Australia, Britain, & Canada Join U.S. Diplomatic Boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics

Do you support or oppose the U.S. diplomatic boycott of China’s Beijing Winter Olympics?

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    The Olympics have been nothing but political from the beginning of time but rather than pull my World History book out to wade through that part, bear with me and just for today let's start with the 1912 Olympics in Sweden. Jim Thorpe a Saux and Fox American Indian man won the Pentathlon, long jump, javelin, discus, 200m and 1500m, Decathlon, 100m long jump, shot put, high jump 400m, discuss 110m, hurdles, pole vault, javelin and the 1500 m. He set a new world record of 8,412 points which stood until 1948. King Gustav of Sweden said, "You Sir, are the Greatest Athlete in the World". Now for the bad part........and you knew that it was coming because we are talking about an American Indian person here. They (whoever "they" are discovered that Jim had played baseball in Cleveland (to make money to buy his schoolbooks) and was paid $1.05 for it! The Olympic Committee swiftly stripped him of all of his medals. His daughter fought for many years to have his medals restored and long after his death and I believe hers too; they returned those medals to his descendants.

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    China's history regarding human rights is bad to say the least and should never have been considered possible to hold Olympic Games in the first place. China has literally allowed slave labor and specifically as a response to citizens simply with differing political opinions and expressing them only. China's shear intolerance of differing ideas spoken cannot be accepted as they turn those and many others into lave labor without any real justification. We should have no less than a 25% tariff against all there products and increase if they fail to express and honor human rights.

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    It may be only symbolic but we all need to let the Chinese know we care.

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    very happy countries can come together when its the right thing to do vs staying for the money.

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    Any country that abuses its citizens should not participate in the Olympics.

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    The world needs to send a clear message to China; they probably don't give a s**t what the world thinks.

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    Withholding diplomatic attendance from the Beijing Olympics is just winking at the problem and will do nothing to end the human suffering in China.

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    The Olympics are nothing but a weathervane for discontent and racist outlets. Look up Jim Thorpe and Billy Mills. The Billy Mills story is a bit more subtle and may not even be recorded in a book but there is plenty of video and films about it. He won the 10,000 Meter run at the 1968 Olympics. They wouldn't issue him the special "Olympic shoes" that all the other runners got so he ran in some barrowed shoes. He won anyway. Unlike Thrope's many victories they didn't take Billy Mills win away from him! I never watch the Olympics, never have. The history of it makes me sick.

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    Send a message that crimes of Humanity will not be tolerated

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    When you ride the limo, everyone wants to come along. However, when you get on the bus & your friends join…you know you have “real” friends! Those boycotting the Olympics/riding the bus are our allies. This should not be forgotten…ever!

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    My best friend is Asian (Vietnamese), and over the years, he’s shared with me the outrage over many things that China does to its citizens. Also, the lack of things for Chinese citizens, it’s unfortunate to see so many human beings not being cared for as well as they should be on a fundamental human rights level. I’m afraid I also have to disagree with how China is doing Hong Kong, they may be allowed on paper to take over and reabsorb this country, but they sure aren’t treating the citizens of Hong Kong very well.

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    I do support the Diplomatic Boycott, but, we should go all the way and Refuse to participate in any way whatsoever.

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    There should be no Americans at all at the Olympics

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    I am in support of not sending any American officials to the Beijing Winter Olympics. China is committing genocide of the Uyghurs that reside in China. China being Communist country wants all people to give up their religions, and the Uyghurs will not do this. I believe that all the other countries should not take part of any Olympics in China. I even believe that our athletes should not attend. All countries must demand another location be chosen for the Winter Olympics! To attend in any way supports China monetarily and they have shown they don't deserve it!

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    China is not for freedom or justice. We should never have welcomed and built them up. But then again when you look at our law makers on both sides you will see that they vote in favor of any bill that hurts Americans and lifts up the communist Chinese regime. Not only should our leaders not be at these games, our athletes should not be there.

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    Human Rights…remain China’s unmet challenge.

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    I don't understand the detractors' argument that it's just a gesture. So ... we shouldn't do it? "Didn't get you a gift for Mother's Day this year, Mom. It would have just been a gesture and you already know I love you." You realize the other two options are a) we do send government support or b) we don't send anyone, including the athletes who have worked for years to get to the Olympics. I feel like this is a reasonable middle of the road response that sends a message without unnecessarily penalizing our athletes.

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    Perhaps they should do even more.

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    I fully support the ban on CCP and the olympics!

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    Sorry - this seems like silly symbolism. No high-level diplomats, but I think we should have lower-level diplomats on the scene to protect our teams. I don't think the Olympics are the thing to hang our diplomacy on just to score feel-good points.