U.S. & NATO Urge Russia to Pull Back From its Military Buildup on Ukraine's Border

Are you concerned about Russia’s military buildup on Ukraine’s border?

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    Today Russia listed it’s “demands quote to ease tensions in Ukraine! Screw Russia it’s a Third World nation. Putin has fleeced the Russian economy and made himself a multibillionaire at the expense of the starving people. Run the country financially into the ground apply sanctions on them till they scream don’t let a drop of oil with that country until Pruden is gone.

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    Putin’s history of aggression should worry the entire world. He feels, and he may be right, that The west will not want to get involved in a war over Ukraine. He is doing what every Dictator has done in the past. He continues to expand his influence and power while the world negotiates. Right now he is planning his next aggressive move. Europe and the United States need to truly take Putin’s actions seriously.

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    Those who say their not concerned are the nut jobs who believe that trump is still president!

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    Not as concerned as the Ukraine people are! Continue to provide them assistance.

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    Unlike the previous administration's adulation of Putin, I'm happy to see that the Biden administration is fighting against Putin and his military agenda against Ukraine.

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    I would love to know how it's the liberals fault when it was the former guy's cozying up to Putin for four years while destroying our relationships with our longstanding allies that set up the current situation. Knowledge of history and common sense are lacking in Republicans these days...

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    Russia will continue to threaten Ukraine with troop build up on it's Russian Border. With the US & Nato informing Putin they will Not allow Putin to invade Ukraine & will prevent Putin's ability to access Financial means needed for Russia to continue on the Financial World Stage. He know this will cripple he & his Oligarchs to do any business at all. We can never let Putin think the USA & Nato are weak, & take a stand against all of Aggression led by Putin.

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    Trying to step this down will be a delicagte balancing act. I think that President Biden is up to it, and I hope I'm right. This is where having a seasoned pro instead of a raging hothead makes all the difference,

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    Hey Vladimir here's how you deal with your biggest concern-join NATO.

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    Time to get out of other's business. China is a far bigger threat than Russia.

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    I have someone I love and care about there with his wife and newborn child!

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    Russian aggression must be contained. Ukrainian sovereignty must be supported.

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    Only a fool wouldn't worry.

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    The NYT just published a fairly nuanced examination of Putin's (and Russia's) sentiment regarding the Ukraine (see link below) - many Russians (possibly the majority) believe that Russia and Ukraine are essentially the same people. The Ukrainians would seem to disagree, but there you have it. The biggest concern for Putin is that Ukraine would join NATO, something 54% of Ukrainians agree with (up from 14% in 2012), so a guarantee against that from the West might avoid an invasion (and a costly, bloody war, which would likely hurt Putin, more than help him). If the saber-rattling is enough to make Russia look strong internationally, an attempt to re-annex the Ukraine (the way Russia annexed Crimea) might not really be necessary as long as the threat keeps Ukraine and Russia inextricably tied and keeps the latter in a strong position with the rest of the world. That said, Putin's also a little nuts, so he might truly believe that Ukraine should be part of Russia and an invasion is a good idea. This is where the concern comes from. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/12/05/world/europe/putin-russia-ukraine-troops.html?campaign_id=9&emc=edit_nn_20211207&instance_id=47164&nl=the-morning&regi_id=108545614&segment_id=76289&te=1&user_id=b75305e94265b22d13edc656ab18ce90

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    Of course this should be concerning. Vlad the Bad has been giggling himself silly ever since he installed the big orange stooge as the POTUS and set in motion the march to autocracy now blatantly and shamelessly promoted by the GQP. Putin needs to keep the momentum going to further destabilize the region and draw the attention of the functional democracies away from saving themselves. And it's working...

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    I am very concerned about the build up. Putin is old school, he wants to take back what was lost during the break up of the old Russian Control. He believes his threats and force will change things. He is afraid that NATO will next door.

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    This is very disturbing. It does appear this is a prelude to military action on the part of Russia!! Why do you move 175,000 troops close to a border that you are supporting an existing conflict without the thought you are going to use them?? The conflict in Ukraine has been going on for close to 10 years and the Russians did not move these troops!! Why now?? Ukraine is an ally and have leaned towards the US and NATO for a close relationship. I am not totally thrilled by this Administration’s planned response. The action is basically a censorship of Russia and trying to prevent financial aid. If Ukraine is invaded they are going to need major military support from the Western nations!! I think we should along with our Western allies should be positioning military aid in Ukraine to match what Russia is doing. I don’t want us engaged in a conflict with Russia but Putin only understands one thing: force! When he took over Crimea, I thought Obama’s response was weak. Here Putin is again testing the waters. He has got to be checked!!

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    I’m always fearful of what Russia do, they can’t be trusted and they listen to no one!

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    manufactured consent for another cold war. Its a way for America to justify its out of control military spending.

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    Now that Putin’s best buddy isn’t in the WH, of course he’s going to swing his tiny stick around to show how “tough” he is at the detriment of the Ukraine people.