Should the Price of Insulin be Capped at $35 Per Month? (H.R. 6833)

Do you support or oppose this bill?

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    The American Diabetes Association states benefits can vary by plan under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplace plans and to check plans to see if, “[The plan] covers the diabetes supplies, services, and prescription drugs you need, and what it costs. Look at all costs, such as the deductible and co-pays for doctor visits and each prescription drug you need.”

    A BMJ study states 3 companies own 96% of the Global Insulin production, and recommends numerous biosimilar manufacturers entered the insulin market to create competition and drive down prices from the current cost to the UK government of $532/year and the US government $1,251/year when the actual costs are less than $100/ year.

    Some states as part of their insurance regulatory role have stepped in with state healthcare mandates to improve coverage for diabetes-related services and treatments. Only 19 states (AL, CO, DE, IL, KY, ME, MN, NH, NM, NY, OK, OR, RI, TX, UT, VA, VT, WA, WV) have capped insulin co-pays. However caps don’t guarantee it’s affordable to all family budgets.

    The medical treatment costs (amputation, dialysis) of insufficient insulin far outweigh insulin costs so from a cost/benefit point that insurance companies should be using for decisions making it’s a no-brainer. From a human standpoint how can you put people through this over insulin costs. Ask any nurse who has had to provide care to diabetic patients. So once again it matters what state you live in, if there is a cap on insulin and if you can afford it especially if more than 1 family member needs it which was the case of the family at the State of the Union where father & son needed daily insulin as Type 1 Diabetics.

    I do remember growing up on the US-Canadian border, marriages of convenience between women & children in the US to get Canadian Healthcare coverage and Canadian men that wanted to work in the US.

    The ACA has softened this but it depends on what state you live in, how many diabetics in your family and your family budget.

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    Cutting insulin prices to $35 monthly will still generate enormous profits for the producers. 

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    Please vote for this. 

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    $35 might still be too much. The cost of food is a lot and the cost of delivering meds. I take Metformin for Diabetes so $35 would be too much for me. I get $1,180 a month from disability and rent is $929.50 this month including utilities. 

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    People's lives and access to essential health care and treatment is more important than profits.

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    This is the only moral and ethical thing to do.

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    I believe insulin should be capped at $35 a month.  Someone I love has type 1 diabetes and I can't imagine if she couldn't afford her medicine. I know there are lots of ppl who stress over this and it is not right.  Please make it affordable for everyone in our country. 

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    Vote yes to lower insulin costs!

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    Insulin is a life substaining medication and it should be made available to all regardless of income

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    Yes, in fact for all drugs. We are the only industrialized country with this pricing problem and when some are choosing to go to our neighboring countries for cheaper needed medicines for the upkeep of their health status something is beyond wrong. The amount of people not taking medications/doses or choosing between food/other or taking their medications has gotten worse also. This fact is beyond disgraceful for a country such as ours or at least who and what we claim ourselves to supposedly be. I also believe we should bring our manufacturing of these and other medications back home, if the pandemic has taught us anything is that our supply chains for medications, ppe and other is and can be a national security risk/threat. Off shoring all our goods for cheaper is often more costly in the long run. Another problem is the pure corruption/greed at the expense of we the people and our actual greater interests. Here is just one example in the corrupt web whose tentacles are deep of which are effecting these costs among many other things. Don't even get me started on taxes since it is the season and how our (the ones who actually pay them) go toward the research and actual making of these/other drugs while many of these cos. are subsidized by us & don't pay them while charging we the people these unethical prices of which no other country pays.

    Let's deal with all the grift and corruption also

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    While all life-saving prescription medications should have an affordable cap - this is a great start.  Hopefully, if this goes through, we won't see increases on other life-saving medications to compensate for this cap.