What's Next for Democrats’ Build Back Better Act in the Senate?

Do you support or oppose Democrats’ plan?

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    The Build Back Better is 1/2 of President Biden’s promise to help the country recover from the pandemic and four years of Trump. Senate Democrats need to stop negotiating and pass it finally so that families and other people in need can start feeling relief in tangible ways. Time is running out for Democrats to prove that they carry out progressive legislation that will help the country before people start making decisions on who they’re supporting in the midterms.

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    Notice this bill doesn’t have one penny for Covid-19 testing or research and development for this disease. Here are the Coronavirus figures since January 20th at noontime to present 307 days. These numbers are with three vaccines since day one. Cases 23,426,991 new cases yesterday 80,644. Deaths 502,329 new deaths yesterday 893. President Trump had in one full year with no vaccines until the last 38 days: Cases 24,717,808 Deaths 274,761. At his present rate Comrade dear leader Beijing Biden will at the end of his first year the following: Cases 27,852,937 Deaths 597,232. Yet he leave the border wide open. Panama has warn this administration that there are now 85,000 Haitians people heading north to our border. He will look shocked when they arrive like where did the come from. The answer Comrade is Brazil and other South American countries. He will do nothing to stop them. They will be admitted to this country without quarantine or testing or vaccines.

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    I support this bill

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    Someone needs to knock some sense into Manchin. His constituents are poor and in need. They should all go visit his yacht and express their delight.

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    I just wish I could believe that WV Senator Joe Manchin and AZ Senator Kristen were not in the Republicans pockets on this and would vote for the benefit of their constituents! I just wish I could believe ANY GOP Senator would vote for their constituents! Right now I find it difficult to believe that these people actually represent any human beings other than themselves. Please give me a pleasant surprise and pass that bill!

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    What the Hell is wrong with Manchin.Why is he against helping a parent recover from and bond with the newborn? Why is he opposing expanding Medicare? He claims…its too costly at this time. He never opposes the “Military Industrial Complex” with PROVEN wasteful spending year after year-Budget after Budget. What a phony Corporate Democrat. Wait till 2024-W. Virginia.

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    The BBB Bill should NOT PASS, the bill is based on more very BAD DECISIONS from the DEMS,LOOK we are this place because of decisions from the BIDEN ADM, if you kill fossils fuels too soon you are bound to fail this is common cense....

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    I fully expect the Bill to be attacked and a filibuster mounted against it. One Democrat seemingly senator opposes anything that might cost the fossil fuel industry some profit or require it to move more quickly than as little as possible to reduce its contributions to climate change. Another doesn’t appear to be willing to publicly state exactly what is opposed or why. Both resist measures to increase the contributions of the very wealthy - who are donating to these senators unusually and generously - to pay for the Bill and its companion. The reason, they claim, is that if we make corporations and the very wealthy pay more in taxes they will not have as much to spend on innovation, creating new companies and, thus, new jobs. That’s the Reagan “trickle down economics” long used as a basis for tax cuts. It makes logical sense, but research including that which uses data across time and countries does not that it is actually the way the real world works. Franklin D. Roosevelt was one of the most popular presidents. In 1936, Roosevelt told the Democratic National Convention, “For too many of us the political equality we once had won was meaningless in the face of economic inequality. A small group had concentrated into their own hands an almost complete control over other people’s property, other people’s money, other people’s labor—other people’s lives. For too many of us life was no longer free; liberty no longer real; men could no longer follow the pursuit of happiness.” Sound familiar? The outcome, in my opinion, is that the Bill will be watered down in “compromise” for “bipartisanship” to the extent that it’s investment in bettering the lives of most of us now or as we age will be less powerful and the Bill still may well be killed by a filibuster that badly needs reform because it is now abused to block measures supported by the majority of Americans.

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    If this goes through, it will be the first act that Congress has done in fifty years to support we the people as a whole; there is no safety net that might provide support that is not riddled with gaps, exclusions or downright oppressive requirements. To me, this means I can depend on a Congress that puts the common welfare back up on top of the list of what counts.

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    Please look at your own vacation schedules. This WVian works for a company who has a 12 week paternity leave and while I am past that part of my life, I know people who are using this to Build a Better, healthy, happy family. I ask you to Back this - four weeks of guaranteed paid family and medical leave is not unreasonable.

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    This is a fiscally irresponsible bill, paying for truncated periods of spending with 10 years of taxes. Including the SALT deduction greatly exacerbates the irresponsibility by giving a tax cut to the affluent and wealthy.

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    ABSOLUTELY OPPOSE! if the spending was your own personal checking account the bank would have closed your account and given the credit reporting agencies the worst rating possible. We "THE PEOPLE" are telling you that you are failures and you need to STOP spending money we don't have and can't pay back!

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    The Democrats better start visiting,especially the Midwest and areas that need these programs to talk about specifics. Explain when the programs will begin and set up shop in these communities. Social media should be flooded with details. If you leave it to the states all the PR is lost. All we keep hearing about is socialism and lies from the Republicans. The Democrats have no message. Get out there and stop fighting each other. You have accomplished a great thing but it could easily go the way of the Affordable Care Act.

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    This plan is filled with pork and needless spending at a time of High Inflation and has to be Canceled Completely.

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    I am 100% opposed to this legislation. As a FORMER Democrat, but also someone trying to do business in CA, it just grows increasingly harder to to survive as a small, family owned business, and this type of legislation is just going to further add to that burden. I am fairly sure my pleas will fall on deaf ears, as they always do, but the least the CA Dem caucus could do is tie all of these entitlements to being employed, such as the childcare portion, where there is no need for childcare if you are not employed or attending trade school or some other form of higher education. Paid FMLA will be devastating to our business right now as we are still struggling mightily to even get applicants through the doors to apply for positions as commercial truck drivers, which will only serve to further kinks in the vital supply chain of our nation at a time I don't think the Democratic party wants to do so. And before assumptions are made about pay, etc., these are top paying positions where opportunities easily exist to earn well in excess of $100k per year, plus health, dental, vision, life, and retirement benefits all in an environment NOT subject to the punitive rules of a union shop and you are home every night! Lastly, for the sake of brevity, I really have been struggling with the apparent lack of understanding of the most basic of economic concepts and how they influence inflation, etc. on the part of both the current administration as well as the more newly minted members of the progressive caucus in that the more money, benefits, etc. both government pays AND the private sector pays (higher wages, minimum or otherwise, even in individual sectors) the more inflationary pressure which is put onto the economy, which in turn acts as its own tax increase of sorts as wages continue to rise to accomodate rises in CPI, PPI, etc., prices of goods continue to rise which in turn generates more in sales, use, excise, fuel, and other taxes, and it becomes a self-feeding monster. Another huge area of concern for me is the increases in the price of electricity in CA, as a PG&&E customer I am now paying $0.30 per KW/hr when I'm not home and $0.40 per KW/hr from 3:00 pm until 9:00 or 10:00 pm (depending on time of year) and all you get from regulators, elected officials, PG&E, etc. is use power during the off-peak hours or when I'm supposed to be at work or sleeping I should be doing laundry, etc. This is highway robbery and I don't know how I would even be able to afford an electric vehicle, let alone afford to charge it or even be able to charge it during off-peak hours, when I would not have adequate charge time and cannot even count on the grid to consistently supply electricity during periods of extreme weather. And we have not even had the discussion of the TRUE carbon footprint of EVs vs. ICs (Electric vs. Internal Combustion vehicles) as I continue to read more and more reports the battery alone on an EV creates a carbon footprint several times larger than the lifetime footprint of an IC vehicle, and I haven't even started putting Off-Peak power in it for charging, which in and of itself is most likely NOT going to be net zero energy, yet we are truly going to spend TRILLIONS chasing this rabbit down the hole??? Why are we not putting these funds towards the R&D of trulely sustainable replacements for ICv's? Bottom line, I could go point for point, but this bill is a boondogle from top to bottom, and I beg of you, for the future of my kids and grandkids, vote NO and free future generations from the burden of yet another tax and spend measure which is hastily conceived and poorly executed. Thank you for allowing me a pulpit for speaking some of my mind and I do thank all of you for your service. Mike Ruddy

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    Since Congress wants to give away so much money, might I suggest they reimburse all of us who PAID for their own education, & child care? I managed to pay for my own education & pay 1/2 of my daughter’s, paid dearly for child care…nursery care, day care after school & for night care when I was on call for the hospital…& made $50 too much for the federally funded daycare because of my call pay. You can also reimburse the money I lost when I took off work for a month to care for my dying father.

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    What is next for Democrat communists & RINO's - Jail... Where's Hunter Ghislaine Maxwell trial starting - are you sleeping well? Democrats retiring (won't save you) Polls dropping even further - you may be the first part to go negative (that will be the illegals kicking in) Hey Aficans are doing Great! not being vaxxed. We see articles where scientists are baffled! Really! Audits and voting laws not working for you.. Military and Law enforcement hate you.. Massive spending - fearing crypto - fearing studies showing falling immune ability amongst dirty bloods - oh for you that is the vaxx'd.. Vaxxed are dropping dead - Cancer up (immune suppression, shingles, temporal herpes zoster, thrombosis (clots) ....) 55yr protection for Phizer - that will not stand Your screwed.

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    If you voted in support of this bill then you're naive to its content and intent. Gullible members of "the party" have been blinded by their allegiance and will have to suffer the consequences before they wise up. That is, should the bill make it out of the Senate. Right now there are a couple of moderate Dimocrats that could save the country the pain and suffering we're in for should this pass. God help us.

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    I support the BBB plan, however if Manchin thinks he'll get Republican support for a pd. leave bill then he must also believe in the tooth fairy, the Ester bunny, and Santa Clause. The fooking Republicans will never support any bill that helps the average working American. And what's up with fooking Sinema and corporate taxes. They are raking in profits at an alarming rate and need to pay their fair share, just like the rest of us do. Get the BBB plan passed NOW!!!!! And while you're at it please put some duck tape on McCarthy's mouth, no body wants to listen to eight and a half hrs. of his incoherent rant (except the other fooking Republicans who want to destroy this country-ain't that right Mr, asshole Hawley?

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    We did this in Trumps administration and we had companies switching gears to build medical equipment. He had a plans that worked the Democrats stole some of that plan and added hidden agendas to fatten it up. We need to build this country back to a 1940’s industry, that kicks China’s ass and makes us stronger again.