Watch & Comment: Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings (Day 2)

How do you feel about the second day of Judge Jackson’s confirmation hearings?

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    This woman has no business being nominated for SCOTUS.

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    In this day and time there is no place on earth that can justify abusing our children and that includes judges.

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    Sad… need a new choice. Waste of time.

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    Since when did the likes of Sen. Hawley (who raised his fist in solidarity to insurrectionists) and "when the going gets tough, the tough gets going to Cancun Cruz, who abandoned his state, its people and even his dog during the blackout in Texas AND Sen Paul, who pretends to be an authority on pandemics, when he is an opthamologist, NOT certified by the American Board of Opthamology but rather "certified" reportedly by the "National Board of Opthamology which he founded. (Reportedly, HE was president, his wife was VP and his father-in-law was secretary.).......become the barometer for whom should be a Supreme Court Judge? It would be laughable, if it wasn't so disgustingly nauseating to hear the likes of these, pontificating about integrity and being "soft on crime"!

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    The questions being asked of KJB are absolutely a joke! Who the hell gives a rip about some anti racial book at her daughter’s school! Does Ted Cancun Cruz think she’s a school librarian or what! Many of the other questions are equally as stupid and ridiculous and make me want to scream STFU!

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    The Russians are continuing their disinformation campaign to support their alternate reality - in order to justify their actions in disparaging their sworn (and wrongfully supposed) enemies. It is a great attack on honesty, truth, honor and justice. Their use of cherry-picked facts to paint a false narrative disgusts me. It is like finding the single tree in the forest that may lean to the side and then claiming that the whole forest is corrupted. … … … Judge Jackson should not have to be subjected to public disparagement by a group of Republican thugs for the purpose of getting media attention, scoring political points, defeating their sworn Democratic enemies and ‘winning’ the next election without having to honestly earn it. … … … Oh, I said ‘Russians’ instead of ‘Republicans’. I was going to edit my comment but have come to realize that ‘Russians’ and ‘Republicans’ have such common tactics that these two words in this context are kind of synonymous.

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    Voted sad because I am embarrassed by our senators

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    I had much more positive opinion of Judge Jackson until I heard how her child poem sentencing was below recommended guidelines. I HAVE ZERO TOLERANCE FOR THESE SICK PERVERTS. But when she wouldn’t answer Sen Blackburn about the definition of a WOMAN, I told myself “our society has sunk to a new low.”

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    It is disgusting that those who are still in Congress that aided Trump and his January 6 or whom believe they can erode our democracy within our government it discusses we the people that they are allowed to be seated on his nomination committee and still in Congress or the house and no one has been given the power to remove them DOJFBICIA should be involved and should do their diligence to remove these people from being on a committee of the highest court of the land nominations hearing they should not have a seat in this hearing or any other hearing they are eroding our democracy and those congressman senators know whom they are. With the people of the United States in those that know truth see truth therefore women of color men of color are always being held back and this very well Republicans have shown their hand and show their true true selves and trying to hold back on this nominee and to block her nomination and those who allow it are weak they try to take our power from us and the greatest does of black or brown persons homesick I’m high office which ever department of the United States there it is we need to nip this in the bud stop this condemn this type of questioning and those senators know very well who they are and are a part of January 6 therefore those who have the high regard in trumps pocket those that are trying to reelect and get this former president who caused an insurrection but this is not the end of it look at what’s going on in Ukraine can very well very well happen truly in the United States on her own soil if we allow Republicans and those are like that are trying to erode are democracy erode what is true about our people of peace and unity who would like to destroy equality and would like to see it buried him are moving backwards the senators know who they are with a display of despicable and disgrace the way they questioned an allowed race pure and equality to show its face to show their evil pure evil as they try to take down a person who is highly qualified obviously and no one on democrat or independent nor moderates to defend or come to this person‘s head who six the nomination and her alike time and time we see this and those senators think they have the victory think they’re going to break a person those that think their victory was January 6 once again these are the people that never were condemned and they’re sitting on this nomination committee fair for our government shares its hand those that are true to our country are and very true military FBI Secret Service and those who truly truly truly love our democracy and die day and day out for true democracy equality no matter what the skin color is or sex

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    Stop your grandstanding! Guess what, your politics are in the minority in these United States. Two-thirds of Americans like and want freedom from government (Republicans) interfering in their personal lives. The Republicans appear to want to turn back time…sort of like the Taliban. Soon females will not be able be able to go to school! Your treatment of Judge Jackson is unacceptable! All your problems with the way she may behave as a Supreme Court judge didn’t seem to bother you when you confirmed the last three people who have been shown to have their own agendas in changing laws not taking into consideration stare decisions and how enacted laws have been relied upon for many years. And we see how important woman are to you when you all voted to put a rapist on the court!

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    What in the hell is a person like Josh Hawley doing on this committee! Josh Holly is under federal investigation for inciting the riots on the capital, the man has absolutely no moral scruples and is an enemy to America and democracy. Josh Hawley the human pig should move to Russia and fight for the Russians because that’s what he is a Russian.

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    @Sandra, you're so right. This is part of what's broken about the Senate. Not only do they not represent their constituency (not a single black woman in the Senate right now?), but they are not qualified to make these decisions and then act this way in front of the whole country. I think committees like Judiciary should be made up of only those with legal experience and credentials, not fake doctors and insurrectionists.

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    Listened in for several hours…I can’t believe how disrespectful some of the senators are to a qualified sitting judge! The pure arrogance, to ask a question and not even lesson to the answer. Senator Coton seems to be a real unhappy person. Maybe he needs a laxative or something!

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    She will be the most qualified person to sit on the court to date.

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    She's doing a good job. Her answers are thoughtful and well delivered. Her efforts to base her decisions on the law and as free of bias is a plus. She's defending her decisions that the damn Republicans are picking apart with logical answers. She did a good job of making Hawley look like the damn fool that he is (although she did it in a manner that was based on her record and judicial mandates. Hawley could learn a thing or two from her on being impartial, but he's such a moron that I doubt he has the capacity to learn anything from anybody who has some sense, given his efforts to play to the degenerates in our society. When you're a Trump wantta be you don't demonstrate much in the way of common sense since his followers do not have the ability to think critically.

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    I was absolutely disgusted by the smear campaign from GOP Senators Hawley, Cruz, Blackburn and Paul. Judge Brown is more than eminently qualified, and obviously knows a great deal more about the law than any of these grandstanding and unethical Senators. Yet another shameful display from the current GOP.

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    I think that she is strong and is doing a great job.

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    Marsha BlackHeartBurn doesn’t get it at all about ‘public’ vs ‘private’ schools. She’s also Pro-Birth, not Pro-Life. And also mandates that she gets to SHOVE HER RELIGION DOWN OUR THROAT!! Just like cornyn and cruz!

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    Shows how intellectually bankrupt, brain bereft, amoral, hypocritical the gop are especially their stars graham cruz hawley etc

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    AP Fact Check WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn mischaracterized Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson’s judicial views as extremist and soft on crime, claiming she called for critical race theory to be a mandatory consideration in federal sentencing and sought to release all criminals during the pandemic. Jackson didn’t on either front. Blackburn joined Sen. Josh Hawley and other Republicans during the confirmation hearings in airing a line of conservative grievances that relied on a distortion of the judge’s record. A look at some of the claims and reality: BLACKBURN: “You have made clear that you believe judges must consider critical race theory when deciding how to sentence criminal defendants.” — remarks Monday. THE FACTS: Not true. Jackson never called for it to be incorporated in federal sentencing. Critical race theory” is a broad-based term. It started as a line of thinking in law schools that racism is systemic in the nation’s institutions. Many Republicans have since cast it as a culture-war effort to rewrite American history and persuade white people that they are inherently racist. Still, there actually is little to no evidence that critical race theory itself is being taught to K-12 public school students, though some ideas central to it, such as lingering consequences of slavery, have been. Blackburn appeared to be referring to a speech in which Jackson described how she encouraged students to study federal sentencing policy as an academic area implicating many topics. “Sentencing is just plain interesting on an intellectual level, in part because it melds together myriad types of law — criminal law, of course, but also administrative law, constitutional law, critical race theory, negotiations, and to some extent, even contracts,” Jackson said in her speech. “And if that’s not enough to prove to them that sentencing is a subject ... worth studying, I point out that sentencing policy implicates and intersects with various other intellectual disciplines as well, including philosophy, psychology, history, statistics, economics, and politics.” In other words, she indicates that “critical race theory” might be one of many potential factors in play in sentencing, not a mandatory consideration. ___ BLACKBURN: “At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, you advocated and again I quote, ‘for each and every criminal defendant’ in the D.C. Department of Corrections custody, ‘should be released.’ That would have been 1,500 criminals back on the street if you had had your way.” — remarks Monday. THE FACTS: Blackburn is quoting Jackson out of context. As a federal court judge, Jackson actually did not release criminal defendants en masse onto the streets. As a U.S. district court judge, Jackson wrote in an April 2020 case that the health dangers of COVID-19 could “reasonably suggest” that defendants in the D.C. correctional facilities should be released from there. Ultimately, however, the judge ruled against releasing a prisoner who was requesting home detention after review of his individual health history and severity of offenses, concluding he was a danger to society. At the time, COVID-19 was spiking unabated across the U.S., more than 40 D.C. inmates had tested positive and even prosecutors in the case acknowledged a health threat. The Justice Department in 2020 and 2021 separately decided to release thousands of inmates to home confinement as the pandemic ravaged federal prisons. “The obvious increased risk of harm that the COVID-19 pandemic poses to individuals who have been detained in the District’s correctional facilities reasonably suggests that each and every criminal defendant who is currently in D.C. DOC (Department of Corrections) custody — and who thus cannot take independent measures to control their own hygiene and distance themselves from others — should be released,” Jackson said in her ruling. Jackson, however, then proceeded to lay out the law and concluded it falls to the courts to rule “case by case” whether to release consistent “with the dictates of the law.” In the case at hand, Jackson ruled that the young, healthy and violent criminal who wanted out did not merit release. The nonpartisan Congressional Research Service, in reviewing her wider judicial record, said Jackson was “case-specific” when weighing whether criminal defendants should be released based on COVID concerns and “did not rely on it to grant release automatically.”