Poll: Help Choose Who Gets Our Voting Swag Donations

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    In 1920 White American women got the vote, but not all women or most women could vote. Let's stop conflating "White women" with "women." These phrases are not one and the same. Also noteworthy is that most Black Americans could not vote until after the watered down1964 civil rights act. Black Americans couldn't exactly vote when their White employers threatened to fire them, White neighbors followed Black Americans to voting places and murdered activists who got Black Americans registered to vote (see Freedom Summer).

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    The most active and successful legal challenges to gerrymandering, voter suppression and limitations of voter rights has been Attorney Marc Elias and the organization he founded, Democracy Docket. It appears that some of his lower court wins are going to the Supreme Court where the Federalist Supreme Court Puppit Justices may well further eliminate voting rights protections..

    The Conservatrive Federalist Society core group of conservative justices have already eliminated many legal voting rights protections arguing that they are no longer needed - after which the RNC asked for and received $10 Million donations from wealthy corporations to strategize the best way to gerrymander the hell out of voting districts. Citi Bank was one such donor.

    We need to let the Republican Cartel, the Federalist Society and their ultlra wealthy conservative darl money benefactors know that most of the people are not ignorant slugs that will believe whatever crap that they spew. We need to support those with the ability and drive to fight back against the well funded wealthy conservative interests and at least protect the most fundamental tenant of any functional democracy - the right to freely and fairly vote and have your vote be fairly counted.

    The most successful lawyer and legal team to date has been Marc Elias and the Democracy Docket.

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    I previously mentioned giving the T-Shirt & Cup prizes to TikTok creators. 

    Here's one such. 

    Some of the people involved with the Broadway play Hamilton made a TikTok on Voting. They used some of Hamilton's score to make a get out and vote song. This includes some of the current cast. 

    They even have a social progress website.



    Web Site:

    Ham 4 Progress - Hamilton Official Site


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    I guess contests motivate some people but its doubtful that those organizations need contests. 
    I have no idea of how to decide which organization should be declared a “winner” for their sustained efforts.
    Also, I don’t know which organizations have been recently reaching out to various communities to get people to register and are already messaging people to vote, and planning on helping people in need get their absentee ballots or get to the polls.

    While the heavy hitters listed are all worthy, going forward, this T-Shirt, Tea Cup idea might work better for the small, YouTube & TikTok creators.

    Have Fun.