Senate Rejects Democrats’ Filibuster Reform Plan

How do you feel about the Senate voting to preserve the legislative filibuster?

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    Thank you for the addresses and thoughts, Kristen! ❤️😊❤️😊. I will get mine in the mail tomorrow!

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    I support changes to the filibuster. It should not be so easy to filibuster just to obstruct without a legitimate and public argument.

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    Senators Manchin and Senemen must stop obstruction of the President’s agenda and going against the Democrat Party.

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    SCOTUS, is back to making law again, the court agrees that only white people should vote. In the south this has been the case for 400 years. What wrong with this; 6 men in black robes decide what races will vote. It’s a disgrace to institution of the Supreme Court!

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    Thankful that our Missouri Senators voted to keep filibuster rule as is. The process should not change just because one political party has temporary advantage.

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    States with populations under 5 million people should only get one vote in the Senate. Other states should have their senators vote weighted based on population. That is the only way that what the majority of citizens want ends up to be law. I’m sick of the minority population controlling this country. They don’t represent the views of the majority

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    Congress has had the tool of the filibuster and its worked great for a century in requiring unity to act. If hostilities are that prevalent within the halls of Congress then clearly some of those members should leave or resign rather than change the responsible rules of operation.

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    The people of this country need to quit fighting and evolve and so does our government

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    Time to get rid of outdated and antique fillabuster.

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    With all the vacation time you guys take all through the calendar year why don't you make it mandatory to pass legislation "for the whole" not just within your States, that will allow bills to pass more quickly through your archaic process so the majority of the Americans will feel it when they need it? It would demonstrate that you do care and you are getting something done.

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    This should never have been to start with. What ever happened to the "popular vote"? Also, we should be strictly using this method in choosing all candidates!

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    If you read the Constitution, you'll see as I did that the Constitution doesn't give the Senate the right to have created the Filibuster in the first place. By using the Filibuster, they're actually violating the Constitution. I'm not surprised that the GOP don't want to get rid of it, since it was created after the Civil War and was used as a type of "Jim Crow" way to control changes Congress was making. The GOP are using it now to make Democrats look bad, since the GOP will not pass anything created by Democrats, even if it benefits their constituents!

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    Ann will not be running this year for reelection. Sinema - I'm glad AZ Democrats have to take action, sadly they can't just get rid of you - traitor!!

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    Joe manchin for President

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    Democrats need to reframe the filibuster debate from an argument around subtraction to an argument around addition. Why? People are really really resistant to taking part away, even if it would improve the performance of the whole, but people are much less resistant to the concept of improvement by addition. This would be easy because the filibuster isn't actually a thing to begin with. It is, and has always been, the inappropriate and unintended use of a gap in rules. So the ending of the filibuster is not the removal of a rule, but an addition to the rules that puts a limit on the duration of debate. To imply the filibuster should continue to exist is to assume that the original authors of the senate rules could foresee how such a loophole would be used and intended for it to be used in such a way, which is to imagine that they had a foresight no human has ever possessed in the history of humankind. We actually don't need to talk about the filibuster at all, since it is only empty space in the rulebook anyway. We only need to talk about adding clarification to eliminate unintended loopholes. And as we all know, the people who rely on loopholes to get away things are usually not the cream of the crop, and certainly not the people we want to possess de facto universal veto power.

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    This filibuster shit needs adjustments or needs to go. It was never meant to be used in the way the Republicans have used it! Manchin and Sinema are a disgrace to their party, their constituents and the rest of our country. All the bullshit is beyond mind blowing. Nothing, not a damn thing is getting done to improve our country! We as a country can not possibly move forward with a minority being in charge instead of the majority. That's assbackwards! That's not how democracy works!

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    We should not need this. The constant power play by these politicians is crippling this country. We need to send them all home to their respective states and let them only gather on ZOOM. Dismantle DC and let all the career political power people who really run this country in the back ground find another job. We no longer need the DC elite our leaders should all work from home close to those who elected them.

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    Krysten Sinema has just been censured by the Democratic leaders in Arizona. Kudos to Arizona. Joe Manchin should be censured in his state as well. ENOUGH of the obstruction. ENOUGH of the RED guy in a BLUE suit. ENOUGH of our Democracy being held hostage by the minority.

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    Democrats desire to do away with long standing tradition should tell you all you need to know about their proposed reforms. They are absolutely political garbage.

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    It's wonderful to know that the Democrats were able to stand for the basic principles and Senate rules they so strongly favored not more than two years ago.