AG Garland Delivers Update on Criminal Prosecutions of January 6th Capitol Rioters

How do you feel about the Justice Department's investigations?

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    I definitely would like to see all of the abetters and instigators of the attempted coup in jail today. From the House investigation, it is clear that a lot of of people were planning and coordinating the actions culminating in the Jan 6th insurrection. … … … The fact that the trump almost succeeded in planning and instigating a political coup must be front and center. There were more than one critical point in the election processes where a single person, a Republican, honorably did their duty to not succumb to the incredible presidential pressures to change vote counts, to not certify individual state election results, or to selectively throw out some votes that did not go their way. … … … The Republican Cult has extended it’s tentacles into helping Republican State legislatures eliminate the officials or State structures that actually stood up or could stand up to the political pressures to change an election result. … … … The point is that all of this, the big lie, the insurrection and the insertion of partisan politics into voting are all part of the same coordinated plan to commandeer an election that Republicans could lose or an election that they actually did lose. When the politicians are able to arrange to get themselves elected irrespective of the will of the people by any and all of these means, we can no longer call our government a democracy. These people have been or are willingly and knowingly attacking the most fundamental precept of any form of democracy, that the people elect their representatives and our that our representatives do not arrange to elect themselves. That is why bringing to justice everyone who participated, planned or abetted any and all of these things is so critically important. … … … I want to see decisive action now but realize that the world can be more complicated than I would sometimes like. There are issues with the Supreme Court aiding and abetting the trump by not simply denying his vacuous claim of executive privilege to suppress records pertinent to his personal use of the government to plan, stage and attempt to execute a political coup. The longer they wait the more likely the trump will run out the clock once again - allowing the Republicans to whine that the democrats are trying to make political points before the midterms instead of honoring their oath’s of office and their principal duties of protecting our democracy; especially from becoming an oligarchic autocracy. … … … I ask myself what I would do given these circumstances and needs. I guess that I would be carefully and quietly building a foundation of key facts, issues and questions and begin a quiet investigation that will greatly benefit from the House Committee’s efforts to document and codify many of the facts. I would be careful to not show my hand, allow myself to be seen as a political hack (aka AG Barr), or to give the Supreme Court a reason to further rope-a-dope decisions regarding subpoena powers. … … … I hope that Garland is on the latter track because the festering distrust in our democratic institutions fostered by continuing to endorse the big lie is growing and the clock is ticking down to the point of substantive violence and loss of our once great, previously less damaged democracy.

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    Not nearly enought is being done  Rebuild the gallows they constructed and line them up

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    It is precisely one year later since the January 6th Insurrection. A year later and there is not enough evidence to try Trump and his supporters for organizing the insurrection called for based upon the Big Election Lie. Even if a genuine investigation was ongoing to make the airtight legal connections, The AG should at least charge Trump for dereliction of duty for not doing anything during the riot for hours. To me that alone is Sufficient Proof of His Total Guilt. All the denial in the world by him and his corrupt supporters will not allow him or them to escape the simple fact of responsibility.

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    It has taken way too long to determine who will be tried. How long will it take for the trials and what sort of terms will be served by those found guilty. Also will the "positions" of the guilty determine their sentences more than the crimes?

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    The sentences for January 6th are just tokens. Everyone who tried to overthrow our democracy needs to rot in jail…including the legislators who helped them…and especially Trump. How are the traitors in the Capitol still making decisions for our country?

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    Waste of time. It’s all smoke and mirrors. January 6th was a false flag operation by the deep state and Democratic Party. Everyone with a brain knows this. Only the brainwashed have been manipulated to think otherwise because they have no common sense, don’t care about facts or reality, and will believe anything the media tells them even if the truth is plain as day.

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    Angry Trump supporters, what an outrageous lie. It has already been proven that there were democRAT-loving undercover FBI agents pretending to be Trump supporters leading the charade.. The ultimate in false flags.

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    Do we really have a Justice department under the definition of our laws ??? Does Garland really fit the role ? He doesn’t seem to lead, he feels more like a lion bouncing memos from the bosses ( insert 3 letter acronyms and private corps ) to the muscle ( FBI, DHS, Etc )

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    Leave these people alone! The insurrectionists are BLM! Burning cities, burning federal facilities .. release all the video and prosecute the capitol police for murdering an unarmed woman! This is BS and I am tired of it!

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    The " insurrection or riot" was nothing of the sort. It was carried out largely by the leadership of our own FBI as a false flag to accomplish political goals. It is truly amazing that they have been able to continue to operate since overthrowing our government by murdering president Kennedy in the '60s.

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    I think they're going a little too slowly, as we need all these actors and their supporters to be rounded up and prosecuted before they can interfere with and try to subvert the next election. However, I'm happy to see AG Garland is committed to holding all those responsible accountable, no matter the level or position.

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    The ill-conceived attempt to trick the national archives to declare Donald Trump the winners with GOP forged and fraudulent certificates from Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Nevada, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Arizona in the 2020 election. This is a federal offense and fraud to the government and to the American people. So much for the popular vote! Republicans will lie, cheat, steal, intimidate, marginalize, Forge documents, commit fraud, voter suppression, avoid accountability and do anything to win to put Hitler Trump in office. Just another reason to get rid of the electoral college abuse and use the popular vote!

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    To much leniency on the part of AG and DOJ. We need to let people know what’s acceptable in a civil democratic republic and what isn’t. If it were BLM they’d be serving maximum sentences. There would be swift and severe consequences if it weren’t for their whiteness and we all know it! Americans need to flush out the racist bullshit or we’re going the way of the nazis.

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    Our nation is in “crisis mode” because Trump has shown the GOP that lying & cheating gets things done. I am thankful for the GOP members who stand by their morals. The rest have shown they only care about their political positions & what’s best for the country at large is irrelevant to them. Now that this is clear, what must be done to recover?!?

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    Merritt Garland needs to apply pressure on the Congressional Republicans that were assisting to overturn the election if not arresting them for their part as witnessed on television as all saw it. We cannot allow democracy to fall. This should be done separately from the investigation ASAP. Please send this request to the Justice Department.

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    The January 9th Committee is a one-sided investigation. It amounts to political theater and a type of kangaroo court affair. The Department of Justice is not interested in getting all of the exculpatory evidence out in the investigation. It is not a fair investigation of what actually led up to a staged event designed to interrupt the investigation into a stolen election with massive evidence presented by many authorities but dismissed by the powers that control the narrative AND the investigation. The Capitol was invaded by groups of disruptors from three-letter organizations with the intent of stopping the investigation of the many aspects of the rigged and stolen election. My money is on the Mike Lindell evidence that has largely been ignored by the powers that be in the Capitol and elsewhere. The truth is out there and will ultimately exonerate the Americans falsely charged AND convict the criminals that perpetrated the entire event. Americans know what an armed insurrection looks like (the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2021, for example). Those who push the January 6th insurrection story are largely people with a case of Trump Derangement Syndrome on steroids, whether they realize it or not. But a majority of Americans know what they are dealing with here. It is mass psychosis of the minority. P.S. - FYI, mass psychosis is real! The truth will prevail.

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    Merick Garland apparently is working at a snail’s pace. It seems he can’t do a thorough job at a faster pace what a shame

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    The turtle said "Slow goes the race", however it the DOJ needs to pick up their pace as mid term elections are coming! So voters {if they are still able!] can vote out all who have supported the "BIG LIES".

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    The bottom line is that the X-president has definitely violated all ethical and professional rules of being the POTUS. I personally think he should be charged with treason but it seems that there is lots of wiggle room for politicians to lie, cheat and steal and not be held accountable. Anyway, if criminal charges cannot be put on him, then he should at the very least be banned for life from ever holding public office again!

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    Just the foot soldier’s so far. Where are the lieutenants and the generals? What about the generals? And the generalissimo? Time to buckle down Mr Garland.

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    Scotus wont allow federal vacc & testing mandates which are a necessity due to failures by rogue red states BUT will give a pass to the destroyers of democracy and institutions! There you have it …. Scotus is now irrelevant …. Broken Shame on congress Shame on the judiciary