Senator Joe Manchin Announces Opposition to Democrats’ ‘Build Back Better’ Spending Plan

How do you feel about Manchin’s announcement?

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    Thank you Michael.J.L. ❤️😊❤️😊 That was an excellent comment - as usual. So sad to actually see how any times Manchin has screwed us, though. Lies-a, would you please pass on a message to Manchin for me? Tell him we’re tired of hearing his bullshit excuses and we wish him to go to hell as soon as possible! And why can’t the Democratic Party not dispose of him like the dirty diapers he, and Sinema, have become. Get rid of her, too. Make then declare themselves to be the traitors they are to the Democratic party! How can there be no remedy to remove all these traitors from our Congress? That MUST be rectified AND SOON!

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    Oh, jimK, will it EVER end? It is all so disheartening.., 😢😭😤

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    I am very concerned about this lawmaker's views on helping Americans. I also want to know why anyone needs a Glock automatic weapon with multiple magazines in any state in our Union. If you are going to take away a woman's right to choose, then you better be ready to take the right to own a dangerous weapon to kill another American (in this case a police officer in New York State) with this type of dangerous gun. D. Bauman

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    Manchin is a republican agent!!! He’ll continue to block everything!!!

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    Let’s show Joe Manchin the door and Joe don’t let it hit you in the ass on the way out.

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    Anything that decreases government spending is good. Inflation is out of control.

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    If you’re gonna continue to give opposition and turn down any type of laws please consider what’s going on in the various and a little small and Townships cities big cities the smashing grabs please we need you to enforce more laws with the lower courts and a higher courts in conjunction with your Congress to pass a law that includes hate crimes smash and grab robberies on public and on railways and on public streets near malls and garage is to be condemned forever to be in the books to consider this strengthen the laws now for 2022 this is all I ask our world to be a better our nation our state of the United States to be at peace and rest and not to be of hate anyone to condemn eight and all organizations of criminal activity and the big and small ones

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    I just watched the MAGA Stop the Steal on TV. I am so ashamed of Trump and his "people". This should never have happened and I want you, my lawmakers in Fl., to make sure that this is not allowed to ever happen again. This event was a tragedy. The people accountable must all pay for this distruction, including any GOP member, that let it occur. Trump called for the action and he must pay. But, the GOP lawmakers that disregard the occurance must also pay. Silence says it is OK. Damaging a Federal building and the people who serve is a criminal offence. I want this to never happen again. Trump hurt our democracy and allowed serious damage to be done to a Federal building. Those that are guilty must all pay financially and by the loss of their positions as lawmakers. D. Bauman

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    I’m glad there is one senator with A set of cojones. The build back better Bill is nothing but a socialist wet dream. Not to mention the election rules that date ramped up during the last election that they want to make permanent. I can’t believe how crooked the Democrat party has become.

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    He has let us all down. I hope he is voted out of office in his next election. He is causing great harm to the American people.

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    One person should not hold that much power. The polls of West Virginia show they support this bill. Seems to me he is totally disconnected from his constituents and represents his lobbyist’s interests over his own people. Funny he had no concerns about the defense budget they were given more money than they asked for!

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    Thank you, Senator Joe!

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    The basic issue of concern about the Build Back Better program is NOT how much it costs. The main issue is how much will it cost if the Build Back Better program is not passed. … … … The BBB program collectively makes our population better prepared to compete globally by removing systemic obstacles to full employment: keeping most all of our children out of poverty, providing opportunities to be better educated, finding ways for more of our people to be employed and reducing many systemic barriers that limit different demographics ability’s to not have to struggle to survive. … … … Further, the BBB program targets addressing the issues of Climate Change for the first time and specifically provides a path to not only limit the severity of Climate Change but to also greatly profit by developing and manufacturing technological solutions as well as developing better practices in agriculture, monitoring and measuring climate factors, and ways to manage all of the necessary piece-parts needed to have an effective Climate Crisis response. … … … First of all, the Climate Crisis is real, and the world is only 1.2 degrees C in average global temperature before the ‘tipping point’ is crossed where the processes driving Climate Change can no longer be stopped no matter how much man-made emissions are reduced. If you do not believe this, I suggest you seek out the next winter super tornado and tell it to it’s face that it does not exist. … … … So what are the true costs of not passing the BBB? … … … First and foremost, without well funded and well managed efforts starting right now, it will be quite unlikely that the world can avoid the ‘tipping point’ that mankind currently has no means to stop, at least none that can be deployed at the requisite scale or that are not saddled with huge unintended consequence risks. It is about as dystopian a world future that that can be envisioned and the costs associated are incalculable - and certainly would exceed hundreds of trillions of dollars. If nothing else, the BBB program represents a minimal investment in an insurance policy to forestall catastrophic human and financial costs. … … … Secondly, not passing the BBB program will effectively cede our economic position in the world to China, as they are the only other country that will be able to muster the resources to meaningfully address the Climate Crisis. Our country will no longer enjoy the perks of having the world’s deFacto currency and world wide financial clout. Sanctions will become meaningless as a diplomatic tool which will probably result in military means to resolve the geo-political issues that will arise as watersheds shift at an increasing rate and populations migrate to find sustenance. These long term costs to our country are equally incalculable. … … … If Joe Manchin wants people to believe that his arguments against many of the BBB program provisions are truly based on his ‘principles’, I suggest that he publicly return all of the big-oil and big-money funds that have just recently been flooding into his campaign coffers. Kind of a put-up or shut-up moment. … … … Really, who will really give a crap about the costs of the BBB program when the alternative is a man-made life extinction event that will radically alter the planet and human life as we now know it?

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    Definately disappointed in Manchin, really seems like bad faith negotiations when after a week or two after saying he will work on passing this he does this.

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    Joe is against the Presidents plan cause it will set us on a road away from fossil fuels, and he is invested in the fossil fuel industry! For Sen Joe it’s all about his money! He does not care about his state! Sorry Joe the truth hurts!

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    It looks to me that 1.75t is the number, and democrat lawmakers can’t get to it without sacrificing there pet project. Manchin is the adult in the room.

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    He is not acting in good faith or per the oath of office that he took to his constituents. We need the Build Back Better passed NOW!

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    He’s one of a few truly Democrats left in the party. The other Democrats who have a problem with this Socialist bullshit need to standup and stop this crap or get out of Congress. Show some spine and backbone.

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    Mitch McConnell’s offer to bring Manchin into the Republican Party says it all. Manchin would rather side with a group of habitual lier’s than his own party. He needs to be stripped of his Committee duties now and tossed out. What he wants is a disaster for his voters ( just look where the miners stand on this) as well as the country at large. This is all part of the Republican led tearing down of America.

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    Manchin is awesome!!!