Should Peter Navarro & Dan Scavino, Jr., Be Held in Contempt of Congress for Refusing to Comply With the January 6th Committee’s Subpoenas? (H. Res. 1037)

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    Wow, guess it's been this long since Causes even referenced the insurrection back here on 4/7. Well, today, retired federal Judge J. Michael Luttig wrote an Opinion artical on CNN.

    First, "Early in his career, Luttig worked in the Reagan White House and served as a law clerk to legal titan Antonin Scalia when he was on a federal appeals court. In 1991, President George H.W. Bush appointed Luttig to the 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals. He stepped down from the bench in 2006. "

    Second, Luttig’s former clerks.

    1) John Eastman

    2) TX. Sen ted cruz, dumbass!

    Third, Luttig advised Pence's lawyer... "Pence’s personal lawyer, Richard Cullen, also an old friend of Luttig’s, reached out asking for advice. Ultimately, Luttig, a Twitter neophyte, took to social media to denounce Eastman’s reasoning, and to say that the Constitution gave Pence no powers to reject electors and overturn the election as Trump was demanding." Link to that story...


    Retired federal Judge J. Michael Luttig opinion story ...


    brady, cornyn, cruz, READ YOU DICKS!



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    Of course they are in contempt.  They should be in jail right now.  How do you expect to have laws, have them obeyed, have our courts ever even respected?  What are you all up to?

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    Jan 6th has had hearings, investigations, prosecutions DAILY for over 15 MONTHS! So a guy in Viking hat sat in Nancy's chair & a guard yelled AOC's name. Why won't they demand Pelosi release ALL collected data about the 6th & answer why SHE had the Police stand down that day. Also what was the FBI involvement in instigating the melee. The ONLY reason this continues is so they can say over, and over, and over: Trump is bad, Trump is bad. How about the actual BURNING of Federal buildings & KILLINGS in Portland ALL SUMMER LONG? Nothing!!!

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    The Law Is the LAW, and it is time for these two to follow the law or suffer the consequences.

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    They are still private citizens who must follow the rules of law. Why should they be given special treatment. No one is above the law !

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    It's a subpoena. YOU HAVE TO COMPLY.

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    Every person who ignores Congressional subpoenas should be held in contempt, referred to the Justice Dept and fined $1,000 per day collectible immediately with no stay.  

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    I am so upset with the GOP right now.  My husband served two years in Vietnam.  He did that so someone elses son would not have to leave his family.  Where is the integrity, honor and credibility of the present GOP?  Have you all been bought by the Trump's?  I want answers as to why you are not doing what is right for our country and our democracy.  Americans need to know what has happened to our two party system.  I await your responses.  D. Bauman

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    The folks swore to defend and uphold the Constitution.  They didn’t, and apparently they continue to do so.  Protecting a corrupt and incompetent grifter is not something to be proud about and it’s not worth the jail time and fines these two may suffer.


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    You have got to start following the rules/laws and begin sooner than later.  When someone does something wrong, arrest them and toss them in jail.  Hold a trial and let a jury decide their guilt or innocense and then follow with the punishment if found guilty.  Have we forgotten everything about being the Greatest Democracy on Earth?  Yea, I believe so.  You will find that this will be our downfall.  No favors to the rich.  No favors to governmental employees, elected or appointed.  No one is above the law in a democratic society.  Now come on!

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    Any citizen, private or otherwise is supposed to be subject to the laws of the land.  If  it was your neighbourhood mailman, or a sewer worker, or your dentist, they would be held for contempt IN A JAIL CELL. There would be no question.  These people who suddenly think they don't have to answer for their behaviour deserve it more than anyone. 

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    When the court subpoenas someone it is the law to comply. If I simply decided to not appear when I was supposed to, I would be arrested. But since they are government officials they can get away with it?  

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    All those involved in January 6 attempted overthrow should be held in contempt if they refuse.

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    When the court subpoenas someone it is the law to comply. If I simply decided to not appear when I was supposed to, I would be arrested. But since they are government officials they can get away with it?  

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    Navarro and Cavino should be held in contempt