Watch & Comment: Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings (Day 3)

How do you feel about the third day of Judge Jackson’s confirmation hearings?

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    Dear Senator Murkowski: Vote To Confirm Judge Jackson. "Jackson Vote Poses a Political Dilemma for Murkowski" "The Alaska Republican is facing a difficult re-election race in which she is under attack by former President Donald J. Trump and the right. Could a vote for President Biden’s nominee save her?"

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    Judge Katanji Brown Jackson is more than qualified, it was so embarrassing the way Ted Cruz , Lindsey Graham and Josh Hawley treated her last week. They are the bottom of the barrel.

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    The Republicans are gone. Only Nazis remain.

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    The next time you have hearings for a seating on the Supreme Court, if any questioner cannot behave as an adult, promptly remove them from the hearing and do not allow them to return, ever.

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    Truth about her we’re told not the dog whistles we heard the days before. Those 4 were disgusting and if republican voters want them God help us

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    She has no business on any court, she doesn't know what a Woman it WTH, gives Pedophiles lt sentences because of porn on the internet..

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    Watched 2 minutes of that shitshow The behavior was conduct unbecoming public employees and they should be removed. Only thing missing was Aunt Pittypat, pearls and a fainting couch This was the United States not Tara

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    The Republican Cartel ALWAYS comes to public hearings with a curated list of talking points designed to emphasize their grievances and disparage their enemies with whom they are at war, the Democrats. The reason for the hearing, in their eyes, is for political opportunity only and has little to do with the reason for the hearing or anything of benefit to the nation. That is how the erstwhile Republican Party transformed itself into a cult and finally into a cartel willing to do anything to secure their unearned and very profitable political power. … … … The Republican Senate is a lot slicker at this than the Republican House. I became convinced that they were making comments derived from a common list by listening to each House member make their 5 minute comments during the trump’s first impeachment. Every one of the Republican House members made one of five or six distinctly common comments using identical phrases and in some cases saying the very same thing. The Democratic House members had some repetition as well, but these comments did not sound like recitals derived from a common list. Many Democratic comments were unique and distinctly insightful. … … … The Republican Cult is regimented to speak with a common voice, just like Putin’s (or the trump’s) acolytes. They want convince the world just how unfairly they have been treated by their ‘enemies’, just as Putin (and the trump) does. They endorse ‘alternate realities’ and twisted partial truths which they peddle to justify their self-serving actions, just as Putin (and the trump) does. They disregard, disparage and suppress anyone anywhere that does not toe the party line, just line Putin (and the trump) does. They proclaim that fact-checked reporting which does not align with their propaganda is ‘fake news’ and act to undercut it’s credibility or to shut it down, just like Putin (and the trump) does. … … … Look at what the putin has wrought. He must be very proud and will continue to be until people with memories that persist longer than the last few weeks finally excise the putin and his corruption from government altogether, just like people of conscious in our country will eventually do to the Republican Cartel with hopes that a principled Conservative party can re-emerge from the ashes.

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    Frank-001, how could McConnell hold up OUR nominations and get Gorsuch and Barrett confirmed? How about Kavanaugh, the attempted rapist, getting confirmed? How can we not do the same and railroad OUR nominations in? Dems have you no balls? Guess we’ll see!

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    All you really need to know is the same mindset that caused Joe Biden to pick Judge Jackson, is the same one that picked Kamala Cackle. We know how that turned out.

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    Trump and McConnell's Boot Lickers If McConnell & his people and Trump has his people block and Manchin or Sinema jump ship, then we need to muster every Democrat from Portland, Maine to Phoenix, Arizona; every Democrat in Hawaii and every Democrat from Juneau Alaska to Jacksonville, Florida to come out and vote Blue this November and Flip Every Seat Possible! Since Democratic Leaders tend to lose their intelligence and integrity under the duress of lost corporate funds, we’ll need for the base to lead this charge. Contribute to individual candidates. Plus we need to press for “Court Packing” screw Mc Connell. He’s one corrupt son of a Bitch. Biden better wake the f**k up. The Good old collegial days he thinks he remembers probably were hardly ever the case. We need to hope that Biden can hold Manchin and Sinema equaling 50, I guess VP Harris gets the deciding vote if not one Republican Senator can see his or her way to vote for Judge Jackson. We still need far more Democratic Senators, folks! #VoteBlueIn22! #FlipToBlueIn22! #FlipTheSenateToBlueIn22! @Sharon wrote: "So McConnell and his acolytes are at it again. McConnell says he will not vote to confirm Jackson and his bootlickers are falling in line...." Read more here:

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    NoHedges-yes, you have my permission to use the senator/treason scramble-I actually saw that one on one of Chuck Lorre's shows and it stuck with me LOL. And thank you for infusing your Scottish heritage in your comments. I too am of Scottish decent so am interested in learning more. I want to dig a bit more into genealogy but will have to wait until I have more time. And thank you for the Civic challenge questions-I need to brush up on these myself. . .

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    After Judge Jackson's opening statement, these guys should just vote. Unlike Barrett, she has a record instead of just opinions. Unlike Cavanaugh, there's no sexual predator smoking gun. These sessions are just theater, primarily for GOP blowhard racists. Christ, the Senate is already a tsunami of theater now, and really bad theater at that. The committee Republicans will wail and gnash their teeth, incessantly gnawing that bone of racism. Those senators want neither truth nor information. They have, like daddy Trump, become two bit vaudeville clowns. Just vote, so the GOP can get back to what it does best-frothing at the mouth on Fox News.

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    Marie, I never realized senator and treason… with your permission I will be using that one in our CKHG 5th grade Civic challenge. Here are some of the other challenges questions both for your amusement and for any political numskulls reading this comment, who are trying to solidify their power grab by undermining Civic education. BTW, you idiotic lot seeking to undermine Civics education, are a deplorable lot of imbeciles who I can only pray one day suffer under the same tyrannical leadership as your are seeking to impose on others. In the words of my ancestors who knew how to swear without ever saying a curse word: bidh ceud easgann gad lorg rùisgte nuair a dh’ fheuchas tu ri teicheadh ​​bho linne uisge (translation: may a hundred stinging eels find you naked in a pool of water with no escape). Or, in the words of my grandma, you “tattie-heided pigmy numpty” ———— Oh yes, where was I… Scottish insults? No, that can’t be right. Those questions? Yes, Civic challenge questions. What did the Declaration of Independence do? What stops one branch of government from becoming too powerful? Who signs bills to become laws? What are the two major political parties in the United States? What are two ways that Americans can participate in their democracy? Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? What did the Emancipation Proclamation do? Name one war fought by the United States in the 1900s. Name one of the two longest rivers in the United States. Name two national U.S. holidays.

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    So McConnell and his acolytes are at it again. McConnell says he will not vote to confirm Jackson and his bootlickers are falling in line. Can’t you imagine their conversations discussing that if they can just block any Biden nominee until he begins his 4th year in office they can steal another SCOTUS seat using the same argument they used to get Gorsuch on the Court with confidence that Americans who vote for them won’t object to their hypocrisy on full display after ramming though Kavanaugh and Coney-Barrett. In my opinion, we have for some years been sliding into a single party oligarchic government in which every election has been rigged in their favor by state election laws and district mapping as well as with the collusion of the highest court in the land and biased lower courts along the way,

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    Mitch McConnell and other republicans can’t vote for someone smarter than them and especially a black women !!!!!! So far the three republicans pick have proven Mitch McConnell and the republicans right!

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    😳 OMG! Whimsy Lindsay. Stop the grandstanding. Let Judge Jackson at least complete a sentence in answering your barrage of questions. Repulsive! Disrespectful!

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    Andy, Don’t let Glo fool you 😁😉 Alaskans have had it in for Texas since day one. Something about land mass vs state size. Don’t believe me? Well, I was fibbing a little. The tensions actually go back to the War of 1812 and the naming of Fort Ross. And, I seriously doubt Glowurm is capable of discrimination… unless you count her healthy disgust for Trump Republicans.

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    I do not believe we need a member of the US Supreme Court who lets child pornography perpetrators off with lighter sentences than the district attorney recommends. And who doesn’t know the definition of the word woman? Give me a break.

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    Thank you, Senator Booker.