Congress Returns From Recess Facing Friday Deadline to Fund the Gov’t & Avert Shutdown

How do you feel about this week’s congressional schedule?

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    Fund the government, the gop/gqp have stolen enough. Why this is even up for any debate is once again GOP extortion.

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    “You can’t plead the Fifth to an entire prosecution. You can’t plead the Fifth to every question you might be asked. So it applies only when you have a specific and reasonable apprehension that your answer could be used against you in a criminal prosecution,” Rep. Jamie Raskin, a Maryland Democrat who serves on the committee, explained.

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    Fund the government and DEFUND the military! The military is an inflated mess of stuff we no longer use- use that money where it can make a difference- healthcare, education, and infrastructure. THAT is how you make America great again!

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    Shit the Schiffshow down. Go Brandon!!

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    They set back women’s rights 50 years. They set back poc’s rights 100 years by doing nothing about Boebert. I haven’t been so disgusted by congress since the Vietnam war.

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    We need to pass the build back America bill in the Senate and pass the voting rights bill as Republicans are gutting our Democracy as I type!

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    You idiots got everything so what’s the problem

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    Oh, those pesky work days that insist on interfering with Congress's perpetual recesses!

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    What is with the budget? Why do you have to vote in bits and pieces to keep the government “open”? What a waste of time. A budget is just what you think it will cost to run the government. It is a guideline- not set in stone. Extend the time the budget is effective and perhaps you can focus on the more important issues. I’m tired of the House and Senate WASTING TIME. 💙💙💙💙

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    Shut it down!!! shut it down until all censorship stops. Then take down Youtube, Twitter with its new CEO, Facebook and Instagram.. How is HUNTER.. Offered a $30Million dollar diamond. More Biden crime family payoffs right in the open. This is why you will all go down.

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    The GOP are the problem when it comes to funding the government. They have been a road block every time a democrat holds the White House. The democrats helped pass it when trump was in office, the GOP will try and block it again now that Biden is president. Every single Republican who voted to decertify the 2020 election is a liar since they all knew the election was fair. McConnell only cares about power, and will sink the spending bill in order to say Biden is failing. I remember when there were actually republicans with moral integrity but that is no longer true. The only way they can keep their minority in power is through voter suppression, gerrymandering and cheating. I am disgusted with them, and they need to go the way of the whigs - their continual support of violence, racist dog whistles, white supremacy and culture wars against women, LGBTQ and POC may play well for the base but the majority are getting fed up with it.

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    Welcome back. I saw only one Democrat touting the passage of the Infrastructure Bill on national TV. More needs to be done. Play the political game and make the Republicans suffer. Get in your campaign mode. Don’t let the Republicans and circumstances dictate what should be discussed. Let the world know what’s been done, what’s happening now, and what you want to do in the future. If you want to play the Republican fear game, describe what happened under Trump and Republican leadership, what they’re doing now and what their plans are for the future. Don’t forget to add some childish name calling so they will feel comforted by the level of discourse they have encouraged.

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    Congress must end ‘dragging their feet’ and FINALLY pass the Build Back Better Bill THIS week! We ALL need Happy Holiday time.

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    Nothing is going to get done before their next vacation. John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Freedon To Vote Act should be a top priority along with keeping the government from a shut down. Then there's the BBB which already passed in the House but is in limbo in the Senate. WTF are they all waiting for!?! Where are the Republicans? The Republican Party doesn't exist anymore. What we do have are trumplicans. Trumplicans are just plain greedy and do not in any way care about this country's constituents or the Constitution. Let's stop with all the drama and get to work! The two red coats dressed in blue are disgusting trumplicans at heart. In all my life I never thought I'd see so much f***ing bullshit going on. So much disfunction going on and on. The trump started this dumpster fire and the trumplicans are still feeding the fire. They are trying to throw the Constitution in the damn f***ing fire! They just better get their asses in gear before midnight Friday and do their jobs FOR THE PEOPLE because you were put there BY THE PEOPLE to serve and protect for the better of this country from authoritarian rule, not push for it through violence and threats. There is no f***ing way we are going to allow the batshit crazy nutjobs who are trying their damndest to take over this country! No f***ing way! They're living in their alternate universe and the rest of us live in reality. I expect to see positive actions happening this week. I do not want to see any bullshit! I expect to see real government in action. I do not want to see a shitshow of bad actors. There's too much at stake with all our lives to waist time by blocking everything to improve our lives.

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    It is the Congress that has spent the USA into $28.9 trillion of debt. Both parties have passed spending bills they could not pay for during the last 20 years. Now each party wants to say the other side is to blame. The government does not have a revenue problem. What they have is a spending problem and damn poor decision making skills. The US Congress needs to start passing a balanced budget (last one was in 1995) and quit using last minute omnibus bills. Inflation is already here please do not cause 1970’s style double digit inflation to return.

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    I am so tired of progress being obstructed by Republicans, Manchin, and Sinema! Democrats need to get their act together and pass both a permanent debt ceiling increase and the Build Back Better Plan before they go leave on their Christmas vacay at the end of this year. No more games and theater! Just get it done!

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    Completely bored out of my fucking mind over this topic.

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    It would be better for congress to triple their days off, we don’t need the change they are pushing.

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    Congress has betrayed the American TAXPAYERS...Democrats are the reason for...Higher gas prices..Food cost more..Force MANDATES. BIDEN IS A .. DICTATOR...COMMUNIST...LET'S GO BRANDON...🤬🤮😡🤢..Charlie Crist is out..2022...Vote for PAULINE ANNA LUNA..for Congress..