Supreme Court Rejects Biden Admin's Private Sector Vaccine Mandate, Upholds Requirement for Healthcare Workers

How do you feel about the rulings?

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    Idiocy! And now, Governors are wanting to lift mandates as well because "Omicron is waning". They neglect to ask themselves "WHY is it waning?" Maybe because we have defensive mechanisms in place, like masking and social distancing? This is the very same idiotic "rationale" they use with Speed Limits. They lower the Speed limits because the accident rates are high and then, when the accident rates get lower they raise them again and we repeat the whole process all over again. AND just what is their criteria for "waning"? On the average, we now have 2,400+ people dying PER DAY in our country. Apparently their definition of "waning" and mine are not at all similar.

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    Every kid enrolled in school has to produce an immunization record covering a whole range of vaccines compulsorily administered. Without this no admission granted 10 billion covid19 vaccines have been administered around the world so far And scotus decides vaccine mandates encroach on our freedoms?

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    Justice Neil Gorsuch, Clarence Thomas and Samurai Alito are on the wrong side of history on the Covid-19 mandate in the time of emergencies, like in 1905. Congress routinely empowers agencies to oversee health and safety, besides the President. I guess going to war we have to wait for congress to come back in session and then decided. Might as well get rid of the EPA, FCC, OSHA, FBI, CIA, post office and others!

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    you can find the stats from CDC(believe this is in Canada) that list vaccinated vs. un-vaccinated deaths - nearly no difference.

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    Ruh roh Rhaggy. The number of people who support mandatory vaccinations is getting smaller every day. Better invent something else to worry about so you can continue to group think.

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    Well, if the idea was to stop the spread. You missed it.

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    Those that voted against the mandate are now effectively spreading the virus. They should at the very least feel shame! What do you do with people like that? Give them a vacation.

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    It’s for the safety of the public. Just as the small pox and the polio vaccine was. So many illnesses are now controlled due to vaccination!

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    Our Supreme Court has upheld Informed Consent and thankfully so but also our laws that have incorporated the Nuremberg Codes, International designed after WWII to prevent those horrific violation that occurred to a segment of a population deemed by a few to be surplus people.

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    The unvaccinated should be forced to stay away from those of us who were smart enough to get vaccinated. They should not be allowed near any children.

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    Another failure of nine people who rule the public by political decisions to make policy. In this case In this case support for a national health policy that has been weaponized. They make a mockery of justice.

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    I look with askance at Supreme Court Justices. Lives matter? Banning abortion for ALL women seems to indicate that. Then not mandating vaccination for ALL people could cost lives. Conflict right there. I am losing respect for the much-vaunted Supreme Court Justices. They're no longer consistent.

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    Why ask how I feel about this decision. The correct question is what do I think? I believe that the court made the correct decision against an illegal and arbitrary rule with the force of law with penalties. I believe that Congress is the only Constitutional authority to make law, not agencies or the Executive Branch. It is time that Congress took back its responsibilities and stop farming out its governing responsibilities to unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats.

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    Disgusting! The court has voted against women's rights, Voters' rights, and now against saving people's lives from a pandemic. What next?

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    Ok folks as promised here is the last day of my full year of Coronavirus figures since January 20th at noontime to present 365 days. They are with 3 vaccines since day 1. Cases 42,987,522 new cases yesterday 1,178,403. Deaths 578,979 new deaths yesterday 2,990. President Trump figures can now be compared each with one full year. President Trump had no vaccines until the last 38 days. Cases 24,717808 Deaths 274,761. Comrade dear leader Beijing Biden promised he was not going to shut out economy down but would shut the virus down in one year plus he would cure cancer in the first year. Comrade your time is up. You nearly doubled the cases by just shy of 300,000 cases and nearly double the deaths just shy of 14,000. Yet you leave our borders wide open with no vaccines or quarantine or testing. He has caught and released in his first year over 2 million illegal aliens in just 365 days.

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    Stuck in this with a bunch of idiots going round and round -

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    Throw in Justice Thomas, too. It’s too bad the Me Too movement was not around when he was nominated. Now there’s a man who should NEVER have been selected either!

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    Glad the Supreme Court acknowledged that private businesses could choose freedom for their workers. Very unhappy that those who were hailed as heroes working during the pandemic WITHOUT a vaccine, our medical personnel, are still required to get vaccines. They kept themselves and their patients safe but are no longer trusted to keep doing exactly that.

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    I want this pandemic over, and it won't end or even stop mutating until everyone is vaxed.

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    Without people being mandated to get vaccinated many won't and we will have more variants arise and we will have more people die. Also, the economy will never fully recover