Congress Breaks for Thanksgiving Recess

How do you feel about this week’s congressional schedule (or lack thereof)?

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    Can't find a place for this, so I'll comment on this site......Velshi is talking about the continued "Sherman's march to the sea" on redistricting. This ploy has been used time and again by the Republican party. It is just another tactic to take power rather than be given power by the people they are supposedly representing. The power of the people is what makes a democracy. Our representatives should represent the majority of the people and in order to do that, they need to win the popular vote, not the electoral college , which is just a "trick bag". Getting rid of the electoral college would put and end to at least some of the shenanigans to get and hold on to power. It is high time, actually WAY PAST time, it was disolved.

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    The party of Lincoln has become the Democratic Party, both conservative and liberal party, to form a more perfect Union….. To up hold the constitution and the republic for which it stands, one nation under, all religious views, under God. Where all people are equal, both men and women. Where the rule of law apply to all and are held accountable equally. Where no one is above it. Where all help in the supporting the country, lifting all up, paying their fair share. A democracy where all American citizens have the equal asset to voting across the country. The Republican Party has been taken over by hate, proud boys, white supremacy, white nationalist, militant, neo Nazi and hate. They are the party of Hitler, fascism, authoritarian, dictatorship, racist bigotry, elitist, entitlement and conspiracy. The UN is concern that US is becoming authoritarian government and rightly so.

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    Kyle Rittenhouse did what more Americans should've been doing. And that is defending their town from criminals and destruction.

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    I know that recess for congresspeople can be beneficial for then to get some first hand feedback from the people they represent and time to think about and research issues - and all of that is good. However, the clock is ticking on a lot of needed legislation. The BBB program took far too long to get to where it is today - and the fact that the Democratic house took so long to get to this point leaves it in some jeopardy due to the time that big dark money has had to invest in Democratic Senators and in nationwide disinformation advertising campaigns. … … … I believe that it would have been so much more efficient to have taken each piece-part of the BBB program and costed out each part separately along with the ‘pay-fors’, and the initial legislative language for each so it would be quite clear from the beginning what each piece-part would cost and how each would be paid for. Any congressperson would have to be clearly on-the-bubble for desiring to cut any of the popular parts, most all of which have overwhelming bi-partisan support. There would have been less time for big money to campaign against it and the in-depth negotiations would have started much sooner. A lot of work for sure - but it would have greatly expedited the process and slow down Senators like Manchin who want to rope-a-dope the bill while pretending to support it. … … … There are numerous legislative packages like voting rights which clearly need legislative attention. Had there been a quick strategy in place to deal with the Republican Faction’s obstructionism when Manchin’s bi-partisan voting rights legislation was unanimously blocked in the Senate by even those Republican Senators who helped draft it, it would have unquestionably been the time to neuter or eliminate the filibuster for this democracy-saving legislation. But we did not, because we were still negotiating the BBB at half the funding initially requested. … … … There needs to be much greater urgency by the Democrats and a unity of purpose to resolve internal issues privately and early or they will lose badly in the midterms and beyond. One thing the Republican Faction does very well is to regiment their members and punish anyone who does not accept the party-line so that they can assure block-voting unity. I don’t like this and am glad that the Democrats are not falling into the trap of becoming a faction that only represents their party-line. However, until they get begin to treat key issues with a sense of urgency to internally resolve their own internal issues in a timely fashion, they risk being able to deliver on the help promised to the American people as well as their own political futures. … … … There are critical needs which will not be met if the Democrats cannot muster the will to work together in a timely fashion by even applying simple internal democratic processes like being willing to debate and compromise amongst themselves and accepting the internal ‘vote’ of their membership to structure their legislative agenda. … … … It is not the time to take continued recesses until they can get legislative actions and strategies in place so they can truly deliver on the promises made. … … … By the way, the only bi-partisan bill that made it through the Senate was the physical infrastructure bill which greatly helps the country - mostly by directly funding established businesses to do the work. Funding going to the business interests is about the only thing that the Republican Faction will ever support - and I am sure that they are already targeting new corporate benefactors willing to purchase Senator’s political favor.

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    I think we need a Voting Rights Act to be passed. I think that Act should include term limits across and down several levels of the Legislative and Judicial branches from the top down. I think it should include government-funded elections with mandatory free space/time donated by media do the grip of corporations and the very wealthy is diminished. An example of why I think this reported in The Guardian: “The US has been added to an annual list of “backsliding” democracies for the first time, the International IDEA thinktank has said, pointing to a “visible deterioration” it said began in 2019…. Alexander Hudson, a co-author of the report, said: “The United States is a high-performing democracy, and even improved its performance in indicators of impartial administration (corruption and predictable enforcement) in 2020. However, the declines in civil liberties and checks on government indicate that there are serious problems with the fundamentals of democracy.” The report says: “A historic turning point came in 2020-21 when former president Donald Trump questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 election results in the United States.” In addition, Hudson pointed to a “decline in the quality of freedom of association and assembly during the summer of protests in 2020” after the police killing of George Floyd. International IDEA bases its assessments on 50 years of democratic indicators in about 160 countries, assigning them to three categories: democracies (including those that are “backsliding”), “hybrid” governments and authoritarian regimes. The organisation’s secretary general, Kevin Casas-Zamora, said: “The visible deterioration of democracy in the United States, as seen in the increasing tendency to contest credible election results, the efforts to suppress participation (in elections), and the runaway polarisation ... is one of the most concerning developments.” From the international IDEA Website: “ The Global State of Democracy Indices depict democratic trends at the country, regional and global levels across 29 aspects of democracy from 1975–2019, updated annually. The Indices measure democratic performance for 163 countries around the world. They help policy-makers, analysts, scholars, journalists and civil society to assess and compare the quality of democracy. The Indices can also be used to monitor progress on the Sustainable Development Goals. The GSoD Indices are aggregated from 116 individual indicators, drawn from 11 different data sources of which the Varieties of Democracy data set is the largest. All scoring runs from 0 to 1, with 0 representing the lowest achievement in the whole sample and 1 the highest. Country and regional scores, trend graphs and country profiles can be downloaded from the GSoD Indices interactive website.”

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    Congress has been broken for several years. So another “break” is hardly news.

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    Off Congress goes on another holiday. They are taking a week the rest of the federal government gets Thursday off sometimes the President gives Friday off after Thanksgiving too. Here are the latest coronavirus figures that the press won’t mention since January 20th at noontime to present 304 days. Cases 23,133,673 new cases last two days 158,867. Deaths 498,345 new deaths last two days 2,415. This is with 3 vaccines since day one. President Trump had in one full year of the epidemic Cases 24,717,808 Deaths 274,761 with no vaccines until the last 38 days. At the present rate Comrade dear leader Beijing Biden will have at the end of his first year Cases 27,775,627 Deaths 598,342. Yet he leaves the border wide open with over 2 million illegal aliens crossing the border and released without quarantine or testing. None were given the mandatory vaccines either. The government and the press won’t tell you but at present there are 65,000 Haitians heading to our border from Brazil and other South American countries. There is no attempt by this government to ask countries to turn these people around. They will be here in late December just in time for Christmas. The Administration will act shocked that the people are at the border though each country they passed through has notified our government of the situation. Wonder if they will have to show proof of vaccines for the coronavirus before entry?

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    To all the repuks for Thanksgiving: I hope your paid holiday is wonderful and your home is cozy and warm. Never mind that some voters are worried about paying for the electricity. I hope being with your family and friends give you great joy this holiday. Never mind the people who lost a loved one to Covid 19 I hope your turkey is cooked to perfection and it satisfies your hunger. Never mind your constituents that have little to eat from the food bank around the corner. I hope that you don’t have to pay $5.00 per gallon for your limousine. Never mind the voter that is scraping change together to buy enough gas to get to work this week. I hope you and your family is healthy. Never mind the family that is saying goodbye to a loved one from Covid 19. Yes, repuks have a fantastic paid holiday. Never mind the constituents who will not. STOP 🛑 SCREWING US!!💙💙💙💙

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    The people of Congress representatives should pass infrastructure bill and security of all cities towns states measures that strengthens law against organize crimes in organize hate groups before they break they should have Denis when they come back this should be their focus should be the hard-core focus we need this now we the people we don’t believe in mention and Collins doing the right thing or others like January 6 shows that our government has we can trust has been lost if there are not strong Democrats in our ranks and Republicans I like to come together and be united as one or a fight with independence alike less you have given our government I fell, and not concentrating on what’s going on in our nation and our cities and towns are in the holiday season to strengthen these organize crime sprays to be combat condemned at all levels to you and every constitutional law that can be issued we need this in our cities and towns mom and pop stores are suffering as Congress is infighting in the House of Representatives it’s sad

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    Congress the House of Reheart representatives should be called back for special emergency deadly emergency to our nation and nation cities in towns and Townships. The following should step in as a liaison and have more jurisdiction highway patrol corrections Amor the governor shut appoint more in divisions of the great state of California and not only that other governors should do the same if this is happening in their states as well high crime organizations are at at here they are blatantly doing home invasions and more RDAs need to go buy constitutional and hire law to prosecute to the highest as many accounts can be taken and put on more needs to be done I senate and representatives house of representatives need to step it up as well as hurting her mom and pops and not only that I cities and towns and townships are hurting already are nation is hurting needs to be done and implemented now when Congress or states representatives assemblies all gather together you’re seeing what’s going on but you’re not acting on it pushing the DA to go stronger specially San Francisco where it needs to act hard core our city does not need to be bombarded by these organize crime sprees Maybe it takes more than just the Blayton robberies and on the streets robberies as well in our cities and towns throughout the area and outside of the Bay Area LA including New York I like Georgia Texas and other places that this is reaching and supervisors of the big cities like San Francisco San Jose Hayward Sacramento Stockton Walnut Creek Portland Seattle Maryland and others alike it take someone to be seriously injured or in deadly harm because of these guys to their Blanton robberies throughout the day or night and even home invasion robberies this needs to stop the cops the sheriffs corrections probation they see it should be universal FBI liaison Intel DAs step it up do your job combat this condemn it to the highest law and letter

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    The less government does at this point, the better. We’d be better off if congress just stayed home for the next year at least so that no more damage can be done to this country.

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    What have they done not a thing celebrating in the House chamber they voted on another infrastructure bill that puts all American into more debt. 2022 can I get here fast enough we need to take checkbook away from the Democrats and put them on probation.This is my opinion . God bless America

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    Wow! Yet another break/vacation! Wish we all could take these long breaks, get our health care free, and a very substantial salary guaranteed every year with a good retirement.

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    They have done some work, but much more work needs to be done! 1, Voter rights, we have Wisconsin Republicans trying to eliminate the bipartisan election commission! 2, Finish the work on the budget bill! 3, Make fair Tax laws to have the rich pay their fair share of Taxes! 4, Universal background checks for gun purchase! 5, Drug pricing!

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    Good! Come home and hear from your constituents about the miserable job they're doing. Spending more money on top of an already horrible economy is not flying with "The People"! Gas and food prices alone are killing seniors like me! But what the hell do you care.

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    Holy guacamole! Congress seems to take a vacation literally every month, meanwhile the rest of us would be lucky to even get half the time off they get each year! Have they seen how many executive nominees and funding they are behind in confirming yet?

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    I wanna be in Congress! Beats working for a living!

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    Wishing all my representatives & families a Happy Thanksgiving! Just a reminder that most of the people you represent only get 1-2 days off this week. The Congressional schedule needs to look more like the average working American and not a part-time position.

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    Hmm, can we coincide the Debt Ceiling bill with the defense appropriation bill⁉️⁉️⁉️. Better chance of ‘🤣🙃😢 Bi-partisan support❓❓. Lots of Retirement Funds are ‘probably’ at risk. Someone needs to notify these trumpublicants, how many of their constituents may not be able to vote for those Defense funds if their constituents are being EVICTED FROM THEIR HOMES DUE TO CAPITAL DEFAULTS IN THE MORTGAGE CRISIS TO BE ‘CHAMPIONED’ BY THE trumpublican FACTION TO ‘DEFAULT ON THE U.S. DEBT‼️ … FU brady, cornyn and cruz ‼️🖕🤮🔥

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    And yet another example of what’s wrong with Congress was laid out this week when the case of Rosemarie Hartley a dead person who Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress pointed out as an example of a dead person voting in the election. This was one of their prime focus topics, Mrs. Hartley. It was the proof the dead people were voting, only it turns out that her husband Donald Hartley of Las Vegas a Republican is the person who cast the vote. He only confessed after it was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was the one who did it. The man complained to the press out loud how sick and he was that someone would vote in his deceased wife’s name, but it was him. The really sad thing in all of this is that in every case so far investigated by both Republicans and Democrats it has been a Republican voter who broke the law and voted twice or voted in a deceased persons name. Why? The reason most of these people have given is that Donald Trump said the election would be a fake and phony election so they thought the other side was cheating so they might as well go ahead and cheat too. That’s what happens when you have a world leader if you can call Trump that giving people false information about the election to make himself not look like the loser that he is. Donald Trump would rather see this democracy go down the tubes than admit that he did a terrible job and he did. He almost ruined our democracy and is still working on doing just that. Republicans at large need to reject Trump and all of his minions that help to support his lies in Congress and the Senate and the governors houses of states across America because the ultimate goal of this is to kill our democracy. A new party should be form from the ashes of the Republican Party, With absolutely new leaders who have no connection whatsoever to Trump or his psychotic lying views. If this doesn’t happen the republican party will surely kill American democracy.