Biden Reverses Course, Announces Ban on Russian Energy Imports

Do you support or oppose the ban on Russian energy imports?

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    Sanction Russia back to the stone age

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    Ban them yesterday.

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    I support any non-military intervention and the military intervention of providing weapons and funding to Ukraine. I know Americans are having a hard time with inflation and gas prices. I am personally willing to have a greater struggle now because I view Putin as a significant threat to the world. I think the man has boundless ambition and virtually zero ethics. I would support funding to any effort to depose him, too. I don’t know, though, how much OPEC and other fossil fuel producing countries would be willing and could reduce their price per barrel and increase their production to offset removing Russian product from the world market. There’s another lesson to be learned here, I think. Politically, reducing our consumption on FOREIGN oil is often used as an argument against environmental protections and conservation. Another argument, unpopular with Manchin and his Republican friends, is that we could speed up the process of weaning people, companies, power producers, and other consumers off of fossil fuels. We’re no longer dependent, the environment benefits, climate change is at least maybe slowed - win for us, win for the world, national security is strengthened.

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    I don't want anything from the Russians except new leadership and a peaceful life forward.

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    Keep the money in our own country, so we can grow our business and keep America profitable.

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    Pass the Build Back Better bill

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    Glad Russian oil is being banned here. China will buy it BUT I AM FURIOUS Biden wants to buy oil from our enemies in Iran, a communist dictator in Venezuela & a murdering prince in Saudi Arabia. WE were energy independent until the lead from behind demented-one took office!

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    Russia slaughtering people Saudi executes 81 in one day Iran executes how many every day China prosecutes uighurs carries and shields Russia’s big lie and originated a preventable pandemic Do we really need these actors for anything? All this nonsense about cheap oil cheap chinese trash etc may have been a convenient illusion but all the trillions ‘saved’ over the last 3 decades have now come due in 3 years! Think ! Between Alaska & Terra del Fuego we have everything and then some! Why are we so beholden to Russia & China? Sure we can assist the downtrodden elsewhere but cut the dependence cord. Hear that Congress?

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    I support any action that breaks the back of Russia. The people of that country have allowed Putin and his henchmen free rein for too long. And I also realize the same can be said for America, so I'm not excusing me and mine! One more reason to vote out every single Republican and war-mongering Democrat and elect responsible human beings to serve the country.

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    Get rid of...Oil regulation and..Let Banks startup loans for Oil Companies...American TAXPAYERS aren't Stupid on this Subject....DRILL. BABY. DRILL

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    Screw Biden

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    The Biden Adminstration needs to do more to support Ukraine. Let Ukrainian pilots "steal" these jets the same way Isreal did to France back in the 1970's. Ukraine needs more Turkish drones which have proved helpful. Provide naval strike weapons to threatent the Russian fleet.

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    Russian energy is less than 3% total of all USA energy imports. It’s a token maneuver compared to what the EU will have to do. We can afford to take the step first because it doesn’t really matter to us. It makes it easier for the EU to follow suit.

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    Putin is now so desperate he’s trying to get troops to come in from Syria because of his inept military forces. Russia whose arm forces is rated second in the world attacking a nation that is absolutely tiny. What the hell what happened to Russia if they had the battle first world nation they could lose their asses that’s what would happen. Putin would be better off packing up writing it off and hoping to God that he doesn’t get charged with war crimes which he should be. He’s a loser in a country of losers. The people who run the country have a run it into the ground and raped and people of their last dime. F Putin. Send the country right into the Stone Age where it belongs.

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    We don't get much oil from Russia. the Keystone pipeline, currently in operation, gives us NOTHING, that dirty tar sands oil goes overseas. The KXL line that was cancelled was nowhere near operational and also would not give us squat for the same reason Keystone doesn't and besides, it's a CANADIAN company not an American one. Destroying every last bit of beautiful wilderness just so profiteering oil companies can make even more profit at the expense of ordinary American workers will NEVER be a good idea long term as it's the children of ordinary American workers who will have to clean up our mess and figure out how to survive the dystopian hellish climate change that is accelerating faster than predicted because those profiteering oil companies KNEW about climate change and HID their own research for DECADES so they could make as much money as possible. We have had DECADES to prepare for fossil fuel independence (no we were NEVER energy independent unless you consider the "energy independence" that comes with a pre-industrial society). We have the opportunity NOW to accelerate the transition to renewables already happening with many far sighted companies. We MUST make this transition affordable for poor and middle class people and make it EQUITABLE and not just a thing that wealthy privileged people do.

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    We must demand that this administration turn back on our Keystone Pipeline immediately. We have the knowledge and the resources to get this done. America 1st!

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    The spick in oil prices was caused by Biden and Biden only his policy are killing the American people it is fact have video to prove his distain for oil.

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    Hit Putin where it hurts most.

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    Dear Lord! Why are we even purchasing oil from Russia? It’s unnecessary and we certainly should not be paying ‘at the pump’ because Biden insured that we would NOT be energy dependent! This is ALL on him and his REVENGE! He should be sent to Russia with that other dictator! As Americans, we should stand up to this evil CORRUPT government! It’s just another tactic for the Dems to bankrupt our nation. While I feel for the Ukrainians, charity starts at home. This administration has done everything possible to ensure we are weak in standing, in finances, and actually WORKING FOR THE PEOPLE! Their continued spending (most recently the Omnibus Bill) is a prime example that they will stoop at nothing to destroy the America we once knew. While I am all for growth, greener goals, etc. we CAN NOT afford to continue to put the cart before the horse. VOTE REPUBLICAN! SAVE AMERICA! #FJB