Oakland, CA, one died.

    Rsponsible gun owners don't have any objection to obtaining a license, etc. we should get this low hanging fruit done.


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    I personally do not have an answer to these Mass shooting, no matter who they are shooting at. I don't understand the concept of WHY does anyone want to kill people for no real reason. Yes I am a gun owner. I believe as I was growing up, a lot of fathers were WWII veterans, gun safety was a must for youngsters. But then you were limited to the number of rounds and weapon could have. Today the bigger the magazine the more powerful you are. I understand Military having maximum rounds. I understand collectors having the ultimate weapons, they can afford. But for the life of me if you need a large magazine, you are wasting your money. I too used to love to shoot my semi automatic 22. But it didn't cost an arm and leg for ammunition. I guess my opinion is to leave it up to law enforcement to make the decisions concerning purchases of weapons and magazines.