How To Beat Book Bans

How do you feel about nationwide efforts to ban books?

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    I know! I know how to end book bans! It is sooooo easy.

    Vote the Republican Cartel into political extinction at every level and everywhere. We cannot let them incite people with overhyped culture wars topics for political expediency.

    Think about it; If they over inflate a topic, make make a mountain out of a mole-hill, or makeup other emotive commentary based on out and out lies; they can scare the crap out of people to vote against their political opponents. It is a lot easier to scare people to not vote for their opponents than it is to discuss or even attempt to address the issues at hand.

    This is a not a tactic that can lead to any meaningful discourse, any resolution of issues or even a common base from which to begin negotiations; it only serves to discredit opponents with scare tactics so they can 'win' unearned elections. Mr Potato head's sex became an issue as was the voluntary withdrawal from publication of a couple of Dr. Suess Books that portrayed racial stereotypes from a prior era.

    The lingering claim that the trump actually won the last election persists despite the fact that their was absolutely no evidence ever produced by anyone that a court would accept from the most closely monitored, audited and court challenged election in history. Where are the repsonsible Republicans shouting down the true beleivers in the big lie? They are mostly eerily silent on this becuase, while it is governmentally irresponsible to let these lies persist, it is politically expedient. It is putting their political party ahead of the good of the country becuase it is politically advantageous to do so.

    The crap about CRT being taught in elementary schools, the denial of recognizing that transgender people exist, the fact that same sex marraiges exist, that our country has a history of mistreating minorities, especially slaves, native Americans and ethnic minorities from around the world, and that our country has made mistakes, some serious  - are not things to hide from children. They are all part of the world that they live in and they need to know about the world in a way suitable for their ages and stages of development.

    Certainty the party that promotes personal responsibility over the need for governmental intervention would not support banning books or censoring books that do little more than show the world the way it is and allows children with responsible parents to discuss these issues honestly and openly in ways appropriate for their children.

    It becomes clearer and clearer that the Republican Cartel does not believe in doing what they say, walking their talk or honoring their own so-called principles.

    Want to end book banning?

    Ban the Republican Cartel from political existence, those that advocate book banning and also those who refuse or are too afraid to speak up - in other words almost all of them. 

    Easy peasy!

    Vote True Blue.

    Get back a country that works for You. 

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    Book bans won’t work with digital savvy teens. Matter of fact the best way to insure teens read these books is to ban the books.

    (1) ban book clubs

    (2) websites  like the Open Library make it easy even if students don’t have access to a library in their own communities.

    (3) MO, 2 students filed a lawsuit against their district for yanking 8 books from school libraries

    (4) NY, a group of students from the Brooklyn Public Library’s Intellectual Freedom Teen Council are meeting weekly on Zoom to coordinate national resistance to the censorship of school books.

    (5) PA, student daily protests at their high school until administrators reversed their decision to ban more than 300 books, films and articles, the majority by Black and Latino authors.

    (6) PA teen testifies at House Oversight subcommittee on civil rights and civil liberties, which was holding a hearing on “Book Bans and Academic Censorship.” Committee members had read about Ellis’s success fighting book bans in the Central York School District

    (7) Online recommended reading lists

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    People and groups who are involved in banning books must be stopped.

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    It is interesting that the argument is that the government should not tell you what to read, yet children come home with books teachers tell them to read. It should is also interesting that the entire article also only complains about a subset of books and not all books that groups have requested banned and forced libraries and booksellers to cave.    For certain ages some content is inappropriate. For those who disagree, many would be the type of individual to provide access to porn hub to their 5 year old. 

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    No one could agree on which books. Maybe leave it to the parents

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    They burned books in Nazi Germany. That's all I need to say.

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    Glad to see the 5 ideas listed.

    I'm happy to do so me of these myself. I certainly haven't read all these newer books which are apparently being banned in many areas.

    Censorship is not ok. Good parenting requires doing your job to keep your kid from reading books, not in keeping the whole community from them.

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    The WOKE generation seem to want to sexualize our children at any age. There is a thing called age appropriate. Example when I was a kid in school it was the sixth grade that it was determined that the kids should be taught the facts of life and sex education with a signed note by the parents. This was in Lubbock Texas and would have been 1961-62 school year. I would have been 11 years old. This was done in our health class and the boys were in one room and the girls were in another. The boys were taught by a male teacher and the girls by a woman teacher. 

    We were like the latest Supreme Court Justice not biologist but we were taught that there were two sexes Males with chromosomes of XY and Females with chromosomes of XX. This was interesting for us it was said when a male and female have sex and a baby is born at the moment when the male spermatozoa (sperm) finds an unfertized egg in the female the sperm will enter the egg and at that moment of conception the female will by chance give one of her chromosomes in this case an X. The male will by chance give one of his chromosomes either an X or an Y. If he gives his X chromosomes and the female gives one of her X's then we end up with a female baby when it is born. 
    on the other hand if at that moment of conception the woman give one of her X chromosomes by chance and the male by chance gives a Y chromosomes the you now have a child with an XY chromosomes and is a male baby. So that child is HARDWIRED at the moment of conception. We found out that the male makes sperm in his testicles and is released through the penis which all boys have both. A female has these things called Ovaries and she is born with all the eggs she will ever have. They explained how girls will start having a menstrual period once a month which was the flushing of an unfertilized egg. We found out two weeks after the start of her period a new egg would come out and could be fertilized for up to 5 days. These five days if having sex you could get a female pregnant. 

    It was taught that female besides having ovaries they also had what is known as a vagina which would accept the male penis to move the sperm from the testicles to the egg which just came from the ovaries. 

    Now we are a farming community and had been raised around animals and at one time or another had seen an animal having sex. The result of this would be the female becoming pregnant and producing offspring (babies) all would be born either male or female determined at that moment of conception. The only animal other than humans that have sex for fun and not for the sole purpose to have babies are dolphins and chimpanzees. It is called instinct and nature that the female when is what we call in heat puts out an oder of harmone that signals to the males that she is what as known as fertile. The male by instinct will smell this harmone and will find the female and that result in him trying to mount her. 

    Did we at that age need that information? Sure we did and it was about two hours long not daily indoctrination. I am sure the girls got information similar to what us boys got and probably more information on those periods and what was happening to her body to becoming a woman. I think though birth control pills were invented in 1950 the FDA did not approve them for widespread distribution by a doctor until 1960. So I am sure absence was taught to both sexes not also about condoms and birth control pills. 

    Back to age appropriateness, I saw a news show where a teacher was teaching third graders how to put a condom on. She had a cucumber and a condom and show how to put it on a cucumber. Now I remember when a kid I found a condom still in the package. I was around 15 years old. I can remember I open the package which didn't have any instructions but was able to figure out how to put it on and take it off. Maybe if that teacher would use the cucumber on her salad and not as a demo or as a dildo and just teach her third graders math and reading and spelling and social studies it would be better. 

    Now if you are 18 years old and think you were born in the wrong body and you are attracted to people of your own sex you are what is called a homosexual. Homo meaning one a sexual meaning having sex. So if that is your desire as you are reaching the age that normally kids may experiment with sex. Then you are free to do that have your experiment at having sex. This works the same for both sexes. You won't need a WOKE teacher to instruct you. The sexual act is actually very normal and even two virgins can figure it out without instructions it is called instinct. Remember animals do it without classroom technology. 

    Now after these experiments from say 15 to 18 years old you now decide people of the other sex just don't do it for you the you are what we call a full blown homosexual. Now you were not born with the wrong body your mind is wired differently. There is no need to change you appearance to go from male to female you just give your lover oral sex or let him enter what is known as the back door. Females will just do the oral thing and use some sexual toys. 

    However as an 18 year old and your experiments are over and you want to look like a woman there are harmone pills available and you can schedule your surgery to have your penis and testicles removed a have reconstruction surgery to give you a fake vagina. However before making that transition you should save up all your money needed for the harmones and surgery and you should also consult a psychiatrist to work with you on this final decision. Otherwise just be happy in your own body and enjoy being a homosexual. 


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    It's not that books are being totally banned....books need to be age appropriate. You shouldn't find 50 Shades of Gray in the children's section. 

    Get a grip and use some common sense 🙄 

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    No books should be banned. 

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    Attempting to twart educating people about things that some disagree on is censuring. There is no place for these shenanigans in our country!

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    We chose to be and live in a free country.  You are free to read any book that you like unless you are under 16.  If you are under the age appropriate line you will need a permission slip from your parents.  Parents, please do not deny your kids any reading! Keep reading and keep learning.  Nothing will ever surprise you........I shouldn't say that anymore.  I am surprised daily these days!

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    This kind of bullshit should not be tolerated in the United States. Banning books is an oppressive regime move.

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    Banning books is an essential component of any extremist, authoritarian movement. Those who strive to snuff out diversity and knowledge will never succeed.

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    in the 30s the Nazis burned books. now they ban them.

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    We are still a Demcratic Constitutional Republic.  Those who want otherwise I highly suggest that they relinquish their citizenship and get the hell out of our country!!! NOW!  You've ruined our country pretty bad so far. 

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    Bunch of republican crybabies whining about the big bad scary books! 😂😂 Just another thing in the long list of "things" they are scared of!  Bunch of freakin' snowflakes! 

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    book bans are what fearful people do when faced with a loss of control over others.

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    Just people don't ban books.

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    Acting like the history of our country never happened will not erase the racist past. All you are doing is lying to children and that is a deplorable way to raise children. If the right wing had any morals or belief in religion they would be teaching tolerance and love, not hate.

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    Bookburning and banning is garbage right out of Nazi Germany and other totalitarian regimes. I thought we were better than that in the US. Obviouslty, Republicans and other would-be puritans don't. You can burn and ban books, but the ideas still remain. 

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    Republicans seem to be afraid of people having knowledge and afraid of people being aware of diversity. Republicans would like everyone to think the world is made up of only white male heterosexual christians. There is no harm in people learning about the world. I'm sick of Republicans trying to control everyone's life.

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    Banning books is idoicy and another attempt at dictatorship. If you don't like a book, don't read it and don't let your kids read it.  That is the absolute limit of power any person should have over what is read.  

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    CAUSES ASKS: "How do you feel about nationwide efforts to ban books?"  ME: VERY ANGRY.  But hardly surprised coming as it is from those far-right parents who would willingly indoctrinate their children to their own racist, misogynistic, and hate-filled views and scuttle any possibility that perhaps their children just might learn something of value about those their parents demonize, something that might help them through their own emotional turmoils. As a retired junior high reading specialist I KNOW, from first-hand experience, just how valuable to my students were the books of the kind being banned today ... and the pen IS mighter than the sword. Which, of course, is why book banning has such an ancient history. 

    As a now-elderly unrestricted and avid reader from my earliest years, I remember needing parental permission to access adult books before I was "of age" (LOL! I wanted to read Boccaccio; of course mom gave that permission).  And I still read and promote banned books; I know their value because I've seen them comfort and create awareness, humanity and critical thinking in my students. And I've been through this book banning business a couple of times before. (My "I Read Banned Books" pin is very old.) Somehow, however, this time it seems of greater virulence than in previous rounds, more anti-intellect and willfully destructive to critical thought  than before.  I do wonder, today, whether we will soon be witnessing literal bonfires of an Inquisition only metaphoric right now, modern Savanarolas tossing texts with which they disagree into very real fires. If so, then with them will go our freedom.

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    Here we go again limiting choice!

    Next thing the "Book Banners" will schedule book burning like in Germany! That history does not need to be repeated.

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    I think I can decide for myself what I should be able to read. What's with the Republican Nanny State?