Arctic Plays Increasingly Significant Role in National Security Amid Climate Change

Should the U.S. increase its focus on the Arctic?

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    I am always amazed at the shortsightedness of mankind. I saw a commercial the other day where people were talking about the fact that there is clear land now that used to buried under constant snow and ice. I was interested because I thought they were going to address the negative aspects of Climate Change but, oh was a commercial for some kind of gold digging show and they were geeked that the land was clear so they could rape it! WTF is WRONG with people? We have polar bear, that are drowning trying to get from floe to floe or starving to death......We have caribou who are starving to death......We have out of control wildfires due to drought and storms that are more frequent, stronger, last longer and wreak more havoc than ever before and people want to talk about cleared waterways? Our planet is fighting for its life ....It is an organism made up of systems, just like out own bodies , and if these systems are compromised or destroyed, the planet itself will be compromised and can be destroyed, Just because it is vast and resilliant (sp?) does not mean it is infallable (sp?) It, like any other carbon based organism, can die and we ALL will die, LONG before it does because like any other organism, it will try to kill what is killing it...and US.

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    The ice is melting. Seas are rising. Pretty sure that’s a major issue. Duh

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    Also the South Africa new strain of coronavirus! Hopefully the vaccine and vaccination will hold?

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    Earth's climate has never been static. Man lacks the ability to effect climate, good, or bad. We must observe, and adjust, to live. Congress must end the Communist "Gree New Deal" policies of Communist Biden.

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    There is no such thing as climate change. Go to for the truth!

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    Global warming is caused by precesion during the earth orbit.the funds would be better spent helping lower class working people.

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    The Artic needs to be protected if we want to leave any future for survival on this planet. Unless you are experiencing what's been happening there to the indigenous I suggest you shut up. You're not the ones who's lives are being affected because of climate change. They live off the land. They count on the land to provide their existence. They respect the land and wildlife. Nothing is taken for granted. They are watching the melting ice. They are feeling the change and it's not for the better. We have to make sure we do all that we can to help protect the Artic. We do not need to drill. Climate change is real! We have to stop the damn greed! We are supposed to be stewards of this planet. That means protecting it no matter what it takes. Man has totally disregarded the consequences happening before our eyes. Our country is falling apart but it will get worse if we all don't come together and respect the Artic. It's too warm in the Artic so the ice is melting a hell of a lot faster. That causes the sea levels to rise right here in our country and around the world. That ice is what polar bears, seals and sea lions count on to survive and hunt on. But don't care! You just go to the grocery store to buy your food. You don't have to fish and hunt for your food. You don't have to make camp because you have to travel for days looking for your food because of the migration of the moose, elk, caribou, beaver and deer. You don't have work your butt off to survive every day. There are no days off at all! The indigenous folks of the Artic are experiencing all this and you don't care because you have no f***ing clue! But don't worry because Mother Nature is nothing to play with and she's real pissed off. Payback's a bitch so stop taking life for granted...ever! Whatever it takes the Artic needs protecting.

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    By “focus”, I certainly hope actual spending to fight against the melting of the melting of Arctic glaciers!

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    Fully understanding what the Russian aim is under the environmental changes going on now, it is clear that a country that was essentially landlocked two thirds of the year will now be able to transverse the Arctic without nuclear tugs to get anywhere. This essentially means that we are all targets of Russian aggression and subversion. Russia is a substandard country without an economy outside of selling gas and oil and as such it is very important to them to be able to create chaos wherever they can. They’ve done it in Europe, especially Eastern Europe and they have involved themselves in elections, here and in Great Britain during Brexit. The opportunity for further espionage through the Arctic is so very much to their advantage and against ours, we must all be vigilant.

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    We must maintain our presence in both the Arctic and the Antarctic. The international lust for oil and precious metals will compromise not only the flora and fauna of both poles but would contribute to climate change and the damage we’re already witnessing. I would hope that the US will continue to move away from fossil fuels.

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    Yes the US should be paying attention to what happens and has happened in the Arctic. The Arctic is extremely important to the global environment and we should protect it. We have a large stake in it with one of our largest states there.

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    Too little too late, but sure.

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    There is too much money under the sea and land ice for the US to not have a stronger presence in the area. Remember when the trump floated the idea of ‘trading’ Puerto Rico with Denmark for Greenland. Big money has some reasons to believe that the melting land ice covering much of Greenland will make very profitable mineral resources available to be mined; everything from precious metals, rare earths (needed for advanced electronics, high tech batteries, electrical drive motors and other advanced electronics), and strategic materials like cobalt. … … … Russia has invested a lot in building airbases encircling the attic apparently hoping the melting sea ice will enable better logistical support by ship. China has perfected a mobile workforce and equipment capable of rapidly building requisite infrastructure (ports, roads, roads, bridges and power distribution) needed for developing the land based mineral mining operations and sea ports for opening shipping lanes. They have also built several islands in the South China Sea and created their own ‘sovereign’ territories in the middle of the South China Sea for military bases; often in territorial border waters claimed by other countries. … … … Both Russia and China are planning to make use of this new frontier in different ways. Putin has already spoke about laying claim to some of the Arctic Ocean’s mineral resources focused mainly on deep water oil and gas. Everyone wants to get their hands on the land based mineral wealth that Is expected to become accessible as the land based Arctic Ice melts. New shipping lanes are also being strongly looked at by Russia as a revenue source as is China as a means to cut shipping costs. Lots of countries want to get a piece of the land based mineral resources they are expecting to find. … … … Of course, all of this greed will greatly accelerate the melting of the sea ice which will accelerate the severity of the Climate Crisis. There is enough land ice of Greenland alone to raise sea levels by 23 feet. It is melting much faster than originally expected due the massive forest fires happening around the world which is depositing a thin later of soot that darkens the Ice surface and causes it to absorb some sunlight rather than reflect it. Having massive diesel fueled shipping transport through the Arctic, deep water oil drilling, infrastructure building and surface mining will greatly accelerate the growing intensity of the Climate Crisis. … … … We are not too far from losing the Gulf Stream that greatly effects the climate of Western Europe with its steady flow of warned equatorial water northward. This ocean current, a river of warm water within the ocean is powered by geological features and the chemistry of denser colder fresh water from melting ice flowing southward underneath the warmer saltier water and flowing southward at lower depths (this part is also effected by the geometry of the Atlantic Ocean floor). Changes in the melt rate of Arctic ice affects the Gulf Stream and the loss of enough Ice to seasonality melt will shut down the Gulf Stream completely; This would have a major impact on climate, extreme weather and marine life. … … … There are a lot of issues driven by greed which will surely be a source of international conflict. I don’t know when or even if we have any sort of international treaty for the exploitation of the Arctic. Even if there is a current agreement, a new agreement is needed as a means to set international standards and rules along with some remediation processes, a commitment to protect the rights of all treaty members and a duty to not further endanger the planet due to the greed of the moment.

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    In 2007, up at the top of the world, Russia dropped a titanium Russian flag two and a half miles underwater, at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean. There was nothing much around. Just vast floes of sea ice and the two Russian submarines that had made the arduous trek to stake a claim to the North Pole.

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    And by “focus” I hope we all understand that means STOP MELTING IT and not more military installations. The Arctic ice that has shielded us from the interactions in the North Sea is disappearing at a alarming rate. We must stop anthropogenic forcing from creating a ice-free North Pole. It will be disastrous for the thermohaline current, ocean life, and weather. It will also become a even bigger national security risk. Stop anthropogenic forced climate change and we won’t need to put military in the North Sea. Two birds, one stone.

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    The earth is bound to get warmer and it’s going through that phase remember the Ice Age ended and the earth is still thawing out. It cannot and will NOT affect our National Security! This is all about controlling the people on this beautiful planet if ours! It wouldn’t hurt to slow down on all the pollution that’s being transmitted and stop putting holes in the Ozone! In addition, if our world was so bad, why are 12 different people on 12 different jets flying across the world for such an occasion as to control the global warming!??!? Come on now! Plus, this is proven it is bull! All about the arrogant, greedy Plutocracy trying to control everyone!

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    The best way to protect the Arctic is to put our “focus” on green, renewable, clean energy!!!

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    It’s very important to protect our country from all area’s, specifically from the North Pole as the Russian are increasingly conducting military exercise in the North Pole. Is evident that there intention is to cover as much ground as possible to be close to the USA.

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    Climate change is a figment of the eletes imagination.

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    Probably, especially if it is becoming a region that could see increasing tensions.