Senators Drafting Bipartisan Reforms to Electoral Count Act

Do you support or oppose bipartisan efforts to reform the Electoral Count Act?

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    We must stop voter suppression. Stop fixing imaginary problems and make states have fair and easy voting for Americans. We must protect the right to vote and our democracy.

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    I have to repeat the words of Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said on the Senate floor that reforming the Electoral Count Act without passing Democrats’ partisan election reform bills in tandem “is unacceptably insufficient and even offensive”:

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    Get rid of it.

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    Avoiding one repetition of Trump’s coup attempt.

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    This is needed to avoid a real coup from happening. We came close. Let's not let anyone actually pull it off. I hope Republicans and Democrats can put away their petty squabbles to actually do something positive.

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    My Republican legislators will not vote with Democrats for ANYTHING. If it doesn't line their pockets they will work to make sure nothing passes. Most Republicans think we, the average person who votes every time, don't count period.

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    I support efforts to reform the electoral vote act but it must include crucial voters reforms as well. I agree with Schumer that we must be sure that the McConnell version doesn’t pass. Thanks for the recap Leslie.

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    Please support bipartisan electoral reform. Thank you Nicholas 59427

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    Since the bill is supposedly bipartisan, are the GOP going to do with this like they did with police reform. Have no trust or faith in any GOP to do the right thing

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    Collins and Manchin leading the reform of the Electoral Count Act? Is that a bad joke??? Collins won’t condemn Trump for his actions and she is in total lockstep with lunatic Republicans. Manchin is a Republican masquerading as a Democrat. AND those are the two politicians who are going to reform the EC Act? Maybe we can get Putin to help them!

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    They should have voted for the original voting rights bills. Manchin stated he doesn't want to carve it out but you can be sure they will carve up these voting rights bills to their paymasters likings. Each had a chance to do the right moral and ethical thing in the first place and as usual they failed miserably. That goes for Sienama who received gop backed dark $ also for her sold out coiffures along with every gop/gqp spineless inserectionists. Absolutely no props from me for failing to do what was right and just for our democracy to begin with then try to make it appear as if their going through the motions for anything worthy of equitable voting rights for all. Meanwhile states along with the courts are continuing to systematically take these rights away further diminishing our majority voices to those of a money monopolied few. These people deserve scorn not an once of any praise for their false faulty appearance of doing anything for our rights or democracy. I'm not buying it. Forgiveness is repentance an honest acknowledgement of wrong doing, a change of behaviors and heartfelt restitution. None of which any have shown or sewn.

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    Collins and Manchin are poor leadership alternatives. And that is Your US senate, small s, with a do nothing Republican cowardice and a bare majority Democratic Party. We are left with these two foot draggers. Elect more Democrats and make this sausage making weakness irrelevant as they should be

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    I agree with Majority Leader Chuck Schumer who said, as I quote from the description where his is quoted 'reforming the Electoral Count Act without passing Democrats’ partisan election reform bills in tandem “is unacceptably insufficient and even offensive'. that alone is not reason not to act. We should pass this, then also pass the other voting protections that have passed the House to protect our democracy. Bipartisan if we can, but any way we must, to defend our way of government.

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    The devil os in the details

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    I would love to see an end to the Electoral Votes altogether, however I will take getting any ambiguity out of the process. Murkowski and Manchin, though? What’s their angle?

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    We are a democrat republic that people think there is ambiguity in the process of the vote is just plain sad.

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    Although it seems clear that VP Pence had no power to change the Electoral College vote, the prospect of drawn-out challenges and the lack of public understanding make the passage of this bi-partisan Electoral Count Act advisable. Once "the Fat Lady Sings," the electoral process should be completed by a merely ceremonial recording of the votes.

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    To John "the commie" and other mentally challenged libs that don't fully understand and/or appreciate the purpose of the electoral college - try extricating yourselves from your hip, crime-ridden, overtaxed shitholes. Maybe then you'll understand why rural living folks don't share your screwed up ideals, policies and perspectives. But above all, don't move to our rural areas unless you've deprogrammed from your idiotic and failed philosophy. Your position suggests that you're comfortable with 2 or 3 states deciding not only the outcome of elections but the future of the entire country if you support dismantling the electoral college. How intellectually lazy of you.

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    Proposal to endorse removing Cheney and Kinzinger from House GOP Conference gets more than 50 RNC co-sponsors These 50 traitors should be banished from all public positions if this is TRULY America Shame on congress Shame on scotus & judiciary

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    The Electoral College was a last minute compromise to the Southern States before the Constitution was initially finished. It’s time to remove this antiquated, and very non-functional, process. For those who support keeping the EC, please look through the windshield and not a 247 year old rear mirror.