Extremist Violence Leaves Thousands Without Power in North Carolina & Pacific Northwest

Do you think domestic terrorism is on the rise in America?

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    Our country and much of the world has entered a new era of massive disinformation intentionally designed to benefit the source in some way; politicians use disinformation to shape political narratives in their favor, media outlets use disinformation to appeal to the biases of their viewers because it is profitable, adversarial governments spread spread disinformation to disrupt the governance of their foes, and various ‘nationalist’ or ‘supremacist’ movements use disinformation to spread their radical views.

    Disinformation is spread by ‘alternate facts’ which are seemingly plausible conclusions based on cherry picked facts and/or circular logic but are not factual at all. Disinformation used by Russia to disrupt western democracies, for example, has become a science, often presenting bipolar opposite views to confuse a population. Military psi-ops programs have adapted these techniques as well and has documented success by foreign countries in shaping the vote in African countries, for example.

    The point is to so confuse the public with all of the alternate realities presented that it becomes difficult to determine what is ‘truth’ and what it not - and people will adopt their own version of the ‘truth’ which most appeals emotionally to their ingrained and subconscious biases.This puts people into camps that believe in different realities. 

    There is no longer any accepted common truth nor common narrative that can be used as the basis from which to negotiate meaningful compromise or concession. Social media has greatly accelerated and amplified the polarization process by algorithms to gather like thinking people into media groups where they can reinforce their distorted views of reality, because it keeps them engaged with the platform.

    Without a strict adherence to un-spun facts by political leaders and major media outlets, it is difficult to find any common truth useful as the basis for meaningful debate and resolution of issues.

    Without established ‘fact’ there can be no ‘truth’.

    Without accepted ‘truth’ there can be no ‘trust’.

    Without ‘trust’ there can be no true ‘democracy’.

    It is no wonder that people are falling into competitive camps with the faith that they are right and everyone else is wrong. Trying to argue with them is like arguing that ‘my’ religion is the one true righteous religion and everyone else’s is wrong. This is an article of faith and is not based on documented facts. 

    The pandemic amplified the echo chamber of self-reinforcing affirmations from like minded people because people generally were removed from a broader minded society and workplace peers, and relied upon media sites that they agreed with or social media groups gathered together by algorithms designed to keep people engaged.

    The final aspect has been the use of highly emotive disinformation by politicians designed to frighten their base of their opponent’s intentions, because fomenting fear and rage to discredit their opponents helps to ‘win’ re-election without having to earn it.

    Self-serving greed and lust for unearned political power have brought about the increasingly active domestic terrorism groups. The trump and the Republican Cartel, the very profitable non fact-checked right wing entertainment news pundit outlets and the for-profit social media sites have all brought about the increasing acts of domestic terrorism by creating groups of ‘true believer’s’ willing to act on their intentionally manufactured misguided belief’s.

    Politicians, in particular, have great influence in fomenting violence by their words, their actions and their inactions - and have shielded themselves from accountability.

    Domestic unrest and violence will not be stopped until those responsible for fomenting this unrest are fully held to account for their actions.

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    There is no doubt these are strategic moves to see the reponse and how long it takes.

    I dont care what you label it home grown terrorism, domestic terrorism, etc. Could it be illegals, people on visas, etc.

    Bad guys want to do harm to us, so lets take care of it.

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    THIS IS A CASE of eco-terrorism, in the same way Tree Spiking was used by radical environmentalists. 

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    @Colin posted: “There have been more types of violence since the Republican party went rogue and began to bring the hidden groups of the fringe out into the light. NOW, WHAT DO WE DO? ”

    Going Forward

    I have been giving this some thought for a few years but have not yet had much clarity; however, I am finally putting a rough idea together. These are in no way not my final thoughts on the matter.   I am leaning toward advocating aggressive law enforcement. 

    In the short term, we must treat each of the "Conservative" subgroups differently, even though they are interrelated. The groups are

    1.  Harsh but still instructive critics—the loyal opposition. Those with well-reasoned opinions consistent with a Liberal Democracy. 

    2.  Harsh, destructive critics. Those with reasonable opinions or opinions inconsistent with a Liberal Democracy. 

    3.  Destructive critics fomenting sedition. 

    4.  Critics who are organizing an insurrection but believe the current government is salvageable.

    5.  Those organizing an actual coup.

    If we are to remain a so-called "Liberal Democracy," we must maintain our principles (e. g.  Explicit Freedoms such as Free Speech,  Freedom of Religious Expression,  Rule of Law, Checks and Balanced, etc., and Implicit Freedoms such as Privacy, Bodily Autonomy, etc.), we must listen to or at least tolerate the first two groups. However, those who oppose the US Constitution and its principles must be held politically and legally accountable, and if found guilty under the law, they must be dealt with accordingly.

    As individual citizens who believe in the Constitution, we need to strongly express to our representatives at each level of government the need to protect and vigorously defend our Republic. Protection includes not just legitimate law enforcement processes but education as well.

    In the long term, we need to decide if those in each state wish to continue to remain part of the entity called the United States of America.


    After the Constitution Convention was over, a lady asked Benjamin Franklin, "Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?" "A republic," replied the Doctor, "if you can keep it."

    Can we? 



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    The Rev Dr Edward
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    Over 80% is from right wing groups who want to control the government even if they can't win elections.

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    And guess who's fueling it!

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    There have been more types of violence since the Republican party went rouge and began to bring the hidden groups of the fringe out into the light. NOW WHAT DO WE DO

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    "The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims."

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    Yes, obviously. Socioeconomics, plutocracy, sociopathic world leaders,  MIC, TOC, no surprise.

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    What I think is irrelevant.  The FBI, University crime studies, and national statistics tell us that certain kinds of terrorist and violent action with political goals is on the rise in this country.  Prepare. 

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    Are we liking our Fascism yet? Our Naziism? Or whatever the hell flavor of the day it is? No? Me either.....

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    Although they always blame antifa on the right(are we not ALL supposed to be anti-Facist?  We DID fight a World War regarding this, after all!) You will note that these people always seem to be part of the Marjorie-Taylor Green and Trump crowd.  Violence is on the rise, people are being killed by guns and all this from the supposed and misnamed 'Pro Life "Party.   Pro-life my foot!

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    Mostly peaceful protests per CNN. Burning and looting stores is expression of reaction to white privilege. 

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    Domestic terrorism is most frightening

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    As the GOP intentionally emboldens the nut cases we will see more and more of this.

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    Domestic terrorism is on the rise because of lies and misinformation being spread like wildfire throughout social media and Fox News! It is time we rise together against all the the fascists, the neo-Nazis, the white nationalists, the MAGA loons, and the Q-Anon supporters once and for all! America will not become their dictatorship so long as we keep it as a democracy!

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    Clearly. Examples must be made. 

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    Isn't recruiting terrorists something that homeland security cracks down on? Shouldn't they go after Fox News and info Wars too?

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    Ever since 1/6 white supremacisy and far right extremist have done alot of damage to our democracy 

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    Trump released a rabid, dangerous group of lawless Nazis. Shut Trump up, put him in prison, and these slackers will go away.

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    Domestic right wing terrorism is currently the greatest threat the United States faces

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    Not only is domestic terrorism on the rise, it is being encouraged by factions of the Republican Party. And, don't get me started on the gun issue...what is wrong with people? How can they vote these radical idiots into power to allow such lawlessness! 

    I really think it's time to hold some of these "fake news" organizations accountable for their encouragement of this kind of violence by spending false news.