Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer Announces Retirement

How do you feel about reports of Breyer’s retirement?

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    I just hope they can nominate someone who is for THE PEOPLE…. Not just big business… NOT CHILD!

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    It's better now then if the Republicans take control of the Congress. They've shown they can't play by the rules.

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    We don’t need what happened to RBG happen to Breyer, if and when the Republicans take power

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    Let’s get a new liberal Supreme Court justice that reflects the population in the US and do it when McConnell can’t steal it from the democrats.

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    I had been giving Dailey accounts of the coronavirus figures since January 20th at noontime 2021. The media and the administration would not tell you. So now so we can keep up with the real figures here they are since this last January 20th some 11 days ago. 376 days Cases 49,619,193 new cases last 11 days 6,631,671 Deaths 609,489 new deaths last 11 days 30,510. 376 days. Yet he leaves the borders wide open with no quarantine or testing or vaccines. Over 2 million illegal aliens crossing the borders since January 20th at noontime 2021. Last month over 2000 Russian illegal aliens crossed the Mexico border.

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    He was so good and I liked him for his knowledge. He will be missed. It will be hard to replace him with the race card. Shame on Biden it should not even matter the Court is Color Blind. We have a Idiot President.

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    If it is time to then it is time to go, only you yourself knows your limits and how far you can continue to carry on!!

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    We need more justices like him and RBG! The pervious 3 appointed need to be removed.

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    Taking Bets When will the Right own it's desire for Autocracy?* Speaking of Autocrats, who is America's Putin? Interesting Read: Tucker Carlson Takes All His Grievances to Hungary - The Atlantic *I bet it's July 4th 2031. It'll be some bland, deluded schmoe fronting some America's most powerful & dispicable oligarchs.

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    They should have some fun and nominate Anita Hill……

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    Regarding a related but OFF TOPIC ISSUE regarding News Reporting: I updated comment Discussing the legitmacy and reliability of internet based news aggregate services, I consider that comment a work in progress. Especially welcome comments from actual journalists and students of journalism.

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    Smart move on his part. Retire before your DEAD and enjoy some time with family and friends. Any new democratically added member will make little difference with the strange group we have in there now.

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    Now, lets go for Clarence Thomas…….especially his racist wife.

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    He is doing us a favor by giving our President a chance to replace him!

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    Meh. They finally got to him, or he read the tea leaves and figured this may be the only chance for a Democrat President to appoint another Justice anytime soon. Either way, The Chinese Bag man has already stated he's gonna pick someone based on Race and Gender. It worked sooo well for him last time.

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    This is a typical Dimocrat play as they look to a potential ass kicking in the November primaries, wherein they wouldn't have the ability to place a lefty on the bench. Poor old illegit Joe has in discriminatory and racist fashion once again painted himself into a corner with his pledge to appoint a black woman to the bench. If that person is truly qualified, so be it. But just like with VP Harris and many of his appointments it's more about checking boxes. Quota over qualification. That's the double-standard-or-no-standards-at-all approach of Dimocrats. Truly the dumbest leadership ever elected to office (well maybe Jimmy Carter) that has not only welcomed an illegal invasion into our country but has placed others in the world in peril through bad decisions and policy gaffs.

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    Court will maintain same balance but could be advantageous for Republicans. We will get to hear alllll about the fine qualifications of the next justice w/o hearing how much we need to pack the court. Dems are famous for changing the rules when they can’t win with the rules. I see Breyer replacement as a WIN-WIN.

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    "The point of modern propaganda isn't only to misinform or push an agenda. It is to exhaust your critical thinking, to annihilate truth." - Gary Kasparov Something worth considering and perparing for.

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    The obstructionist terrorist party has made clear they will never even consider confirming a justice nominated by a democrat if they regain power. How is this even acceptable behavior for a senator? We must make sure we elect people to Congress who are interested in legislating rather than just obstructing. Our country is stagnating under this type of unwillingness to support any and all legislation put forth by the other party.

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    I would hope whomever is nominated will be treated like a piece of crap and dragged through the mud and stuff made up thats not remotely true about them until they remove themselves from consideration.