U.S. Added 467K Jobs in January, Well Above Economists’ Expectations

How do you feel about the state of the job market?

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    Commies invented the covid virus, shutdown the economy, now you want to give them credit? Did you get your free Democratic Crack Pipe made in China?

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    New jobs, or employees are allowed to return to the work force after forced quarantine for a virus having a 99+% survival rate-far greater than that of the flu?!

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    The job market has been atrocious for middle aged white males with a college degree. They are discriminated against for being born white. They are discriminated against if they are intelligent enough to understand the medical science that the mRNA COVID 'vaccines' are harmful in the short-term and long-term, and especially if they do not want to get the forced vaccination that could cause serious illness to them in the first two weeks after vaccination and years from now when the immunological deterioration manifests in their body. Let the ignorant, indoctrinated people get vaccinated and let them suffer the deleterious effects of the mRNA vaccines and boosters. When all is said and done, the unvaccinated, with natural immunity from surviving COVID with their own immunity will probably create a demand for these immune-uncompromised people to be desirable as future, healthy employees who are also intelligent workers. The unvaccinated of today will most likely become the surviving workforce of tomorrow. It will be like future survival of the fittest and the intelligent, both desirable traits for some employers of the pre-pandemic times. Be smart...let the not so intelligent and gullible people get vaccinated and suffer the harmful consequences of the mRNA vaccines.

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    Economy is moving ahead! RE: Where are workers for all the hiring positions? Many DIED DURING THE ONGOING PANDEMIC or suffer from the long term medical issues.

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    I think we all know the jobs market report is a sham. New jobs are being crested. These are workers returning to jobs after Covid lockdowns. And I am happy for these workers to once again be employed. I am also happy that wages are going up, but wage increases are not compensating for inflation. The average worker will lose $5,000 to inflation. For low wage earners that equals an inability to purchase groceries, pay utility bills, and put a roof over their family. The jobs report is deceptive and the American people see through the charade.

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    Now if we can just have inflation level off a bit!!

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    I am thrilled that the job market is improving! Biden’s plan for our country is working! Now we just have to expand Democrats numbers in Congress this year to insure a potential republican logjam is averted. McConnell has already promised to obstruct the Biden Administration at every turn, believe him! Apply the 14th Amendment to every member of Congress guilty of sedition to clear out the radicals!

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    what sort of jobs? jobs with unions, living wages and benefits? or more Mcjobs and gigs with no job security, no benefits, and slave wages? its the ladder I'm afraid....also, our lives shouldn't be about adding market value to corporations stock portfolios. hug someone you love-its free.

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    The government can screw everything up and the job market is no exception.

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    It shows people are getting back to work. We still have to get this pandemic under control so we can get more people to work. This pandemic has the school system upside down which makes it harder for parents of young children to get back to the work force.

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    Great news, but how many more could go back if the mandates were licted

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    This report is soooo phony. ADT reported (not reported by the legacy media by the way) that over 300,000 jobs were lost at the same time. You do the math. I'm sure at some point it will be adjusted down, but you'll never hear about it.

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    In comparison to to the Trump job gains, Women, Hispanics, Blacks and Pacific Islanders have not regained the percentages of employment previously. This is is a fragile job market that is supported by government stimulus payments and not a robust private jobs field. Energy sector is well below previous reflecting in the retreat from self-sufficiency in energy production. We are sending Russia and Middle East countries millions of dollars that should have remained in our country. This appalling state of affairs started on day one of the Biden Administration with cancelling of Keystone-XL Pipeline.Since then he has removed millions of acres from exploration potential including huge tracks of Alaska. When gov't checks stop this fragile economy will contract.

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    More room to go and I am glad I am retired and don’t meet a job. Also that all my income is indexed.

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    I am feeling OK with the news about economy and jobs continuing to grow, even in the shadow of the current inflationary trend. That is because I am currently employed. What I don't hear enough about is the widening economic gap between the hyper-wealthy and under-employed, disenfranchised and un-housed populations who's suffering is also in an inflationary trend. I don't feel OK about this.

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    I love how every Trumpist is like, "They couldn't have created those jobs. They must be talking about jobs that already existed where people got fired for not being vaccinated" or other such nonsense. Yeah, that's not the same thing. When the economy adds jobs, it's on top of the jobs that were already available. That's what "adds" means. If you fire Mike and hire Dave, that's, um, still the same job.

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    Kinda depends on the quality of said jobs, but more jobs is always better than fewer jobs.

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    The job market is in great shape. There's more jobs now than what we have ever seen. There's good paying jobs.

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    Measuring jobs alone means little without measuring quality of pay and quality of work among other factors.

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    Inflation is at 7.5%. The highest in 40 years.