CDC Shortens Recommended COVID-19 Isolation & Quarantine Period

How do you feel about the CDC’s updated guidelines?

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    There are relatively few topics in which the Supreme Court is obviously out of their depth. Medicine, and particularly Public Health is the exception that proves the rule. As your constituent and as a long-practicing physician, I would strongly advise you to commit to a scientific and proven-successful approach to this, the greatest catastrophe of the last hundred years.

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    “Remember History”! The 1918 Spanish Flu lasted until 1921. Only because restrictions were reduced 4 times. Keep in mind that the virus wants to survive and can only survive by mutating with the unvaccinated. I feel “History is going to repeat itself”!

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    I think it's a shame that the CDC has decided to capitulate to the whiners the very same people who are the reason why the whole thing has been dragged out for so long

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    They don't know WTF their doing and it shows.

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    S rare sign of sanity from Our disgraced CDC. Fauci Must be investigated, and brought to full Justice for funding th Wuhan lab thus violating Congress' own standards, and spending Our Tax Money to help RTed China read the virus doing too much harm.

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    On the subject of the CDC and Covid, I’m getting really tired of all the complaining and the negative press. From the get go the scientific community and medical experts told us they weren’t certain of the life and progression of this NEW virus. They told us if this virus followed the normal course of viruses, it would keep mutantIng until ALL were vaccinated. So why are we so bent on pouting and blaming and pointing fingers when the answer to to FOLLOW DIRECTIONS, get vaccinated, get a booster, wear a decent mask, don’t gather in large groups, and stay 6 feet from each other! The adult population in this country needs to get it together an behave like adults! And the press needs to get a commentary elsewhere. Do we have such short attention spans….

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    People are over acting

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    Seems ok, but there are still many unknowns. What is known is that COVID is real. Unlike what we were told in 2020.

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    Frankly, none if the guidelines mean very much at all, so long as the all of the nincompoops continue to feel that they are entitled to ignore CDC guidelines. It does not matter if it’s a ten day quarantine or a five day quarantine followed by mandatory masking, if those spreading the disease feel it us their sovereign right to do so. … … … This has been turned into a pandemic of the unvaccinated, promulgated by right wing a$$h@les to discredit the current administration because disinformation works - to support ‘winning’ by any means possible. Everyone else is suffering because of this and we will continue to brew up new more deadly variants the longer this is asinine behavior is tolerated. … … … Our country’s vaccination rate lags every other peer industrialized country, despite having more vaccines available earlier and continuously throughout. Why? Because people tend to follow their chosen ‘leader’ as a matter of ‘faith’ instead of logic. The Republican Cartel has become a institutionalized ‘snake-oil’ distributing enterprise because it is politically expedient. They are knowingly killing off their base, only because it is politically expedient for them to do so. They are putting the rest of us and, indeed the rest of the world at risk from new variants, only because it is politically expedient for them to do so. … … … There has to be consequences for those who choose to risk the lives of others because of their arrogance of ignorance. There are a lot of ways to do this such as prioritizing health care for those who follow guidelines, enforced quarantine centers and even fines for those who disregard the rules (think of this being equivalent to a traffic ticket given to those who recklessly disregard the safety of others by speeding). No-one is entitled the ‘freedom’ to risk the safety of others.

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    There should be a negative test required to return to work.

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    Just goes to show none of this has been based on science. It’s all political maneuvering. This was never and is not a pandemic. It’s a plandemic.

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    I am glad the CDC has changed the guidance appropriately for those who are vaccinated or previously infected and likely to clear viral shedding in a shorter time, a category which should include most essential workers by this point. Including those who are immune-naive in the presumed quicker clearance is too much of a stretch without seeing actual data and evidence, including the changes with Omicron. And everyone seems to be forgetting about the other part of the guidance which is masking for the whole 10 days - I don’t trust folks to do that given how well the honor system worked when masking became optional for fully vaxxed between surges. I’d prefer the release from isolation be linked to at least one negative antigen test, preferably two negatives 24 hours apart as in UK, but that’s not realistic given rapid test supply challenges on the ground (and still runs into the honesty issue). And I’m quite concerned with the appearance of CDC bending to political and economic pressure lessening what trust remains in the institution, especially since the specific evidence used to reach the decision wasn’t specified or shown as they’ve generally tried to do in other cases when policy changed.

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    Yeah, Dr. Flip Flop at his best. He's a criminal that should being serving time!

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    Absolutely, jimK! ❤️😊❤️😊. If they have a RIGHT to not vaccinate, then we should have a right to put them last on the list for care. Especially since treating them puts doctors, nurses, etc., in grave danger to do so! Why should our health professionals have to be put in danger because of them? I say last place for the infectious idiots! They made their choice. Let them die for it.

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    Frank-001, I love the Dumpster Donny part, especially. 😊❤️😊. I would add fire to it though. Dumpster-fire Donny, because he sure is a dumpster fire. He burns down everything good and honest, while giving off a terrible stench!

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    That’s the side I choose to err on, Frank-001. 😊❤️😊 How we could change the time frame for quarantining for hospital workers or flight staffs is unbelievable to me! Even if this proves okay to do, those doctors, nurses, flight crews, etc., are working under extremely difficult circumstances. If they get Covid, they need the full ten days to recover mentally, if not physically. Let them have it, for God’s sake. And put those antivaxers last on the list. Make them responsible for any medical bills, too! if we won’t mandate vaccines, then the only way to stop this is to NOT give them any preferences in medical care. They should be the LAST to treat. Since their actions are putting an unconscionable strain on our wonderfully-dedicated hospital workers, this is the only way I see to stop it without a mandate. DO IT! WE MUST DO SOMETHING TO STEM THE TIDE AND WE MUST DO IT NOW!

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    Well who called the CDC and told them to shut up and get the people back to work? The pilots back to flying? The schools back to re-opening and the country running again? I think it all has alot more to do with economics than disease control.

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    There’s so many who completely ignore the quarantine requirements when infected. They are fine with going to the store, sending contagious students to school or having family over for the holidays thereby infecting the children and destroying their upcoming cruise vacation. The CDC seems to think that someone infected is more contagious at the beginning of the disease rather than later. Not sure how much pressure hospitals are playing in this decision making but I don’t count them out. The picture of Covid changes daily. You have to stay on top of the updates to be informed.

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    I thought we were following the science?

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    When the going gets tough, the tough pass the buck to the states.