Biden Urges Senate to Eliminate Filibuster to Clear Way for Democrats’ Election Reforms

Do you support or oppose ending the filibuster for Democrats’ election reforms?

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    Hey, remember that Joe Biden said that if he didn't get his way with the voting reform bills the midterm elections would be illegitimate? Don't tell me that anyone, especially Joe Biden, has the high moral ground on this issue. He's a whining autocrat who cries and yells when he doesn't get his way. Name one person that has had their right to vote taken away. One person.

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    Oh the convenient narrow-minded, short-sighted, partisan, laughable emotional fallacy and hypocrisy. You libtards should be embarrassed. 🤦‍♂️

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    Good one, Ruth! ❤️😊❤️. So true!

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    The dems use the filibuster when it suits their agenda, talk about being hypocritical!

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    Election reforms - permanent mail in ballots for all! 🤦🏻‍♂️. I’d ans vaccine passport required to eat but you can’t require it to vote….🤔. Democrats are just straight up crooks. Go Brandon! #fjb

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    If they don’t eliminate the filibuster they need to reform it. Change it back to a talking filibuster the way it used to be! If the filibuster can be changed for the budget or as Republicans have done for Judge’s and tax breaks for the rich why in GOD’s name can’t it be changed for our basic democracy! Voting rights is the basis of our democracy without it our democracy will fail. We must stop any attempt to change us to an authoritarian regime! We are on the verge of losing everything! What kind of country do we intend on passing on to our children? What we do now matters!

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    The headline says it all-end the filibuster so that the dems can get on with their agenda. The dems weren’t against using the filibuster over 100 times against Trump’s judicial nominations. The republicans didn’t try to get rid of the filibuster then, because they recognize that it is a valuable tool to get opposing sides to come together to pass important legislation. It would be nice if the media would point this out occasionally.

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    Probably not going to pass, but the sooner Democrats get this out of the way, the sooner they can get back to doing the more successful stuff: Confirming pro-voting rights judges to lifetime positions in the federal judiciary. Sorry to sound pessimistic, but unless a miracle befalls Manchinema, then changing who runs the courts is our most pragmatic option.

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    Voting rights must be upheld. I live in the state of Florida. Our governor, Ron De Santis, has now requested that police be present at our election sites. I am appalled by this action. Please make "the bad man" stop! As lawmakers of Florida, I expect you to support the voters in this state. Your constituents are the reason you have your jobs. If you side with this horrible governor, you too will be out of work. D. Bauman

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    The most important thing is do we support our Republic? Just look around the current United States of America, you see republicans bent on taking away the voting rights of the people in a democratic society. The power hungry republicans are out in the open, yet the local news is not reporting the demise of this Republic. Indiana your elected officials are weak. Catch Me

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    The right to vote is vitally important for a functioning democracy. Mr. Manchin and Ms. Sinema need to get out from under their corporate donor’s thumbs and actually act like members of the Democratic Party.

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    Vote No on elimination of the senate filibuster rule. Work for bipartisan agreement on changes to voting rules. Senators Sinema and Manchin have it right. Deliberation and consensus is the way forward as intended by the founders. Partisanship with such a narrow majorities on such a fundamentally component of democracy is an invitation to further division. Senator Cotton’s reading of Senator Schumer’s 2005 speech is the guidance to follow. Put your constituents ahead of political opportunity.

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    America is now a cult kleptocracy No more a democracy Shame on congress Shame on the judiciary

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    I want to address something on my mind for a while now… So, trump claims he won the 2020 Presidency. And, he communicates on letterhead of the 45th President; there are those that call him their president. And also, many including current and future congress members are calling to reverse the 2020 election and install trump as president. So let me understand that, presidents in the US can only serve 2 terms… how can trump run again in 2024 in the eyes of those that believe he is the rightful current president or that 2020 belongs to him? So then, by supporting his intention to run in 2024 aren’t these folks actually admitting that he is not the current president? I know that sounds like a bizarre circle of thought, but it is actually what’s going on. So, then why are so many people supporting this??

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    I’ll make this real short and to the point. Screw the Democrats!!! Anything this batch of lying hypocrites does is detrimental to democracy and to America.

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    Democrats must lead in changing the tide of autocracy moving like a dark cloud over this country. I support ending the filibuster for voting rights. The Republicans are a party for autocracy. They must be voted out of office to show that the American people will not let our democracy fade away with state by state elections that allow voter suppression.

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    I’ve been giving this one a Fair amount of thought, and I have decided to flip my view. Part of what informed my old view that I assumed, wrongly, that The filibuster was just some stupid backwater thing that Americans had dreamt up. But I went out and did a little bit of research, and most developed nations in the world have something very similar to our filibuster. Ours is by far the most liberal, and the easiest for lazy politicians to use, but most nations have this concept. The other thing that made me change my mind was to give a little bit of thought into the nature of power. Removing the filibuster gives the party in power more power. So with that power who will find it most useful? Republicans or Democrats? That one’s very easy. Removing the filibuster will do more to help Republicans do evil than it will for Democrats to do good.

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    This president is the same guy who tried to damage thompas and only a racist idiot would do it

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    Whatever it takes to get Voting Rights passed and the BBB Plan then do it. It's a sure bet that the fucking Republicans will not support any of these measures as they are intent on destroying this democracy and screwing the average American. So for all you idiots that vote Republican I hope you're prepared to kiss our democracy goodbye if you continue to support the Republicans because we are well on our way to becoming another Nazi Germany.

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    Democrats support the filibuster when they are in the minority but now want to abolish it. Very unprincipled. This is a checks and balances process that need to stay.