Ways to Honor and Celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

How are you honoring AAPI Heritage month this year?

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    We need to celebrate that we are Americans first and foremost. Together We stand, divided We fall. Biden and his socialist democrats are doing an awesome job keeping us divided.

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    Have many Asian American family members and friends since college days and have incorporate food & traditions over the years into daily routines and celebrations. 

    While 1st generation Asian-Americans are more nterested in preserving traditions, most 2nd & 3rd generation want to assimilate and blend in, wanting nothing more than any other group, a fair chance to succeed.

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    We need to celebrate all of the heritages that have made up the United States. 
    It is our deversity that makes us stand out. The minorities have long been overlooked and not given credit for their accomplishments.  It is short sighted in our history that we mistreated our fellow Americans. 
    We should celebrate the contributions that made this country a land of opportunity by all the individuals for we are a land of immigrants. 

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    I support the idea with reservations.

    The grouping is overly broad. Further, it may be misinterpreted as “yellow skinned Asians.”

    Are Bhutanese, Indians, Nepalese Pakistanti, Siberians, and Tibetans included?

    How about peoples from Southeast Asia? Indonesia?

    Aboriginal peoples?

    Plus you know, the White Supremacist crowd is going to complain they want their month. Let them wail about international CRT.


    BIG SIGH! 


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    How about showing appreciation and respecting ALL human beings and ethnicities!! How about appreciating ALL cultures whether you agree with all they believe or practice. How about everyone has equal rights as human beings regardless of skin color or economic status or education!! Because someone isn't as educated or has as much money doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't regard them as a human being whose life is valuable. I am more impressed and appreciative of people who treat and respect people well despite what they do or don't have. There are a few different ethnicities in my family and I value them all. I have friends and family who are people of color and other ethnicities and they are my people with whom I am loyal. Bottom line everyone try to regard others as you want to be regarded. 

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    I have several AAPI friends and family members, and I regularly try to find opportunities to learn about their cultures and countries of origin, including holidays and foods. 


    Additionally, I always try to encourage the inclusion of diverse voices in work teams and other groups I participate in, because every group is stronger when more voices are involved. 


    I do wish, however, that I could have the opportunity to vote for some AAPI representatives this year. Once again there are very few people of color running for office in Pennsylvania, and several AAPI candidates have dropped out of statewide and local races. Representation is important so I hope we'll get there soon.

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    @causes Screw you! You ignore Mother's Day, but celebrate all kinds of minority days! Mother's Day is for ALL women who are mothers, no matter their race or heritage. Your obvious Leftist bias is nauseating. 

    One minute the Left can't even explain what a woman is, and the next day they are protesting for womens rights. Well if you can't explain what a woman is, then you certainly can't tell us what their rights are!


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    Asian American And Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Unlike other months that people celebrate and they are all over TV and news media. You don't hear much about A A A P I H M. I abbreviated but you know. I've said this before and It's worth repeating. Biden is a racist and his mind runs on only one track. Asian Americans are bright intelligent people. So why are they passed over when it comes to positions like Supreme Court ?