Bipartisan Bill Blocking Imports Made With Uyghur Forced Labor in Xinjiang Signed Into Law

Do you support or oppose the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act?

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    I’m glad a stand is being taken against this but I hope more is done than just this law

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    Of course

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    Not only should this bill pass. China needs to pay a “Carbon” tariff for not participating in the Paris accord. Items that come from areas where coal plants are part of the production there should be a sliding scale for maximum “tariff” for coal carbon pollution. Climate is a world issue not a western society planet problem the carbon tariff could be used to supplement solar to battery charging systems for US and European consumers.

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    No one should be forced to work. That’s slave labor.

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    This is good.

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    I support banking goods made by slave labor, but I oppose any mandate, anytime, by any official, about any subject. Congress must pass a law ending this tool of enslavement.

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    I support it if it actually does anything. The fact that he didn’t have reporters in the room and he did not make a big deal out of it tells me that it’s probably worthless.

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    It's time to get tougher on China. Biden has done more to be tough on China than Trump ever did. Heck, Trump actually admires their dictatorship.

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    Isn’t slavery outdated ?

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    Ok, now we are back to being one of the countries that is against slavery. Ok, good job! I like it when I recognize a good thing that my country is doing. Thank you! Good job!

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    The biggest question I have is how badly will this impact the Bidens and Swallwells?

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    Forced labor…! Nowhere!

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    Biden has a back bone

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    if we don't quit treating each other & the planet we live on like shit ultimately we won't survive yes, some will only because of the sheer numbers but, we haven't any excuse not to do better, change my mind!

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    wow, so the U.S. cares about forced labor?!? good, lets close all for profit prisons, and stop using incarcerated people as slave labor. Provide housing for all, so people aren't forced to work slave wage jobs or become homeless. Then the U.S> can point fingers. Side note: why do we continue to sell arms to Afghanistan, and fund Israel with all the human rights offenses they continue to commit? We don't blink an eye when they stone a woman to death for adultery, or when Israeli soldiers shoot a 6 year old for throwing rocks at a tank.

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    Do your job. We are all Americans. There is only one law that of the people.

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    It's about damn time!!! This has gone on for how long now? Once we found out about the forced labor, ties should have been cut. Children, not just adults have suffered over there for greed for too many years! Would you like to be forced to work and not be paid? It's a disgusting monstrous practice and yet this country keeps buying products from them! Why? This country doesn't know how to stand on it's own two feet and produce things we need anymore. It was handed off to others to do the dirty work because too many Americans are lazy and think it's beneath them to work hard and do what these slaves have to do every day of their lives.

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    We must show our morals and integrity to the world in our foreign dealings. We don’t always do this but any time we can, we should .

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    Its the right thing to do. The Uyghurs are being used as unpaid slaves. Abominable!

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    Of course I support attempting to stop forced labor. I also support imprisoning all corporate executives who use the products of forced labor in their markets. This seems to me to be the usual bs from Congress. We are delighted to punish CHINA but god forbid you lay a finger on the criminals like Sacklers murdering 600,000 by falsifying the addictive qualities of their pain medication. Even worse than that, because of their shenanigans thousands of pain management clinics and real doctors were put out of business and millions of people suffer constant pain because they are viewed as drug seekers. Let's outlaw the Sackler family. How about the Walton clan? Paying so little their employees must have Public Assistance to survive. How about putting the David Green bunch in prison for depriving their employees of birth control because of their ridiculous religious "belief". Far, far too little is done to protect Americans, but by god we can at least stand up for the Uyghurs!