Can You Help Me Pick Up My Sister at the Airport?

Yes. You can. Without leaving your chair.

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    This post seems to really be about recruiting people to sign up for "Securing America's Innovation Leadership Community"

    Clicking on the "Join me at" button rrsulted in a request for permission to be sent some kind of email.

    A Google search for "Securing America's Innovation Leadership Community" did not yield a site with that the exact wording.

    Anyone more successful in learning more about this advocacy effort?

    I get 500 emails a day. I have to prescreen everything using available software. So chances are it would go directly into the Junk or Spam Folders and sit there. But I did not sign up. 

    @Causes, instead of just this type of hardship story, give more info about the group itself.

    I feel it was an attempt to emotionalky manipulate us, but that could just be on me.

    As you can see most commenters reacted with empathy, some started problem solving. So far no one mentioned signing up for "Securing America's Innovation Leadership Community." Next time try to be more direct.


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    Sorry to hear this woman has had a very difficult experience. Services are very uneven depending where you live. 

    I've experened what it's like on a temporary basis when I was in a large leg cast 2 different times with rollster or crutches, 2 different states and counties and services do vary by County. 

    My current county has the best services with an on-demand bus service, and a support line offering the following services.

    1) CAR is a free referral service that provides adults over 50 and adults with disabilities information about their transportation options for medical services, errands, social activities and more.

    2) CAR links callers with public, private, and volunteer transportation services, including escorted transportation.

    3) In addition, the program assists callers with their applications for transportation programs like Call-n-Ride and Metro Access.

    4) They also offer free workshops on how to use public transportation.
    CAR is funded by County and religious organizations 

    I've also had a very different experience  with Uber drivers who were very helpful. The last time I was in a cast with a rollster that like a manual wheel chair doesn't always fit in trunks, every case drivers got out of the car to assist me in stowing the rollster in the trunk or backseat, ice in he passenger seat, and even escorted me to the door to make sure I didn't slip on ice. I did have to endure being compared to their mother so there is that. It may be an age thing while this lady is much younger and living in a county making no provisions for her and populated by people lacking empathy.

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    I like the idea of self driving cars, but I've seen them in action and just no. People sleeping and causing accidents. This isn't ready for prime time, and I say this as someone who experienced what this person did, because yep, there was that time I couldn't get out of the house with casts on both legs. Thank goodness for family. 

    Plus, I enjoy driving. As a kid you didn't earn your official driving badge of honor till you'd driven up this hill with a manual transmission. (Now what few manual stick transmissions one can buy today, they have a built in no roll back feature. For wimps.)

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    Everyone should be required to spend a minimum of one week living in a wheelchair with no ability to stand independently. While there is a law called the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) we still fail to design our buildings, transportation systems, vehicles, mass transit systems, homes, sidewalks, doorways, restaurants, and virtually every public space with the disabled in mind. We are called to serve others. A very good way to learn to do that is to experience some of what they experience, to learn to see the world through their eyes.

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    I support research and testing of self-driving cars, but I think we're still a few years off from their being safe and ready for wide adoption, let alone affordable.

    I do think ride-sharing autonomous vehicles could be a great solution for you, but again we may not be quite ready for those to be safe; all AVs currently in testing still have a human driver just in case.

    I'm sorry you weren't able to pick her up at the airport. I wish that mass transit were better equipped for you and others to be able to ride it comfortably and reliably, but we have such resistance to transit funding in this country that it probably won't be anytime soon.

    Thanks for sharing your story; I will certainly keep it in mind as I write to my representatives about the AV industry.