Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Signed Into Law by Biden - What Does It Do?

How do you feel about the bipartisan infrastructure bill’s enactment?

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    The inner structure bill that was passed Nancy Pelosi‘s pride and joy. Out of all of that money inner structure only gets 10% of the money. For inner structure they neglect to tell you that. Why would I be happy. Did Nancy Pelosi get the millions of dollars for her park. Did all of her friends get what they expected from Nancy Pelosi? They say they’re thinking about America ? No they’re not they’re filling their pockets and their friends pockets with our inner structure money.

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    M J

    Less than 5% of this money goes for real infrastructure. Every part of this bill contains restrictions and rules codifying socialist policy, thus, turning our county into an expanded communist country. This entire bill must be killed to save us from the elites who control the government money in our country.

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    I am thrilled the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill was passed by Congress and signed into Law by Biden. I am thrilled the Climate and Social Safety Net Bill passed the House; now the Senate needs to pass it ASAP. These bills are gamer changers for the American people just like Social Security in 1935, Medicare in 1965 and the Affordable Care Act in 2010. When we take of each other we are a stronger and better nation.

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    Democrats now need to stand unified and pass this in the Senate. No more arguments or changes. It’s right for the country. Now just do it. Everyone can see all Republicans in the Senate represent NO for anything good for Americans. They will continue to do nothing to support democracy. They are only interested in gaining power and enrichment of themselves. They are the party of corruption, lies, conspiracy theories and insurrection. Vote them out.

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    Wow much of this is needed, it’s the majority of the bill that is not needed! If anybody does not understand or read the bill they have no clue what they are signing up for. Shame on America!

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    This will just continue that debasement of the US currency, and the ongoing destruction of the dollar as a fiat currency. Inflation is exploding, and with the passage of this bill it is only going to get worse. This has GOT to be the most short-sighted, destructive, and dangerous bill that could be passed and signed into law. The poor and middle class are already struggling with sky-rocketing food and fuel prices. This will only exacerbate the problem. "Invest" in gold, silver, and Bitcoin as soon as you can if you want to preserve your retirement funds and savings. It will be eaten buy inflation very soon otherwise.

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    If the money is actually used to fix bridges, roads, highways, rail, and airports, I’ll be happy. If it just goes to port projects then it’ll be another wasted opportunity.

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    Taxes you and your children both with taxes and inflation and achieves a sorry 1.75% growth rate according to the CBO. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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    Thanks Obama

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    Only 11% goes to infrastructure. This pork bill should never be passed when the FED is broke, inflation increasing, gas prices up, food prices up. heating and electric up and illegals pouring through an open border. People WAKE UP and pull your heads out of the sand. We have to pay for all this. Where do you think they are going to get money to pay for all this??? Why do you think Biden wants IRS to have access to all your accounts??? People are refusing to go to work means less taxes collected and we have all these illegals promised benefits comes out of all our pockets.

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    It's a waste of tax payers money. Need term limits

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    Once again, fattening the wallets of the deep state. Well done!

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    Now pass BBB #2 while you have the where with all to do it!!!!! Perhaps all that opposed this should be voted out of office as this CLEARLY BENEFITS all of their voters as well as themselves!

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    Besides being way to expensive if anyone thinks the Transportation Secretary is qualified to oversee the entire agency you had better check his qualifications. His biggest accomplishment is checking the box to fill an administration seat for being gay. I want people who have been in transportation issues for years not someone who was a small town mayor! Not to mention a guy who takes 2 months off to do maternity leave....give America a break!

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    I like the environmental protections and the infrastructure parts but weren't the parts about raising the minimum wage and taxing the living shit out of the evil wealthy and their evil corporations taken out? This will never be the land of the free if we don't we don't slay our slave masters and break up the plantations they've forced us onto for no one's benefit but their own.

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    The places that need improvement will never see one dollar of this money. This money will line the pockets of the beer Kratz with the illegal contractors that they are involved with. Know how our government works there a bunch of crooks exceptionally the Biden Harris regime they’re going to destroy this country. They both should be imprisoned arrested for treason against the United States of America for not completing the wall and allowing all the drugs coming across the border killing thousands of Americans daily. It is Biden‘s choice to stop the building of the wall the contractors are still getting paid even though they’re not working. This is how the Biden Harris administration work neither one has been there to see the actual problem but they do know the reports of the illegal immigrants they have released into the United States that are continuing to commit crimes after they cross our borders illegally

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    The Rev Dr Edward

    Now let's get busy on the rest of the bill!

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    Very little of the “Bill” has anything to do with infrastructure and a whole lot to do with self interest and party posturing. Bottom line - “Don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain, Dorothy”

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    The name “infrastructure bill” is misleading when only about 10% of true infrastructure is in the bill and the other 90% of the bill is junk. This is how Nancy Pelosi and Communist Democrats gets people fool to accept the garbage bill.