Should the U.S. Adopt Permanent Daylight Saving Time to Eliminate the Need to ‘Spring Forward’ & ‘Fall Back’? (S. 623)

Do you support or oppose this bill?

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    I oppose DST. Do not make it permanent, obolish it.

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    We need to put an end to this ritual which causes issues rather than solves them. 

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    last Tuesday

    I do not support making Daylight Saving Time permanent. It has been proven that it is bad for the health of the American people. It goes against our natural circadian rhythms. Productivity is reduced. There are more workplace injuries. If those are not reasons enough to abolish DLS, at the very least, children should not have to wait in the dark to get on their school buses.

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    Eliminate Daylight Saving Time and go back to Standard Time year-round, no more changing of clocks. Standard Time is better, and there's no reason why we should want to change the clocks so it's nearly 9pm when the sun sets in the summer.

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    It bears consideration that this will require redesigning virtually every date-based database and spreadsheet to simplify the way that date in seconds is converted to date in days-months-hours-minutes-second.  

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    Yesterday at 1:27 AM

    Please, please, please!!! 🙏🙏🙏

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    last Tuesday

    I'm honestly shocked this hasn't happened yet. There are no benefits to DST in the modern-era and in-fact causes more harm than it does good.

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    last Monday

    Please support this bill.

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    I don't care about the farmers and etc 

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    Daylight savings is a detriment to all those who work for a living, as well as our school aged children. It means going into work or school earlier and causes fatigue and stress.  The United States should be on the same time as the rest of the world making daylight saving permanent is a horrible idea. Having daylight savings at all is a horrible idea.