Precision Fermentation: The Future of Sustainable Agriculture?

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    Damned if we do!  Climate change without a present reliable plan will starve us long before any profound climate changes.  This is what our progressive communist global agenda wants! They have implemented  the Marxist slogan, 'people are dispensable'!  The elites will always have what they want and how they live.  Look at them around the globe, Xi Jinping Biden, Kim Jong-un and others, Hollywood, politicians like Obama, and all the democrats, some republicans.  

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    Precision fermentation of foodstuffs does not sound particularly appetizing but it, or something like this, will be neccessary to feed the world's population. Food supply chains were already constrained before Russia's war of choice with Ukraine, and they are getting more constrained as the world's population grows. The accerlating rate of climate change is further threatening formerly arable land will further restrict conventional foods.

    Most of the processed foods that people eat come from not very palatable beginnings - watch videos from food trade shows and you will see people selling blobs of protein and other weird looking stuff that makes up a lot of processed food stuffs.

    Alternative foods will have to become the norm and I would expect this and other innovative solutions will be need as we get into the next decade.

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    Perhaps my high school teachers were more visionary or just better educated than others' but back in the midsixties we we taught that earth  is finite–fertile land, drinkable water, oil, coal, etc. So at some level many of us have been well prepared for what many of my generation, the Boomers, were not taught, didn't learn, or refuse to accept that sooner or later there will be shortages. 

    I am glad there have been those seriously working on what will surely become new food sources.

    We are already familiar with fermented products, yogurt, kefir, cheese, beer, wine, cabbage products like sauerkrat and kimchee, and ferment soy products like fermented tofu and tempeh.

    Soon we may be seeing, smelling and tasting the food stuffs of "precision fermentation" first at food shows then in the aisles in Costco and supermarkets.

    The Times Are A Changin'.

    A word to the wise should suffice. 




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    This may or may not be the promised solution to World Hunger and the Climate Crisis and the Sixth Mass Extinction Event.  I tend to doubt that it will be, but it might be a small part of the solution to World Hunger.  

    I have some questions:  Who provides the reactants which produce the food?  How much money will they charge?  Where will they be produced?  How far will they be transported?  How will the degradation products be disposed of?  

    I'm sure I'll think of more later.