Should the Feds Allow Legal Marijuana Businesses to Access Banks? (H.R. 1996)

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    An industry that profits from abuse and addiction has been allowed to grow exponentially.  The larger it has grown, the longer its tentacles into local, state and federal governments.  As a consequence, devastating environmental damage has been ignored, the industry is not held accountable for its corruption, industry driven initiatives are written by and for the industry with titles and summaries intended to mislead the public,  the growth of cartels is ignored, the epidemic of youth use is ignored.  Marijuana industry advocates intimidate small cities/counties into adopting regulations or face an industry written initiative.  Our County Public Health Department remains silent on the negative impacts of supporting the marijuana industry while it protests the industry that wrote the playbook for the marijuana industry, Big Tobacco.  The California Department of Cannabis Control has become a collaborative partner of the industry instead while the collateral damage is ignored.  Unincorporated San Diego County lands have been offered up to commercial marijuana retailers and growers. 

    Our public electeds can no longer be trusted due to their increased economic conflicts of interest.  Marijuana research is also biased due to industry support of research.