Senate Democrats to Deploy 'Nuclear Option' for Filibuster Reform Over Elections Bill

Should Senate Democrats use the “nuclear option” to reform the filibuster?

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    I support changes to the filibuster.

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    Kathy N Grant

    This is IMPORTANT of an issue for OUR Country to have it blocked by totally by Republicans and 2 Democrats! So disheartening what has and is taking place as far as being able to VOTE!

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    What ever is necessary when there is no possibilty of agreement

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    Use it

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    Yep! The Reps. use it all the time. It is time for the Dems to use it get the stagnation over with and get some work done, Of the people, For the people, and By the people!

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    No more Mr Nice Guy. Republicans are ruthless and have no shame

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    The US would be a better place if 90% of Democrats used a nuclear option on themselves. Like the real nuclear option.

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    How can people think the current situation is better than when Trump was in power? Propaganda to the hilt.

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    Do Dems even have a Nuclear Option???

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    It’s the only way to pass the bill.

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    Yes, yes, yes! If that means blow it up, please do so. Then maybe you can work to get the work "of, by and for the people done"!

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    Do it quick or they will all take a vacation before you can get it done. They don't want to work. They are the laziest group of Republicans in the history of this country, and they know it.

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    I said are you people stupid in Washington? Democrats you’re going to need the Fuller buster why would you want to get rid of it. Do you think you’re infallible. This is the dumbest party and I have never seen it so dumb. I voted for Barack Obama. Twice. I was disappointed. He promised a lot and did very little. It doesn’t matter to me what color a president is what nationality a president is. I wouldn’t be a democrat or a republican. I am an independent and I will stay that way. Why are all of these stupid things happening in Washington all of these mandates. Are you all On drugs, what the hell are you people doing up there stop thinking about yourselves and start thinking about the American people and you’re going to say that you are thinking of us but what the hell it doesn’t show us where we are do you wanna change everything there’s a constitution go buy it

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    If it isn't broke, don't attempt to fix it.

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    Damn they sure are a buncha non democratic nazis here. Think that they should be able to bypass whatever they want as long as they get their way.

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    Anything is worth a try. But I’m not very optimistic. It’s ironic, don’t you think, that as a country we were so worried about Russia and its nuclear arsenal, that we were in a “Cold War” for 40+ years concerned that our way of life would be obliterated in a blinding flash and mushroom cloud. When all it really took was a handful of white supremacists, racist, misogynists and cowardly malignant narcissists who wanted power at any cost to, quite easily it turns out, completely obliterate our way of life and our 240 year Democratic experiment without a single bomb being dropped. I leave you now with the same epitaph Harry “Breaker” Morant has on his tombstone that now occupies America’s Democracy tombstone: Matthew 10:36, “And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.”.

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    Just as the GOP has done on many occasions. GOP NEVER shows any inclination to work together. Always an arrogant & aligned power-first “our way or the highway” modus operandi. GOP nothing more than a Party of Liars who are solely responsible for destroying our democracy. Me? A former Republican now Independent as completely repulsed by what the GOP has devolved to be. Unethical, immoral, liars, fear mongerers, do nothing but enrich the rich - unrecognizable from any semblance of honesty or decency.

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    yes they should the filibuster needs to go it is obsolete and misused by republicans

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    The Democrats most certainly should employ the nuclear option to allow the Senate Majority to pass obviously needed voter protections. They won’t due to the blank-check funding of a couple of key Democratic Senators who do not want their gravy train to stop. Mitch the Malevolent has had no problem using the nuclear option whenever it favored his party’s political interests, saying FU to Democrats every time. Did Manchin forget that every time he worked on legislation with Republicans that even those who worked with him joined a block-vote to stop his legislation? The only exception was the $500 Billion of new money for the infrastructure program and the taking back of $700 Billion from pandemic support. I am sick of the people who want to get elected to get personally rich, and not to actually govern for the good of the country, … … … If a congressperson was doing the job they were elected to do, it would be quite time consuming and very hard work - and they would not be doing it if they were not genuinely committed to support the common good. Since it is obvious that many congresspeople are not working all that hard, they must be there to sell their political influence to the highest bidder,

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    Get it done.