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    Here is a letter I sent in reply to a donation plea from Nancy Pelosi. we need to minimize the money in politics.


    Dear Ms. Pelosi,

    While I strongly support your stance and the Democratic Party platform, I am dismayed by the multitude of pleas for donations that I get several times daily by every Democratic group. You must share email lists between yourselves. I get repeated surveys about positions but they seem not to get counted unless I also donate money. You continually bash Republican funding but you also utilize the ‘dark money style’ matching donor offers to entice me to give. Who are these ‘hidden donors’ and what do they want?

    It is time to get the money OUT of the process. Every politician complains about Citizens United and yet no bills have been passed to correct the Supreme Court ruling.

    I am annoyed by the constant pleading for donations and hope that this message will find your ear.

    Robert Newton 


    From: Nancy Pelosi <> 
    Sent: Friday, February 10, 2023 9:54 AM
    To: Robert Newton <>
    Subject: RE: Kevin McCarthy


    Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans' first priority in the Majority was to THREATEN Social Security and Medicare. 

    Robert, I need you to know two critical things.

    1. Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans' first priority in the Majority was to THREATEN Social Security and Medicare.

    2. Their second priority was to host 50K-PER-TICKET fundraisers to shut Democrats out forever.

    Robert, these mega-donors are not the working Americans whose lives will be ruined by Republicans' extremist agenda — they are the ones benefiting from it.

    That’s why we CANNOT let McCarthy and his special interest donors roll back our fundamental freedoms and DECIMATE all of the progress Democrats made.

    If 922 grassroots Democrats chip in $15, we’ll have the resources to defend these pillars of health and financial security, shut down Republicans' far-right agenda, and position Democrats for victory in the next election. Can I count on your support before midnight? >>

    We have two options:

    1 – We can either let Kevin McCarthy and his goons threaten the livelihood of working Americans and use their special interest donors to make it happen...

    2 - Or we can show up for hard-working families, build an UNPRECEDENTED foundation of support for our most vulnerable Democrats, and defend our fundamental freedoms.

    Can I count on your $15 in the next 12 hours? It would mean so much to me personally.

    Chip in $15 now >> 

    Chip in $25 now >> 

    Chip in $50 now >> 

    Chip in $100 now >> 

    Chip in another amount now >> 
    Thank you,


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    She's fighting to help working families and protect America from the dangerous agenda of Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy.

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