Trump Calls for 'Termination' of the U.S. Constitution

How do you feel about Trump's comments?

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    Even bigger problem is leading Congressional Republicans not calling this out as a problem and saying they'll back their candidate even if the candidate wants to get rid of the US Constitution.

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    I think I don't care. I'm so sick of seeing this fat orange face in the news. He's only doing it for attention! Quit giving it to him!! 

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    I call for termination of all news stories involving this loser and his crazy side show of manipulation. The whole nation is sick of having to hear about him even in passing. @causes Please don't start threads on his nonsense or show his triggering photo. 

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    This comes from a stanch Republican who voted for President Trump twice and had plans for a third vote for him. 

    However even if the election was stolen and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt in many courts of the land and verifiable evidence produced in the Supreme Court with all Justices including the Democrats on the court saying it was stolen, fact is the Constitution handles even this possibility. It would allow the sworn In President to remain in office until his death or end of his/her term even to allow the VP to finish that term. 

    The case against the people that cheated the voting process/system would be investigated by a grand jury and brought to trail and if found guilty to then be sentenced to jail. If these people were also office holders in the government they could be impeached before sentencing in the courts. 

    In this case again we know he feels like there was cheating and I agree with him. Now that the election is over stop bringing this up and tell us if elected again what is your plan to make America Great Again?


    You can do everything possible to make sure they can't do it again but just run for President in 2024 the 2020 one is over. 


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    Time after time Donald Trump proves to the world what a complete imbecile he really is and anyone who supports this idiot is a bigger moron than he is.

    Is this really what the Republican Party has become a party of morons.

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    The Nobel Prize winning journalist Maria Ressa’s work on standing up to autocracy, proffered the observation that autocracy takes over democracy with many small steps, eating away at democratic norms one by one until democracy dies a death from a thousand cuts.

    One of her recommendations to save democratic governance is for the people and responsible leadership to ‘hold the line’ to prevent the chipping away of democratic norms by would be autocrats. 

    It is not so much about the fact the trump calls for changing the Constitution because he was so aggrieved by his ‘fraudulent’ loss to Biden that the Constitution must be changed, it is much more about the fact that so few are ‘holding the line’ against this provenly false claim. The trump’s wanna-be Brownshirt enforcers are listening and that should worry everyone. Where are the responsible leaders that should be ‘holding the line’ on re-writing the Constitution to satisfy the trump’s lust for power?

    There are members of the Republican Cartel who have been enabling and have continued to enable the trump because ‘winning’ re-election is much more important than their oath’s of office or of actually governing.

    There are members who are pushing toward autocracy with their screwing with all aspects of voting, from gerrymandering, the act of voting, access to polls or mail-in voting, vote counting, validating and certification, all in an attempt to assure that they will ‘win’ without ever having to earn it. 

    There are other members of the Cartel who are afraid to speak up and lose the MAGA-moron base or to be punished by the RNC for stepping out of line.

    Their silence IS compliance.

    The trump glutton will continue to feed on the Constitution whenever it has the appetite for more. He needs to be loudly condemned or this too will have his followers convinced and give the Republican Cartel autocracy proponents more excuses to institutionalize more of their autocratic leanings - and this will become yet another of the ‘thousand cuts’ that will kill our democracy.

    I half-wish that the Republican Cartel would have to live with their incompetence should they succeed in their push toward autocracy. The supreme leader will have no use for any of them, either. 

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    Honestly, I find them completely unsurprising, given his track record fighting against democracy.

    A better question would have been "how do you feel about the people who still support him after this?" or "how do you feel about the Republican politicians who have refused to condemn his comment?"

    Or "how do you feel when Causes doesn't offer you a full-on laughter emoji for things like this?"

    I guess when Trump swore "to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States," what he was really saying is he just didn't have the ability. This should not be news to anyone.

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    Kinda dumb so I bet it is not a true statement.

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    Donaldus Magnus wasn't calling for an end to the Constitution as a whole, something the Democrats have been actively working for, for decades, he was calling for a disallowance with respect to the 2020 election.  Each day we are subject to information on how corrupt the Democrat Party and the Media are, and how many despicable shenanigans were allowed during that election cycle.  The actions of those two entities and the inclusion of Big Tech, make Watergate look like a walk in the park.  Somewhere Richard Nixon is crying WTF!

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    How do you feel about Mango Mussolini's comments?  I don't understand why this guy is still bothering the rest of humanity.  Nothing he says has value, he cares only for seeing his name in print.  He is the lowest form of American.  And people who support him continued to lie for him should be indicted!  This is treason.

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    Trump is a Fuckwit and Cockwomble and so are those who support him. He belongs behind bars

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    Trump should be in jail along with 33 congress people who killed people on January 6th. MattGaetz is a good speaker of the house. Republicans will lose big time in 2024 elections. 

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    It is really time to get this maniac out of circulation. He is a disgrace to humanity and should have been in prison along time ago.

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    You have to feel pity for this numbskull. He is so lost and out of his element. His entire life has been modeled on mafioso criminals. Because he stayed mostly under the radar, no one bothered with his criminal antics. Now he's playing with the big boys and hopefully they will make him pay for inciting an insurrection.

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    Trump continues to be a direct threat to the country.  

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    It's no surprise that trump is a traitor. He never cared about this country or the people dumb enough to vote for him. He should be publicly branded as a traitor by every Republican in Congress, but of course they are too cowardly to say that out loud

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    I don't believe trump or the Republican Party want to rewrite the constitution for any reason other then greed, to get rid of term limits and to limit the will of the public through voting restrictions and gerrymandering.
          I don't  believe anybody wants to rewrite the constitution to align it more with our day and age. Which would provide all citizens with national hospitals and clinics. I don't see a national work visa program being developed, I don't hear any communication about who is qualified to have children, or improving the ancient education system or discussion about limiting executive salaries and repairing the environment? What about banning plea bargains and making the penalty fit the crime so convicts can't and won't commit the crime multiple times. Seems as though business regulations are quite slack also as a entity or person who files for bankruptcy twice should not be allowed to continue in business until they complete a business competency class and limiting the amount of mark up on products.I don't hear discussion on how or who is allowed to be a political party and run for public office.

         As usual this is primarily directed to my representatives but I would like to hear from anybody with good or better or more ideas on correcting the things that are making are constitution falter or our country fail. 

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    Trump is and always has been a narcissistic conman with the maturity level of a 2nd grader and now he can add anti constitution, anti democracy, murdering insurrectionist. So, of course he wants to abolish the constitution.  His Trump Nazi rallies have shown this.

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    Donald Trump is a completely unmitigated fool. The crimes he has committed are too numerous to go over here. This man swore an oath to protect The Constitution. Now he wants to get rid of it????? I too swore an oath to The Constitution just as my Representatives did. This man is trying to destroy our nation. I would expect the same outrage from everyone. How is this person allowed to continue grifting people?

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    We all know he can never run again. Article 14, sec 3. Keep the constitution, bury trump. Senator Collins, save yourself and make like sinema.

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    Why isn't Jim Jordan and the rest of the congress 34 republicans impeached for trying to overthrow our government. 

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    All you people who say he fights against democracy shold all learn what democracy means.  The left is trying to take away the 1st and 2nd amendments and not following the laws of the rest of the constitution.  The left are sick people!  

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    Humpty Trumpty, the Village Idiot strikes again !

    Yes, abolish The Second Amendment. It's archaic. 

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    Of course more were found! Have they got around to looking in 'it's' personal locker in the private bath next to the golf course entrance yet? 😂‼️

    Just one more thing you like, my Reps⁉️

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    It is long past time the US Congress passed a resolution in both houses to condemn Trump's insurrection and declare him an insurrectionist unfit to hold any public office at any level of government in the USA.

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    Trump förstör USAs ställning och rykte i världen. Sektbildningar verkar vara ett specifikt problem ” over there”