Biden Announces Release of 180 Million Barrels of Oil From Strategic Petroleum Reserve Over Six Months

Do you support or oppose releasing 1 million barrels of oil per day over 6 months from the SPR?

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    Biden is providing another innovative, bold and well thought out counter move to offset the loss of Russian oil. He is incentivizing US production increases to restore the strategic reserve which he is releasing now to counter the financial impact of Putin’s war in coordination with a unified international alliance. It is really good to see a President that is forward looking with well thought out actual plans instead of someone trying to ‘market speak’ away issues and condemn others as their only action.

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    Voted Yes

    America was Energy Independent a few months ago, Did the Democrats invest in Oil then create a shortage driving up the price of thier stocks ?

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    They're called strategic oil reserves for a reason.If Biden wasn't such a lousy president we wouldn't be in this position. His foreign policies are coming home to roost.The world is leaving America and moving forward.

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    Biden is doing this in tandem with new mandates for energy efficient cars. This will help keep gas prices low, while looking towards the future…or should I say allowing a future. We NEED to move to reliable, renewable green energy sources!

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    Biden thinks this release of our strategic oil reserve is a great political move but it has not served AT ALL to stem the rise of energy (and other) costs.  Worse yet, the SOR is designed for true security threats to our country, not to gain votes for this woke administration.  BTW, this "release" make our federal government a profit of $80 per barrell from the oil that the Trump Administration purchased when oil could be had for $20/ barrell.

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    What happened to 1 million barrels till inflated prices come back down?

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    Reopen the Keystone pipeline and open back up land for drilling. In your haste to undo every good thing that Trump, you’ve (democrats) shown a complete inability to think through the ramifications your actions. And you don’t understand why Biden’s approval rating is as low as it is!

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    Our own production of oil was restricted by Biden to foster green energy plan. So Biden got Putin a better price for his oil because you know someone will buy Putin’s oil.

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    We need an immediate solution, although this won't fix our problem, it will help for now until we can come up with a better plan.

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    The blah blah is that Merrick has 776 cases regarding the Jan. 6 investigation! So tough 💩! Well 1 (we?) only care about maybe 30! So quit with the damn low-lives and get to the MEAT. We can deal with the low-lives later. The time is running. Memories will be failing. NO MORE STONEWALLING !! RESIGN OR DO YOUR DAMN JOB!! And make sure Justice Thomas goes, too. He new what g i n n i was doing. Hell, all you had to do was look at her friends to know! Or do you think we’re all so fucking stupid, like the cult?

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    The world must, MUST, stop relying on fossil fuels. There are more environmentally friendly forms of power that can be shifted to.

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    Can we PLEASE eliminate the use of alllllll fossil fuels as soon as we can!?

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    This is one of the Bigest Mistakes that he could make and he has made some horrible mistakes the last 15 months. This is for emergencies only.

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    I think we should release all of our oil all at once, flood the streets with it, and totally destroy our rivers, lakes and oceans in one grand gesture. Release the natural gas, light it with a match and call it a day. That’s where we are headed. The fossil fuel cartels of the world have got us by the balls. Solar power? The Republicans in Florida are bought and paid for by Florida Power and Light and are working their asses off to prevent the implementation of solar. This, in the so called “sunshine state”. This is just the tip of a very nasty iceberg. The mass murder of Ukrainians? Gas and oil are the weapons behind it. NATO nations dependency on Russian oil and gas is financing the Russian military and Putin’s threat to cut it all off prevents NATO from fully committing to Ukraine’s defense. We have dug ourselves into a hole out of which we will never climb.

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    I hope that it all goes away, or is used up however they like! It is filthy, dangerous and destroying our earth and water. There is a 70 year old rusted out rotting Canadian oil pipeline underneath the Mackinaw Bridge in the Straits of Mackinaw. (which has currents equal to those of Niagra Falls because it located where Lake Huron and Lake Michigan collide. That is the largest fresh water source in the World! When that old thing blows again (many spills have already occurred since the 1950's when it was laid). We all will be buying WATER from Russia! (2ND largest fresh water source in the world is Lake Baikal in Russia!

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    It should help but we must replenish it later on

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    Only temp fix

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    The only real solution is buy less. With a consumer driven economy, buying less lowers prices. Drive less = save the planet.

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    I just wanted to say that, if Merrick Garland cannot handle his job responsibilities, he should resign and let someone who CAN take his place. The American people have seen way more than enough EVIDENCE to charge them all with. If you fear violence in the street from the cult, then bring in the Marines and the National Guard to squelch it. This needs to be dealt with before any of us can get back to any semblance of normalcy again. DO YOUR FREAKIN’ job!

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    What a moron. This will be the third oil/gas "emergency" in these dipshits 15 months of leading from the rear. Always a little short in the math department, some fail to recognize or are in outright denial that when illegit Joe took office the average price per gallon at the pump was $2.36. Where I live, the average posted price is $2.33 MORE than that today, which for those of you reaching for a calculator is $4.69 per gallon. That is just shy of a 99% increase which is just shy of a doubling price. The false narrative about ramping up battery production for electric cars assumes that the ingredients to manufacture the batteries is readily available. Which they are not - do your research and see what countries you will be beholden to. Besides, the power grid would collapse under the weight of recharging all the electric cars leftists dream about. Your policies, like your ideology, is a failure. The real emergency we have in this country at the present is the regressive progressive left.

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    With the massacres it may be time for nato to step in and stop this madness. What in really is Putin going to do about it. It is the perfect time his military is about played out.

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    I would like to see the US government match Canada’s mandate to end to combustible fuel in cars by 2035.