House Democrats Grapple With Social Spending Plan as Senate Takes Up Defense Authorization

How do you feel about this week’s congressional schedule?

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    The only thing on their plate should be for the people of this country. It is called, "Build Back Better". All they have to do is pass it!

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    the more we invest in the American people, the better off we will all be.

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    Pass Build Back Better. Cut military “defense” spending

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    0 My Public Comment ··· Today at 8:06 PM Janet Yellon testified in July inflation by year end would be 2-4% tops she is 300 % wrong today. If she were half wrong there might be room to rethink this bill. It’s time to rewrite this bill, bipartisan and with a “phase in” depending on winning and getting inflation under control or at least in target. Vote No on Build Back Broke. It didn’t “score” with the budget office! That was the premise country doesn’t need it now.

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    Let’s jam through the SSS plan, (Spend Social Spend). Virginia was a woke up call, I mean a wake up call, about what’s gonna happen to democrats if the progressives are not curtailed. Yep this is democrats governing at there best. Joe Manchin for president, the only democrat with half a brain.

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    Move forward, move forward.......pass the "people's plan" that's what I call it because it is "of the people by the people and for the people". Get the wheels turning! Do not delay under any circumstances.

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    Very worried! Enhance our defense only! Do NOT Relinquish anything whatsoever that the could have the Socialism overtake our military and our defense of our country!

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    We need to invest in the American peoples, not dump additional money into warmongering.

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    And, Manchin again is claiming understanding he may not have in discussing economics via his current remarks about the infrastructure and reconciliation bills’ fueling inflation - after all, he doesn’t seem to know the meaning of the term “entitlement society” he’s been tossing around when expressing his concerns about the infrastructure and reconciliation bills. The way he’s using the term is a psychological definition which describes an individual’s over-inflated sense of what is owed to them by the world. The definition applied to a society is that, based on principles of social equality or membership in that society which hopefully honors the concept of humaneness and human dignity, a member of that society is “entitled” constrained and supported by the legal structure of that society. The most recent numbers that I have seen indicate that 9/10 of the social support dollars in programs such as food stamps, Social Security, Medicaid/Medicare go to the disabled, poor, and elderly. I’ve not seen recent data that these social programs are riddled wit Newt Gingrich’s “welfare queen” fantasy used to scare Americans into turning against helping the most vulnerable among us. Investment in “human infrastructure” means investing in the increased contributions more people can make into our economy by nurturing more workers with skills so they can gain employment which means they have purchasing power that is a major component of economic health, and it means lower dollars spent on police calls and health care because mental health is improved as well as better nutrition fueling physical health.

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    The lack of performance by this Congress should encourage voters to not re-elect incumbents. Time to stop playing political games and pass good bills that are needed. Stop dragging out what should be normal business. Pass annual budgets by 30 Sep deadlines. Pass Equal Rights and Equal Pay. Pass the Social Security 2100 Act to save this program. Protect voting rights. End Citizens United. Repeal the 2017 tax cut. Increase minimum wage. Cut defense spending. There’s so much our elected officials are just ignoring that would be good for our country. End division, name calling, and hate by starting to serve with honor and integrity; obey oath of office. Listen to constituents instead of donors. Do better or resign.

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    This spending plan is terrible. We all will see are taxes go up. Why are we paying for people not to work, etc. Remember nothing is free. I think most congress people have lost touch with reality. Need term limits

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    It should be titled “Make Us Poorer Plan”!

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    It is more important than ever to crush the tyrant overlords who work and spend our money to prevent real action against the climate crisis.

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    must be nice to get healthcare, paid vacation, millions of dollars from ''donors'', free travel, and not really do anything...Ignoring the climate disaster won't make it go away. Bridges and roads won't fix themselves. The average person forgets most things in the news cycle after a week, but don't bet on this one being forgotten, its only going to get worse. Global droughts and food shortages will force more climate refugees to flee their homelands. Prices will skyrocket and the billionaires will reap the profits while millions struggle and die...meanwhile, congress will still not act to tax the rich, address the situation like adults, and serve the people, not just of the United States, but the planet- its the only one we have, but judging by the actions of our ''leadership'' you may think otherwise. Pathetic.

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    Hey, @Robert, there's a difference between weather and climate. If you're going to try to speak on an issue, you should know something about it. Personally, sounds like a pretty important week to me. I'm curious why Manchin is ruining the planet for his own grandchildren. "I plan to leave them lots of money and no place to live." That's not a plan.

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    democrat's and rino's rubber stamp everything that biden wants so republican's just as well go home.

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    Democrats need to be held accountable for their lies. The big dogs in Washington, FBI, and CIA need to be put down. They’re either comprised and/or on the take. It’s putrid. Republicans too.

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    First, repeal the AUMF and reduce Defense spending for a country that can't feed, educate, and protect its own children but will wage endless wars in far-off lands. We need to re-align our priorities. Infrastructure is a great start, but we need better childcare, healthcare, and climate protections if we're going to continue to thrive and grow in this country. Ignoring Build Back Better is going to just kick the can of irresponsibility down the road; this must be more important than Defense spending. The Defense department must get a 10% minimum reduction in budget every year that they fail to produce a full audit of where and how they spend their funds. Second, confirm all nominees and plan to fix the debt ceiling so we're not in crisis again at the end of the year.

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    Any time these idiots get together someone is getting the shaft and someone is reaping the benefits, usually the politicians who write laws to exempt themselves from there terrible policy decisions.

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    Get something done before all of you go on RECESS ONCE AGAIN!!!!!! Voting rights for all, no increase in defense spending -decrease it as we are out of the war, confirmation hearing on the back log waiting these would be starters for you .