Senate Joins House on Recess as Bipartisan Group of 10 Senators Begins Gun Control Talks

How do you feel about this week’s congressional schedule (or lack thereof)?

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    Bipartisan gun safety legislation is important as is the work of the bipartisan committee but it is disappointing to see Congress on yet another recess instead of engaged. 

    McConnell has asked Cornyn to work with Murphy & Sinema on bipartisan legislation specific to the Uvale school shooting. Though no hints have been provided, highly suspect that it will focus on:

    1) raising the age from 18 to 21 for semi-automatic rifles based on press conferences of more moderate republicans referencing the age for smoking & drinking is 21 up from 18. 
    2) Red Flag laws

    Don’t know if there is enough consensus to also include: 

    1) including semiautomatic weapons and accessories like bump stock and high capacity magazines in the same classification as automatic weapons that require an application fee & federal background check
    2) Background checks for all guns 

    Recess Schedule 

    Christmas            (11d) 12-16 to 12-30
    Thanksgiving.      (5d) 11-21 to 11-25
    Veterans Day      (10d) 10-31 to 11-11
    Elections             (21d) 10-3 to 10-31 
    Summer              (23d) 8-1 to 8-31 
    4th                       (7d) 7-1 to 7-11 
    Memorial Day      (5d) 5-30 to 6-3 
    May-Eid.              (6d) 5-2 to 5-9 
    Easter-Passover (12d) 4-8 to 4-22 
    Spring Break       (5d) 3-21 to 3-25 
    Presidents.          (5d) 2-21 to 2-25 
    MLK                     (6d) 1-24 to 1-31 
    New Years           (5d) 1-3 to 1-8

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    There is no schedule to comment on. It always amazes me how inefficient Congress is.  

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    I hope Congress & the States Will Help our Nation's Teachers

    Don't be surprised by lots of Teacher Sick Leave through the end of the year.

    Don't be surprised by lots of resignations over the summer, if nothing significant is done.


    Teachers react day after Texas school shooting

    <End Quote>


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    Yahoo news:

    "The irony that a common-sense gun restriction was creating a firearms-free bubble inside the belly of the NRA convention was glaring, but attendees and speakers alike seemed blinded to it completely. Speaker after oblivious speaker insisted that curbs on gun can’t and won’t deter shooters, and that the only solution to the nation’s plague of gun violence is more yet more weaponry."


    For the idiots here:  the IRONY is their own BAN for their dear leader's ramblings masquerading as a speech.

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    It's so nice that most Americans get just one day off for Memorial Day, if any, while our Congress gets at least a whole week off with no accountability or expectation of meeting their constituents. 


    Yeah, that's so fair.


    I hope when the Senate gets back they can get to work on reducing gun violence on a federal level, since states are failing at protecting their citizens. I would support mental health reform if they think that will work,  but they cannot just stand by and nothing again after this past month. 

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    The less time Congress spends in session, the less damage they can do!

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    Democrats: Murphy, Blumenthal, Manchin, Sinema, Heinrich


    Republicans: Collins, Toomey, Graham, Cassidy


    I suggest putting pictures of the victims post-mortem & photos of their grieving families in front of them while they the focus is on what is happening in our country (and our country alone!)


    We don't need thoughts & prayers. 



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    I legit can not expect anything out of this Congress in terms of legislation, not until there are more anti-filibuster Democrats added to the Senate, bruh.

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    if we can regulate the owning of other "arms", we should be able to regulate combat weapons. The Constitution is not specific, but this is why we need lawmakers with actual law experience. 


    "Hand grenades are regulated under the National Firearms Act ("NFA"), a federal law first passed in 1934 and amended by the Crime Control Act of 1968. The 1968 amendments made it illegal to possess "destructive devices," which includes grenades. (26 U.S.C. § 5801.) There's no doubt that a live hand grenade designed for military combat fits within the law's provisions—non-military people may not possess them."


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    First, I want to wish all our Representatives & Senators a lovely Memorial Day Weekend to enjoy their family and friends.

    Next, I want to thank minority leader McConnell for encouraging his faction to avoid the NRA Convention and appointing certain colleagues to work on gun control legislation.

    While I'd prefer rigorous gun control legislation, I applaud the group of 10 bipartisan senators having ongoing discussions about gun control legislation.  If national “red flag” laws and background checks are acceptable place to start, so be it.

    I will be encouraged if Senators. Chris Murphy (D-CT), John Cornyn (R-TX), Joe Manchin (D-WV), Pat Toomey (R-PA), Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), Susan Collins (R-ME), Martin Heinrich (D-NM), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), and Bill Cassidy (R-LA) can make some actual progress.

    I am further cautiously optimistic that other lawmakers are likely to discuss proposals with the group, and that this may expand to include other senators.

    I hope Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) can shepherd through actual gun control legislation in a timely manner.

    Hopeful Speaker Nabcy Pelosi (D-CA) can shepherd the House version of similar red flag and background checks bill to the floor for a vote when lawmakers return with or without Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) 

    No Guns=No Shootings

    No Guns=Fewer Murders




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    How can so many smart people take so long to do the right thing? It amazes me how inefficient our government has become. 

    On the gun issue...rereading the second amendment and more importantly learning the history behind it makes me wonder how stupid we are as a country to allow the big gun manufacturers to control us.

    In my reading of the history, it appears we simply copied an idea from the British whereby they allowed white Protestant men to have guns to protect themselves in their homes. Here in America we had just come out of the Revolutionary War, the nation was fearful of attack. And we extended our "right to all men".  Since then, Britain has wised up as have so many other countries as to the dangers of mass shooting and needless loss of what's the matter with us? Why are we allowing the gun lobby and manufacturers who are merely about profits to control our country!


    There is no reason why Congress can't at least put in common sense gun laws! Most of the rest of the world has smartened up, how stupid are we!


    In Chicago, Mayor Daily, Jr. did a gun buy back at it worked very well! Gun crime was down considerably! When the program expired, crime was back up and look where Chicago is today...


    It is a sickness that has to stop, we are senselessly allowing the killing our citizens and our lives, our future Americans. It's time to stand up to the gun lobby and manufacturers!


    Do your jobs, Congress!

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    On the heels of yet another mass shooting, I wouldn't think that any "real" representative of our government would think that it is a good time to take a vaca!

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    I have been listening to both sides of the gun violence/ gun owner rights issues for awhile, afraid to speak for offending everyone. Both sides are taking extreme views and are presenting illogical points on discussion. I want to find a solution which protects lives and preserves ownership rights, the best solution I have listened to and agree with is: Enlarge, expand, and enforce red flag laws.

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    Although, I feel vacation is important for well being, I have a few concerns. Children were just massacre. People who were just going to buy groceries were massacre. We had a lot of shootings.

    We need to update gun laws by: 1. Recommending classes if you want to own a gun, 2. Permits for maybe six months 3. Exams to about gun safety 4. Gun license. In order to get our driver's license we have to do all of this. Cars are considered dangerous.

    Not only take exams but background checks are needed. Those who have a history of physical spousal or children abuse are disqualified.

    Also, we needed more resources for those who are suffering from mental illness. We also need to offer better and benefits with more leave  to psychologist, counselors, social worker, caseworker, case mangers, direct support staff, aides, and other people who assist those with mental issue. It is a difficult unpredictable job but I see you and appreciate you so much. Thanks.

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    I am somewhat shocked that more isnt being done to force Republicans to vote on gun control. You all were almost victims on Jan 6. What is it going to take exactly? Because I dont think there is a line any longer. We have crossed into apathy. Elected officials are essentially useless unless its for the GOP's agenda. Also, maybe start with the lobbyists. They shouldnt be a thing either. 

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    Hey Reps.,

    Get off your ass and DO SOMETHING! If Montgomery and Uvalde were not enough ... when are you going to LEARN.

    "Police confirm 10 shot in S.C. shooting, one of 14 mass shootings from Memorial Day weekend"


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    Do your job.  Get to work.

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    I am beyond words on this issue. This is insanity and it's really scary. Our lawmakers should either do something about gun control or retire. 

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    Gun Control, 

    Gun safety a must ! 

    Universal Background Checks, with national databases! 

    All sales or transfer of ownership requires a background check! 

    Conceal and Carry laws must. Be nation wide, with training and proficiency requirements! 

    Asult weapons require owner to have one million dollar liability insurance! 

    Ammo for Asult weapons to have reduced energy as it leaves the barrel of the gun, to reduce the terrible effects on human flesh! 

    possession of high powered ammo by special permit only ! 

    National Red Flag laws, to have fair and effective actions! 

    No ghost guns or kits that cercomvent background checks! 

    Buy back programs for existing ghost guns, any illegal weapons! 

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    On the upside: Congress does much less damqage on recess. The old Texan ssaying is"Neither Man, nor livestock is safe when Congress is in session". I agree, both the Texas, and US Congress ususally does far more harm than good. The Most inportant item of business is for Congress to Impeach the Fraudulent "p" Biden. As he denounced Our sacred Constitution by saying that Our God Given Rights are not absolute he disquawlified himself as a valid, constitutional leader. Because he denunced Our Sacred Constition, aqnd Our Always Absolute God Given Rights he becaqmme an enemy of Our Exceptional NOW. 

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    I hope Manchin and Graham don’t make it a shamble pissing contest.  Why do we let gun and ammo manufactures get away with controlling Congress?  Because people vote Republican and Republicans support corporations over people.  It’s where the money is.  Corporations have high paying lobbyists and kids are even taught how lobbyists are a non-government branch of the government because of the influence they have on government.  When Republicans are afraid to learn about critical race theory, how can they learn about critical gun theory?  Probably like critical religion theory, critical oil company theory, critical health and health insurance theory, critical tax shelter for the rich theory, critical immigrant theory, critical con men theory, critical Russians in government theory, critical money theory, critical stock exchange theory, critical congressional costs theory, critical voting theory, critical budget theory, critical white theory, what else?

    Please take the “arms” topic seriously to help the citizens that pay you a lot more than the corporate lobbyists.  And please get the Kentucky Senator, 38 years in congress, on board or your work will be wasted like the over 400 bills lost on him over the decades.  One rotten apple can rot the whole barrel over time. 

    We can solve most anything when people work as a team to give for the good instead of take for themselves, hurting the whole.  A trained facilitator with the right tools can get a team to accomplish a lot more.  I hope this “arms” team has one!! 

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    Joyce is on the Democrat communist bandwagon in record time.  Fishy circumstances around crazy people killing others. Police just standing there and the FBI aware of the individual and does nothing. 

    Brown supports all leftist communists pushes and illegals pouring over the border just like all of you communists.  We see the truth - truth will imprison you and more.. 

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    Let’s not forget how much power our states have.

    States Rush Toward New Gun Restrictions as Congress Remains Gridlocked

    Democratic state leaders from California to New Jersey are demanding immediate action after the Uvalde shooting.


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    Gun Laws Save Lives

    Gun Safety Policies Save Lives | Everytown Research & Policy |


    Methodology | Everytown Research & Policy | Everytown Research & Policy


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    The mass killings in Texas is torture to citizens of the US by way of intimidation.  The killings were  foreseeable and intentional.  Torture is defined as any act by or at the instigaiton of any public official or in an official capacity which inflicts pain physical or mental for information, punishment or intimidation.  Public officials that continue support of sale of military assault weapons designed to kill people should be held responsible for the death and intimidation they cause.