A Message of Thanks

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    I'm thankful for all the patriots who showed up on election day to make their voices heard by voting. We can't all win, but when as many people as possible can vote freely and fairly, Democracy wins and it makes our country better.

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    I am thankful to all the men and women who fought for our freedoms just to be taken away by a totalitarian government.  These brave people gave their lives for US!  
    Power is such an ugly word and breeds corruption.  May God Bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    Most of all, I am thankful for the wonderful team of caregivers who stuck with my son (severe disabilities) all through the pandemic and to this day, providing him with the highest possible quality of life and becoming part of his extended family!

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    I'm thankful that we have a President in office who really cares about the country and the people who reside in it.  I'm also thankful that we have retained control of the Senate and wish we had retained control of the House.  I'm thankful that the international community is supporting Ukraine and marvel at the resolve of the Ukrainen people-My heart goes out to them as they face a very perilous winter due to Putin's unwaranted attacks.  I'd be very thankful if Putin's war were to end today and he be neturalized in whatever means it takes to end his reign of terror.  I'm thankful that it finally looks like some of the damn Republicans are starting to wake up to the fact that Trump is a loser.  I'm thankful to the Jan. 6th Commission and all the hard work they have done and continue to do (at least until McCarthy shuts them down).  I'm especially thankful for the two Republicans on the Committee who put their country ahead of their own personal political careers.  They are true heroes.  I'm thankful to Nancy Pelosi who was a great House Speaker.  I'm thankful for all politicians, regardless of party, who operate from reality, rather than the lies that Trump and the GOP have spread and cont. to spread.  Those elected officials demonstrated what helps to make this country good.  Finally, I'm thankful to all of our dedicated healthcare workers, teachers, other human service workers, and those who perform so many, many jobs that keeps us safe, and supplied with goods and services.  They are the backbone of America and deserve all of our collective thanks.

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    Thankful evil Nancy P. Is not Speake4r. Hoping GOP will back Tea Party polocies, or MAGA polocies " 2nd pick, but deny Swamp estabilishment Wadhington DC evils.

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    Sitting here trying to stay awake after a nice dinner, I pondered to whom or what I am most thankful. I couldn’t pick one but here are my top few.

    I am thankful for my wonderful sons who have each, in their own ways, took great care of their families, their spouses and their children who are all heathy and happy. 

    I am thankful and grateful for my wife of fifty four years who has tolerated my eccentricities for these many years and many bumps in the road; at least when she is not nagging me to do something around the house. I have to add thanking her more to my to-do list, because I don’t often enough. 

    I am thankful for my parents (both deceased) for instilling a desire to want to know how things work at a young age and for helping me realize that success in life is about living a good and a satisfying life - and not being wealthy. 

    I am very thankful for the friends I have had that helped to influence my choices at critical crossroads in life. I am also thankful for the luck that I had in mostly making good choices as I look back at the other choices which were equally possible at the time, but would have changed my life substantially. 

    I am thankful that we now have a president who is honest and willing to do what is right instead of what polls the best - getting our country out of a costly, endless and pointless war in Afghanistan, rallying the world of nations to support Ukraine’s efforts to keep their democracy against overwhelming odds in facing a supposed Goliath, his efforts to get vaccines effectively distributed around the country, and generally promoting programs and policies for the good of the people of this country. He did the right things and not necessarily the best polling things, while facing overwhelming distortions of facts and obstruction by the Republican Cartel and their radical right megaphone outlets (Have they yet confirmed all of cabinet and agency appointments?), as well as having to constantly having to disarm all of the political land-minds left behind by the vengeful trump. 

    I am thankful of the Ukrainian people’s resolve in demonstrating the willingness to do that which is hard to preserve their democracy. I am also grateful for the example they are setting for other democracies at risk from autocratic leaders from within their countries and from autocratic leaders in neighboring countries. 

    I am thankful and very grateful for the electorate which seems to be waking up to the realities of what the Republican Cartel represents - their CPAC endorsements of autocratic and fascist leaders, their willingness to substitute partisan political people at every level of the vote collection, validation and certification processes, gerrymander the hell out of districts so they can, in some states, win elections with only 40% of the popular vote, and proposing to allow state legislatures the right to overturn the popular vote and just pick national election winners, unencumbered by their State’s executive branch, their judicial branches or federal law - which is now on the Supreme Court’s next docket for consideration.

    I have a longer list but I am falling asleep as I am typing this. I hope you all have had a nice Thanksgiving and get a good food induced sleep tonight!

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    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!